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Billy Cranston is the genius Blue Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He also served for a time as the team's Black Ranger.

Go Go Power Rangers

Billy was chosen by Zordon to wield the power of the Triceratops Power Coin to become the Blue Power Ranger. He is responsible for creating the team's communicators, based on Zordon's own technology and regularly performs maintenance on the individual Zords. Despite his confidence in his own superior intellect, Billy feels self-conscious about his lack of athletic ability in comparison to the rest of the team, as well as his role as a hero. In his youth, he was good friends with Eugene 'Skull' Skullovich, though the friendship eventually soured and became more antagonistic. He is a frequent target of Bulk and Skull's bullying.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

As tensions rise between Tommy and the rest of the team, a new enemy calling himself the Black Dragon attacked the Command Center directly. Destroying the building and Alpha 5, the group fought a losing battle against the enemy before Jason and Trini set up teleportation to a pocket dimension for safety. Just as the teleportation sequence was initiated, Billy was pulled from the ray of blue light and knocked unconscious as his friends escaped. The Black Dragon used his Power Coin to connect to the Morphing Grid and caused the other four to lose their powers.

Trapped in the Dark Dimension, Billy finds himself in the company of Goldar whom is being punished for his failure in the aftermath of Tommy's joining of the Power Rangers. Eventually, the two are able come to an understanding and Billy is able to escape in time to help Tommy defeat the Black Dragon, which he reveals to be mechanical much like the Zords. The two unmorphed rangers destroy the power source, but find themselves trapped in its rapidly shrinking body.

At the last moment, the two escape but find themselves in an alternate future where Tommy never joined the Power Rangers and became an evil white ranger named Lord Drakkon. Escaping from an army of Mastodon Sentries, they find the ruined remains of various Zords and the White Ranger's blade: Saba, who guides the two and explains the history of the worlds formation. Shortly after, the two come into contact with the rebellion; consisting of alternate versions of Zack, Trini, Aisha, Kat and Bulk. Reclaiming his deceased counterparts morpher and coin, Billy feigns surrender to allow Alternate Trini the chance to get close and destroy Lord Drakkon's morpher and coin with it. The rest of the rangers show up in the alternate future to rescue Billy and Tommy, where they use the remainder of the Black Dragon's power to send them all home.

After the Black Dragon arc, Billy becomes committed to being more athletic and becomes a bit more muscular in physique. While things seem to be normal in his life, his parents are in an overprotective state given he and Tommy had to stage a ruse to explain their long absence by teleporting under some debris for rescue workers to find them. So from the perspective of Billy's mother, her son was buried alive for several days and this created the very real adult fear she could have lost her child. Billy is a little annoyed by his mom's paranoia, but Trini tries to tell him to consider her feelings.  He does try to be understanding but hopes for things to be a little more normal in the future.

Shattered Grid

Participating in a final push against Drakkon's Tower on the Moon in the World of the Coinless, Billy manned his station in the Dragonzord Battle Mode led by Kimberly, who Jason entrusted with Tommy's Dragon Armor. Within one of the several Megazords present, the Rangers led the fight against a massive army of Ranger Sentries. Eventually, however, the Megazords were overwhelmed by the arrival of Lord Drakkon's immense Zord, Serpentera, whose assault forced the Rangers out from their cockpits onto the ground. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 30

Blue Ranger


Ranger Costume

This is Billy's default Ranger form as given to him by Zordon through the Power Coin.




While on the planet Breel, Billy's power was transferred to Kimberly and received Zack's power to become the Black Ranger due to the planet's unique environmental properties. While in the black spectrum of power, Billy's personality changed a bit as a side effect, becoming braver and stronger.[1]


Exosuit Blue Ranger

Exosuit prototype

Billy experimented and developed a new prototype Ranger combat suit design with the help of Alpha 1 and operated it in Command Center simulations for tests. This Ranger suit is fully armor-plated and is equipped with strength enhancements greater than that of his normal Ranger suit, short-range jet propulsion for flight, and deployable wrist-mounted Horn Chain weapons based in design on similar ones equipped on his respective Zord.

Despite its impressive features, Zordon forbids its use in the field because of technical glitches such as a critical failure of the jet propulsion systems and a need to put the safety of his Rangers above all else. The suit was later critically damaged after Alpha 5 used it to distract Alpha 1 long enough for the Megazord in Tank Mode to fire on the evil robot, the damage rendering the suit unusable until it can be repaired.

TMNT Blue Ninja Ranger

Blue Ninja Ranger

When his ability to use his Ranger powers were disrupted by the Shredder, Billy gave his Morpher to Leonardo to use and donned ninja streetwear to help fight the Foot Clan. Despite being titled as a "Ranger", Billy's abilities are nowhere near as strong as his morphed form and are on par with how he is unmorphed.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Due to his universal displacement at the time, Billy was the only Power Ranger of the original team who did not have his powers restored by Tommy's Power Coin to produce a green-colored Blue Ranger, although the design of such did appear in cover art.
  • The appearance of Billy's Father appears to be based off of actor and producer David Yost, the actor who originally portrayed Billy in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the 1990's. 

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  • Nikolai Chukarin - Predecessor as the 1969 Blue Ranger in Boom! Studios Comics.


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