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Character History

Bird Cage Vagabond (鳥カゴ風来坊 Torikago Fūraibō, 32): A Gorma with a golden-left leg that made him nearly invincible. Birdcage Vagabond's golden leg was stolen by Chief Officer Jiaxu 6000 years ago, making Birdcage useless to the Gorma and he had to use a peg leg as a tempoary replacement. Until recently, Birdcage traveled the world, learning Spanish words that he uses frequently in his sentences and drank often in his "human" form. He had his eagle familiar capture Shoji and a little girl to bargain the return of his leg. But Major Zydos managed to get the leg for Birdcage, who got killed in the end by Dairen'oh anyway.


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Bird Cage Vagabond (Human)

Bird Cage Vagabond (Human)


Bird Cage Vagabond's Left foot demon eye

Modus and Arsenal

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Concept art of Birdcage Vagabond with his peg leg.


  • Bird Cage Vagabond, both in human and Gorma forms, was portrayed by Japanese comedian Denden.

Behind the Scenes


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