This article is about a/an power source in Choudenshi Bioman.

Bio Particles (バイオ粒子 Baio Ryūshi) are a special particle devised by the planet Bio 500 years prior to present time. Initially meant to be used for peaceful purposes, it ultimately became the power source utilized by the Sentai squad known as Bioman.


Bio Particles were devised on planet Bio 500 years in the past by a group of scientists who created them in hopes of using them for peaceful purposes for the improvement of their world. However, there were many within the Bio society who saw Bio Particles as a threat that would be used as a weapon against them and thus something that had to be stopped. This threat lead to a civil war on Bio between those who believed in the power of Bio Particles and their potential and those of the "Anti-Bio Union" who saw Bio Particles as a threat to their existence. The Anti-Bio Union ultimately devised an antithesis to Bio Particle known as Anti-Bio Particles, which they used in their war against the opposing sources who were forced to use their discovery in weapons in order to stop them. The war and the Bio and Anti-Bio forces ultimately devastated the planet, destroying it before planet Bio ultimately exploded.

However knowing of Bio's ultimate fate, the scientists who devised Bio Particles decided to transport them to another world which would come to use this science in a more constructive, useful manner than they had. Setting up a giant robot (which would come to be known as Bio Robo) and an scientific android assistant known as Peebo, they sent their technology with their Bio Particles to the legendary paradise known as Earth. Upon reaching the planet, Bio Robo sprinkled Bio Particles on five humans who discover the mecha after it arrives on the planet. The Bio Particles became possessed within the bodies not just these humans but anyone who descended from them over the next five-hundred years, giving them the potential to awaken this power within themselves when called upon.Ep. 2: Gathering! Warriors of DestinyEp. 11: Enter, New Warrior JunEp. 37: The Assassin Silva!

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