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"It's time for mollecular transmutation! Triceratops!"
―One of Billy's roll calls.[src]

"Jason! That blow didn't even faze him!"
―Billy's most infamous line after the Megazord punched Goldar down in spite of the line not syncing up with the action.[src]

"We can't back off! Just because we're in a little trouble, we've gotta keep trying!"
―Billy after Zack suggested backing down whilst the Megazord was taking a beating from the Grumble Bee's sonic attacks.[src]

William "Billy" Cranston is the first Blue Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the 'modern era', during "Switching Places", Billy accidentally switch bodies with Kimberly Ann Hart becoming (temporary) the Pink Ranger, he later became the first Blue Ninja Ranger of the Ninja Rangers.

Retroactively, he is also referred to as the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger or Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger, though these are terms of address referencing the show as opposed to proper labels.

During Power Rangers Zeo, Billy served as the technical expert helping from the Power Chamber the Zeo Rangers against the Machine Empire, he leaves Earth to spend time with his girlfriend, living now on Aquitar with Cestria.

Until his departure, he was considered the brains of the Power Rangers team, creating many gadgets with which to solve problems that not even Zordon foresaw, and even invented the first team's wrist-worn communication devices (it is believed, though not proven, that he created every other communicator up until his departure from the show).

Many years later, during the events of Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2, Billy responded to his old teammate Jason's signal and forms part of the Legendary Dino Rangers army against Goldar Maximus and his Army of Foot Soldiers.

Two years later, Billy tried to bring back Zordon but unintentionally brought back Rita Repulsa who gained a robotic body after taking over Alpha 8’s body. Billy followed Rita and ended up fighting her and a gang of Putty Patrollers, eventually he sent a distress call which was answered by his former Team but the fight ended in tragedy when Trini Kwan was killed by Rita.

One year later, on the anniversary of Trini’s death, Rita returned and captured Jason Lee Scott, Kimberly Hart, and Tommy Oliver. Billy was able to escape capture along with Zack Taylor and Trini’s daughter, Minh. Back at the new Command Center, Alpha 9 activated Bandora Protocol, and with the help of Zack, Minh (who had become the new Yellow Ranger), Rocky DeSantos and Kat Hillard, Billy was able to fix his past mistake and avenge his fallen friend.

Months later, Billy joined the Dino Fury Rangers to fight the new threat of his old enemy, Lord Zedd, and his alliance with Squid Ink Inc., who sought to eradicate good from the universe. Billy assists Solon in mentorship responsibilities for the Rangers, who became the Cosmic Fury Rangers, and along with several Rangers, Billy helped the team eliminate the enemy fleet. After their victory, Billy learned from Aiyon that he had encountered Zordon, which affirms his resolve.


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Early Life[]

In his youth, he was good friends with Eugene 'Skull' Skullovich, though the friendship eventually soured and became more antagonistic. He is a frequent target of Bulk and Skull's bullying. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Go Go Power Rangers Issue 3

Mighty Morphin[]

Becoming a Ranger[]

Billy morph


Billy was one of the five "teenagers with attitude" selected by Zordon to become the original Power Rangers, along with close friends Jason Lee Scott, Zack Taylor, Trini Kwan, and Kimberly Hart. Billy became the Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger due to his intelligence and patience. He was given both the Triceratops Power Coin and the Triceratops Dinozord.

Billy began the series as the stereotypical "nerd," speaking almost exclusively in technobabble throughout Season 1. His closest friend throughout the series was Trini, to whom he could communicate most comfortably and effectively. He was initially very insecure about himself, making him an easy target for people like Bulk and Skull, who tormented him often in the beginning. The other Rangers, especially Trini, defended him loyally, and Billy later evolved to become a stronger individual. He was one of the top members of Angel Grove High's science club and often helped its younger members with their experiments. One such person was Willy, a young boy who he helped to create a virtual reality simulator for a Science Fair. In the episode "High Five", Billy not only created the communicators, but also the interface that allowed the devices remote access to the Command Center's teleportation unit.

