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"Lord Goldar."
―Fake Billy's first words upon being created and addressed by Goldar.[src]

"You wouldn't dare."
―Fake Billy reacting to all six morphed Power Rangers and his final words before his death.[src]

A clone of Billy Cranston who also used the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger powers, at the same time Billy did, for a short period of time, He serves as the primary antagonist of "Blue Ranger Gone Bad," the final episode of Season 2.

Character History

Billy Cranston Clone Creation.png

The clone (hereby calling Fake Billy) was created from a statue crafted from Billy's arts and crafts partner, Violet and given the mission of impersonating Billy to steal the Power Morphers to leave the Rangers helpless against an attack by the Vase Face monster. To this end, the Putty Patrol attacked the Rangers and Zedd used some vines to wrap up and take him to the Dark Dimension. He then revealed himself to Billy before joining back up with the other Rangers and played along as his counterpart to gain the others' trust.

However, the other Rangers began to suspect something was wrong when Billy uncharacteristically began lifting weights at the Youth Center with no prompting. In the meantime, Fake Billy rounded up the Morphers and put them in a backpack before leaving under the pretence of lifting more weights. Their suspicions were fully raised when Fake Billy refused to let Kimberly have her communicator (which he had taken under the pretence of needing to adjust them) and they realized that this wasn't really Billy. With the jig up, Goldar was forced to deploy with the Putties and Billy turned against his "friends" before fleeing with their Morphers. Kimberly snatched the bag and a fight ensued between them, Goldar, the Putties, and Fake Billy which ended with Fake Billy regaining the bag. However, Billy returned (having escaped from the force field he was trapped in by using a disc he had to reflect the beam back at the projector) and they had a wrestling match over the Morpher-filled bag which ended with both morphing into the Blue Ranger. They were initially confused over who was who but Kimberly revealed the fake by asking what the hologram disc was (Fake Billy answering a mirror). They morphed and took the clone out for good with their Blade Blasters and Saba's eye blasts. Fake Billy managed to deflect several bolts with his hand but they got through, he was hit several times before warping into red energy and then vanishing forever.


Fake Billy was a very evil and psychotic villain, intent on killing all of the Rangers and clearly sadistic since he revelled in the idea of the real Billy being trapped in an eternal sleep. Like all other villains, he remained deeply loyal to Lord Zedd. He is, however, not a great actor since he failed to convince the Rangers that he was Billy which was his eventual downfall.

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger

Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


  • Billy's clone was played by David Yost who also played real Billy.


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  • It is unknown why Billy's clone's existence didn't cause any disturbance in the Morphing Grid like it would with Trent and his clone several years later.
    • The most likely explanation is that it was very short lived and that this idea wouldn't be introduced for another 10 years).


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