When they are not saving the world, teenagers with attitudes chosen by Zordon gather at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Trini updates Alpha 5 with the language of the year 1993. Far away, Dr. Carver and Dr. Kenyon discover a new civilization and the largest statue ever built in ancient America. Unintentionally, Dr. Carver activates the terrible cross between monster and robot that attacks the excavation site. Back at the Youth Center, Billy creates a device with internet access when everyone sees the attack on TV. In the territory of the attack, summoning the Dinozords, the Power Rangers fight against a terrible monster. Struck by the lightning of the stone giant, the Rangers lose communication with Zordon and have their pieces exchanged makes it difficult in battle. With the help of Alpha 5, the exchange effect was reversed and the Rangers, winning the battle and returning the giant to its location. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Rita Repulsa's Attitude Adjustment

Billy Chosen

Zordon chose Billy to become the Blue Ranger.

It was revealed that Billy was bitten by a fish in his youth during an experiment involving whirlpools, causing him to develop icthyophobia: fear of fish. This fear would persist well into his teens and Rita would use a spell to exacerbate this fear. When he was the last remaining Ranger able to contend with the Goo Fish monster, Billy overcame the spell, freeing his friends and helping tob defeat the monster. He later completely overcame the fear while on a fishing trip with Ernie, the owner of the Youth Center.

Each of Billy's teammates had a unique skill to offer the team and, in Billy's case, it was his vast intelligence. He sought out to improve himself physically, and the audience would see him transform over time from the suspenders-wearing "brain" to a confident, hyper-intelligent athlete with appreciable fighting skills, thanks in great part to Trini's Uncle Howard, Jason, and later Tommy, helped graduate Billy to the red belt level in karate. Billy and his friends in the form of Power Rangers defeat Korruptor using Dino Megazord. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Going Green

Billy Fear

Billy facing his ichthyophobia.

Billy's intelligence would help the Rangers save the world on many occasions. When the Command Center was damaged, Zordon lost and Alpha incapacitated, it was his invention, the RADBUG that allowed the Rangers to travel to the Command Center. As a Ranger, he had a wide array of accomplishments, including creating the method by which the Ranger's would initially infiltrate Rita's Dark Dimension to disarming the lock-out mechanism for Alpha's activated self-destruct. Though Billy did manage to attract girls earlier in his "nerd-like" persona, it was after he began his journey toward self-improvement that he would garner more attention from romantic interests, to the point of getting more than the other members of the team.

Billy was accepted into the Young Scientists of America program. He befriended Zack's cousin Curtis when he became the newest student at Angel Grove High. Curtis' musical interests, particularly his interest in and skill at playing the trumpet, sparked Billy's intrigue in the rhythmic patterns of jazz music.

As tensions rise between Tommy and the rest of the team, a new enemy calling himself the Black Dragon attacked the Command Center directly. Destroying the building and Alpha 5, the group fought a losing battle against the enemy before Jason and Trini set up teleportation to a pocket dimension for safety. Just as the teleportation sequence was initiated, Billy was pulled from the ray of blue light and knocked unconscious as his friends escaped. The Black Dragon used his Power Coin to connect to the Morphing Grid and caused the other four to lose their powers. Comicicon COMIC STORY- [[|]]

Trapped in the Dark Dimension, Billy finds himself in the company of Goldar whom is being punished for his failure in the aftermath of Tommy's joining of the Power Rangers. Eventually, the two are able come to an understanding and Billy is able to escape in time to help Tommy defeat the Black Dragon, which he reveals to be mechanical much like the Zords. The two unmorphed rangers destroy the power source, but find themselves trapped in its rapidly shrinking body. Comicicon COMIC STORY- [[|]]

At the last moment, the two escape but find themselves in an alternate future where Tommy never joined the Power Rangers and became an evil white ranger named Lord Drakkon. Escaping from an army of Mastodon Sentries, they find the ruined remains of various Zords and the White Ranger's blade: Saba, who guides the two and explains the history of the worlds formation. Shortly after, the two come into contact with the rebellion; consisting of alternate versions of Zack, Trini, Aisha, Kat and Bulk. Reclaiming his deceased counterparts morpher and coin, Billy feigns surrender to allow Alternate Trini the chance to get close and destroy Lord Drakkon's morpher and coin with it. The rest of the rangers show up in the alternate future to rescue Billy and Tommy, where they use the remainder of the Black Dragon's power to send them all home. Comicicon COMIC STORY- [[|]]

After the Black Dragon arc, Billy becomes committed to being more athletic and becomes a bit more muscular in physique. While things seem to be normal in his life, his parents are in an overprotective state given he and Tommy had to stage a ruse to explain their long absence by teleporting under some debris for rescue workers to find them. So from the perspective of Billy's mother, her son was buried alive for several days and this created the very real adult fear she could have lost her child. Billy is a little annoyed by his mom's paranoia, but Trini tries to tell him to consider her feelings.  He does try to be understanding but hopes for things to be a little more normal in the future. Comicicon COMIC STORY- [[|]]

Zedd's Invasion[]

When Lord Zedd invaded Earth after doing away with Rita, Zordon upgraded the Dinozords into the Thunderzords; Billy was given control of the Unicorn Thunderzord. When Zordon and Alpha disappeared, Billy was the one to find the secret door where they were making the White Ranger. While most of the other Rangers were disappointed in a new member suddenly joining them, Billy knew that they needed a new Ranger to help them against Zedd, regardless of who it was. However, he was happy to find that the White Ranger turned out to be former teammate Tommy Oliver. The Rangers are driving out to the desert in Billy's RADBUG so they can send Rita back into space without any civilians seeing. During the drive, Zack reveals that he has gotten a gift for his girlfriend Angela: a pair of walkie-talkies designed after characters from an old children's show she likes. Trini explains to Kimberly that people often like to collect things that remind them of what made them happy, though Kimberly can't quite understand it. As the Rangers get out of the Radbug for a breather, Zack puts the walkie-talkies in the car's trunk next to Rita's Dumpster. Up in the Moon Palace, Lord Zedd is still in disbelief that his Scarlet Sentinel has fallen. Seeing the Rangers in the desert, he gets an idea and uses his power on the Radbug. Suddenly, the car comes to life and begins attempting to ram into the Rangers while claiming that it will no longer stand for being treated like a slave. The Rangers morph and use their Power Weapons to create a ramp that flips the Radbug on its roof and immobilizes it. Zedd throws a grenade down and the Radbug grows in size, plus gains a face made from Zack's walkie-talkies (which also gives Rita a means to complain about all the hassle she's getting put through). Tommy summons the White Tigerzord to deal with the Radbug while the other Rangers form the Thunder Megazord, and he tries to stop it by climbing into the runaway vehicle and driving it with his Tigerzord at the wheel. This only serves to anger the Radbug as it turns into a bipedal monster and ejects its Zord-driving driver. The Thunder Megazord rides the White Tigerzord to catch up to the Radbug as it nears Angel Grove's city limits. Once it gets close, the Megazord jumps onto the Radbug's hood and tears its fuel line out to end the joyride.With the Radbug back to normal, Billy tends to repairs while the other Rangers prepare to send Rita on her trip. Zack also recovers his walkie-talkies, which are perfectly intact, and Kimberly admits that she'll never doubt the value of collectibles again. Comicicon COMIC STORY- By Bug... Betrayed

New Friends and Teammates[]

One day, just after having a picnic in the park with his friends, Billy, along with Tommy and Kimberly unexpectedly met Rocky DeSantos, Aisha Campbell, and Adam Park, and helped them stop a runaway stroller carrying a teacher's baby boy. When Zedd kidnapped the new teens, intending to change them into his own Dark Warriors, Billy, Tommy, and Kimberly set out to rescue them. Billy entered the cave where the teens were being held and grabbed the evil snake that would turn them evil. However, the snake wrapped itself around Billy's neck, and he was forced to remove his helmet to ensure he could breathe, thus revealing his identity to Rocky, Aisha, and Adam. The trio swore to keep the Rangers' secret and became friends with everyone. When Jason, Trini, and Zack were chosen to attend a Peace Conference in Switzerland, Billy and the Rangers had to retrieve the Sword of Light to allow the Rangers to transfer their powers. Though Billy was sad to see Jason, Trini, and Zack leave, he was happily surprised that Rocky, Aisha, and Adam would take their respective places as new Rangers.

When Kimberly fell through a time warp to the days of the Wild West, she would recruit Billy's ancestor William in the 1880s to become the first Blue Ranger when she assembles and takes command of the Wild West Rangers team in a battle against Goldar and several other time-traveling foes.

Ninja Quest[]

"It's Morphin Time! Blue Ranger Power!"
―roll call as the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger[src]
Billy Ninja

Billy receives his Ninja Powers.

After the Thunderzords were destroyed by Rito Revolto, Billy and the other Rangers sought out Ninjor, the creator of the Power Coins, to give them new powers. Billy became the Blue Ninja Ranger and controlled the Blue Wolf Ninjazord. Billy used his intelligence to enable the other Rangers to control the Shogunzords and would personally control the Blue Shogunzord.

Alien Rangers[]

The Rangers were de-aged by a time-reversal spell performed by Rita Repulsa's father, Master Vile. Billy devised a plan to restore the Rangers' proper ages using a machine that ran off of the Power Coins. Billy restored himself, but Goldar stole the machine, and Zedd and Rita destroyed all six Coins.

Billy and Aliens

Young Billy with the Aquitar Rangers.

With his Wolf Ninja Coin destroyed and his Triceratops Power Coin damaged beyond use, Billy's role changed. He no longer fought as a Power Ranger, and did not join the remaining active Rangers in their search for the Zeo Crystals and acted solely in an advisory and supporting role, serving as a liaison between the Aquitar Rangers during this period.

Saban's Masked Rider[]

When Dex StewartIcon-crosswiki says about to truthful friendships to Hal StewartIcon-crosswiki and Barbara StewartIcon-crosswiki, he specifically not ones based on what the other person wants to hear. This reminds him of his Edenoite friends, whom he misses, seeing in a flashback is Billy and the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers at the moment when they meet Dex and the other Inhabitants of Edenoi. Tvicon TV STORY-Super Gold,Part 1


Billy officially retired from active Ranger service, allowing Tanya Sloan (who was sent back in Aisha Campbell's place) to take his place as an active Ranger in the field. He continued in the support role he had adopted during the Aquitian Rangers' time on Earth, assisting Zordon and Alpha 5 with tasks in the Power Chamber and creating and maintaining most of the weaponry, gadgets, and Zords the Zeo Rangers would use. He traveled briefly to Aquitar to assist the Aquitian Rangers in battling with a race of aliens called the Hydro Contaminators. To do so, he completed a prototype device that Cestro started to defeat them. Upon his return, his ship was diverted by King Mondo to fly straight into the sun. From the Power Chamber, Zordon, Alpha 5, and the Rangers were able to rescue him.

Billy Leaves

Billy gives his Zeo Subcrystal to Tanya.

Before Trey of Triforia was revealed to be the identity of the Gold Ranger, several red herrings mislead the viewers into believing that the Gold Ranger was Billy. When Rocky confronted him with this theory, he assured the team that he would never have kept such a secret from them, and had simply been busy working on a never-specified project (most likely the development of the Turbo powers). When Trey returned to Triforia on sabbatical to try to unify his three selves, Billy was selected to assume Gold Ranger's powers. However, the "negative proton energy" that his body had absorbed in the Command Center's explosion prevented him from taking the powers. Instead, Jason, the former Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (who, being nowhere near the Command Center at the time of its explosion, was a safe choice), received the powers.

Billy was last seen to be suffering from accelerated aging because the regenerator he used to restore his proper age had a side effect. To counter this, he traveled to Aquitar for a cure from their Eternal Falls (analogous to the Fountain of Youth), and opted to remain there with Cestria, a female Aquitian with whom he had fallen in love.

Dino Thunder[]

Tommy and Team Original Photo

Billy and the original Ranger Team in a photo.

Billy was featured in a chronicle of Power Ranger history compiled by Tommy Oliver shortly after he formed the Dino Rangers, which was found by the nascent Ranger team in the Dino Lab. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy of Power

Billy appeared in the picture of the old MMPR team that Dr. Tommy Oliver had with him as a memento of the past during the time when he returned as the Green Ranger again. Kira Ford found the image while helping Tommy. Tvicon TV STORY-Bully for Ethan

Wedding Vows[]

Tommy and Kat wedding

Billy as best men,in Katherine and Tommy's Wedding.

Year later, Billy arrived at the wedding with David Truheart as Tommy's best men, and Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini and Rocky watching. Tommy cites his vows to Katherine and they finally get married. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Wedding Vows


Billy along with the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and other Ranger teams are seen in Troy's premonition about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Mega Mission

He and the other Rangers are seen again in another of Troy's dream/vision about the Legendary Battle. Tvicon TV STORY-Stranger Ranger

Super Megaforce[]

PRSM-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Billy returning alongside his fellow Rangers.

Emperor Mavro was defeated, but the remaining thousands of X Borgs still stand. Tommy gathered all the existing Power Rangers, Billy returned with his original Mighty Morphin team and his powers somehow fully restored, as part of the army of Legendary Rangers led by Tommy that helped the Mega Rangers defeat the Armada once and for all, fighting in a huge battle against hundreds of X Borgs and dozens of Bruisers. After the demise of the X Borgs, Tommy shook hands with Troy and teleported off along with Billy and the Legendary Rangers. He possibly returns to Aquitar. Tvicon TV STORY-Legendary Battle

Street Fighter Showdown[]

Blue Ranger and Ranger Operator Series Silver legacy Wars

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger conforming part of the evil Ranger Army.

When Rita Repulsa join forces with Mr. Bison, as a result they infected the Morphing Grid, Billy is one of the many Rangers who are infected, later as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger is summoned among various evil Rangers, He appears with the Ranger Operator Series Silver by M. Bison's side. He along with the other Evil Rangers, going to fight lead by Mr. Bison against Mighty Morphin Green Ranger V2, Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger, Ryu Ranger and Chun-Li. Tvicon TV STORY-Legacy Wars - Street Fighter Showdown

Beast Morphers[]

Mighty Morphing Rangers manking bad episode

Billy in Scrozzle's database.

Billy was shown in archive footage along with the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in Scrozzle's database when the villains were looking for a past villain to revive with the Reanimizer and came across Goldar. Evox believes that Goldar is the perfect one. After seeing footage of Goldar overpowering the Mighty Morphin Rangers in the Megazord, the other villains are quick to agree with Evox. Tvicon TV STORY-Making Bad

Mighty Morphin BM

Billy with the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers come to help.

Billy responded to Jason's signal and returned alongside his fellow Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as part of the Legendary Dino Rangers army. Billy along with the other Dino Ranger teams fight against Goldar, Snide, Robo Blaze, Robo Roxy, and his several foot soldiers. When the battle seemed won, the Legendary Dino Rangers combine all their weapons into the Dino Power Ultra Blaster and manage to destroy Goldar Maximus.

Super Sentai (Dinosaur Teams)

Billy with the Legendary Dino Rangers.

Evox arrives and says that the real fight begins now. Billy witness seeing how Evox is using the geode to summon his newest Zord, the Chimera Zord, he and the other Dino Rangers are attacked by the evil Zord. The Legendary Dino Rangers summon their respective Zords. All three Megazords try to fight against the Chimera Zord, but it proves to be too powerful for them, Devon manages to summon the Beast-X King Zord and join in the fight. Devon and the Dino Charge Rangers combine their Zords into the Dino Charge Megazord Beast-X King Formation. With the combined might of all three Megazords, the Ranger teams combine their blasts into one powerful energy beam, destroying the Chimera Zord as Evox retreats.

The Rangers after to destroy Evox

Billy and the other Dino Rangers triumphant fight over Evox's Chimera Zord.

With the fight over, the Ranger teams regroup in the quarry, with the Dino Charge Rangers regaining their Energems and Keeper regaining his staff. Zoey is confident they can handle him before thanking everybody for their help. Afterwards, the Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder Rangers return to their dimension, he probably once again returned to Aquitar. Tvicon TV STORY-Grid Connection

Dino Fury[]

Season 1[]

Adam and Billy archival footage

Billy is seen in the Legendary Ranger Database.

Solon retaliate to Ollie Akana about Lord Zedd, while she investigates the Legendary Ranger Database Mick gave them. Looking through the files, they see Lord Zedd's history as the Emperor of Evil and his countless fights against the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Billy is seen briefly when Lord Zedd use the Rock of Time to turn the Rangers into children. Tvicon TV STORY-Old Foes

Season 2[]

Billy in archival footage Dino Fury season 2

Billy while riding his Shark Cycle is seen in the Legendary Database.

Zayto brings up how different Ranger teams had motorcycles for transportation, showing Aiyon and Solon the Mighty Morphin Rangers' Shark Cycles and the Wild Force Rangers' Savage Cycles. Solon does not see the need for a motorcycle as the Dino Fury Rangers can already teleport. Tvicon TV STORY-The Festival

Zayto activates the Legendary Ranger Database, showing Master Blue that Master Green came to them after the Dinohenge statues were destroyed and restored them to normal. Also, Zayto says that he found Ranger teams who were saved in their darkest moments through unexplained reasons and shows them three specific moments. Including the Legendary Battle where all the Legendary Rangers including Billy and the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers coming to the aid of the Megaforce Rangers in the Legendary Battle and helping them defeat an entire army of the Armada's X Borgs. Tvicon TV STORY-Morphin Master

Once & Always[]

Tommy Oliver In Once And Always

Billy reunited with his old team.

In the years since, Billy founded Cranston Technologies and secretly built a new Command Center in the basement of the company headquarters for the sole purpose of reviving Zordon. While he and Alpha 8 were successful in finding particles scattered by the Z-Wave, they were in reality Rita Repulsa's, who gathered inside Alpha 8's body and created Robo-Rita. Billy lured Robo-Rita outside and fought her with the other Rangers, but at the cost of Trini's life.

Billy and Zack break the news to Minh Kwan, Trini's teenaged daughter while the others search for Robo-Rita, Zack doesn't want to tell her that they're Power Rangers, remembering Zordon's rule about never revealing their identities. Billy argues that there's exceptions to every rule and Minh deserves to know exactly how her mother died. However, Minh has walked in on the conversation and immediately runs off in distress. He is also still in a relationship with Cestria, perhaps already married to her, as he calls her and says that he will return home to Aquitar soon when she calls him.

One year later, Robo-Rita returned on the anniversary of Trini's death as the Rangers are confronted by Robo-Rita, who has resurrected Snizzard and Minotaur in new robotic forms. Snizzard captured Jason, Tommy, and Kimberly, forcing Billy to escape with Zack and Minh in Billy's new RADBUG.

Back home, as they plan on how to rescue their friends, Minh insists on joining, but they refuse to let her causing Minh to blame Billy for Trini's death, which he took speechlessly.

Zack and Billy head to a hidden Command Center located beneath Cranston Technologies. Billy still feels guilty for Trini's death remembering Rita Repulsa's return as Robo Rita. After telling Zack it truly was his fault, Billy and Alpha 9 initiate the Bandora Protocol when Putties were spotted in random cities, bringing in Kat and Rocky to take over as Pink and Red Rangers respectively.

Blue Ranger Billy - Once and Always

Billy warning Rocky not to get grabbed by Robo-Snizzard.

The four Rangers can again morph into Power Rangers saving the people in Angel Grove from Robo Snizzard and Robo Minotaur and take down the Putties before learning from Alpha 9 that Minotaur is tracking them through their morphed status and had to demorph to go into hiding.

After Rocky and Zack rescued Minh from the Juice Bar, Billy devizes a plan at the junkyard to trap Snizzard and Minotaur before they proceed to Rita's Moon Palace, using a cloaking device Billy invented for Space Patrol Alpha.

The Rangers Going To Confront Robo-Rita

The team of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers complete again, going to confront Robo-Rita.

Upon reaching the palace, Billy and the others finds out that Rita is using a device, along with their captured friends and fellow Rangers to create a time machine so that Robo-Rita gives her younger self knowledge and kill the original Rangers before Zordon would recruit them. They were soon confronted by Robo-Rita, who also had Minh hostage before preparing to kill Billy, only for Minh to take the blast. To their surprise, Minh survived and was given her mother's powers and memories before they morph to battle Robo-Rita. After she makes Snizzard grow, Billy used the distraction to stab her before Minh accompanies him to pilot the Megazord and fight Snizzard, later joined by the others before discovering Robo-Rita, who survived the wounding, activated the machine. But they successfully defeated her, avenging Trini in the process.

MIhn , Zack and Billy spend Time in Juice Bar

Billy celebrates their victory along with Zack and Mihn.

After Adam and Aisha assured the Rangers that their friends will be taken to Aquitar to recover, Adam tells Billy that Cestria misses him.

At the Juice Bar, Minh apologizes to Billy for blaming him for Trini's death before he teasingly grounds her for taking his RADBUG without permission, and he and Zack start to tell Minh about their memories of fighting alongside Trini. Billy and Zack start telling Minh about some of their past adventures. Tvicon TV STORY-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always

Cosmic Fury[]

After resolving the Robo-Rita conflict, Billy sets out into space and meets Mick Kanic before they head to Zordnia to find the legendary Cosmic Zords, only to be attack by Bajillia Naire of Squid Ink Inc., who had broken Lord Zedd out of his crystal prison before the Morphin Masters resurrect and send Zayto to bring his Dino Fury Rangers to assist them.

Once they arrive to assist in the battle, Lord Zedd sends out Doodrip to brainwash them, only to succeed with fellow Blue Ranger, Ollie Akana. As they continue, Scrozzle absorbs the Morphin Masters into a machine with Master Red giving Javi Garcia his staff, which leads them to Billy and Mick's objective. When the possessed Ollie attacked, Javi inserted the staff into the altar, releasing the Cosmic Zords, at the cost of his right arm before Billy had Mick take Javi away from the battlefield. Tvicon TV STORY-Lightning Strikes

After returning to base, Billy attempts to console Javi by building him a cybernetic arm along with Solon before helping the others in attempting to use the Morphin Grid's energy to revitalize Ollie, until they're forced to retreat when Zedd destroyed the Dinohenge statues, sans the Triceratops one, to cut off the Dino Fury Rangers' power and teleported the whole base to Erridus, inadvertently bringing a stowed away Fern along.Tvicon TV STORY-Beyond Repair

While everyone was busy gathering supplies, making repairs and cleaning up, Billy locked himself away in order to make new powers, using Master Red's staff and the Dino Keys before eventually creating six morphers for the Rangers to become Cosmic Rangers, even reassuring Amelia that the Morphin Grid assigned her as Red Ranger because of her devotion and keeping the team together.Tvicon TV STORY-Off Grid

Soul of the Dragon[]

"Is it one of Cranston's or maybe Fairweather?"
―Anara speculated who created the Master Morpher[src]
Migthy Morphing Power Rangers photo

Tommy watched a photo of his old Mighty Morphin Power Ranger teammates.

Tommy waxes nostalgic at his house whilst looking at a picture of himself and the original five Mighty Morphin Power Rangers including Billy.

When Anara sees the Master Morpher, she speculated by mentioning that either Billy Cranston or Angela Fairweather might be responsible for building the Master Morpher.

When Tommy lament about Finster's death, he takes the picture of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers including Billy. Comicicon COMIC STORY- Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon


Initially shy and insecure, Billy was still a highly intelligent individual that was always eager to learn, this resulted in Billy often speaking in what could only be described as technical jargon during his teenage years, talking with a more scientific terminology even in the most casual conversations, with only his friend Trini being able to understand him most of the time. During his time as a Blue Ranger, Billy slowly grew more confident and sought out to improve himself physically. One major example of his improvement was that he was able to overcome his ichthyophobia, going from being afraid of eating a fish to fighting a giant toxic fish monster, which allowed him to later go on a fishing trip with Ernie.

Billy assumed the role of leader of the team after the rest of his friends were de-aged by a time-reversal spell, this lead to him interacting with the Alien Rangers and discovering that he could still be very useful even if he wasn't a Ranger. This revelation led Billy to step out of his role as a Ranger officially after his team was given the Zeo Powers, letting Tanya take his spot and becoming a full-time technical advisor. After he needed to heal from accelerated aging at Aquitar, Billy fell in love with Cestria and decided to stay at the alien planet with her, officially leaving the team.

Years later, Billy blamed himself for the death of his friend Trini after he accidentally resurrected Rita Repulsa, which lead to him being protective of Minh, Trini's daughter, forbidding her from joining them in the fight against Rita, but he eventually agreed to let her become the next Yellow Ranger. He also pushed Zack to tell Minh the truth about Trini's death and their identities as Rangers.

Body Swapped[]

  • Billy and Kimberly body swapped, when they test the mind reading machine (after Squatt tamper with it), Billy temporarily becomes Kimberly/Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger. Later, with the mind reading machine fixed, Kimberly and Billy return to their normal selves. Tvicon TV STORY-Switching Places




Ranger Costume

As the Blue Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Also retroactively known as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger or Blue Mighty Morphin Ranger (unofficial titles). During Season 3, his suit changed slightly, showing the Wolf Ninja Coin in his Morpher, rather than the Triceratops Power Coin.

Powers and Abilities[]


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Appearances: MMPR S1 Episodes 1-15, 17-60; MMPR S2 Episodes 1-21, 23-38, 40-43, 46, 47, 49, 50, 52; MMPR S3 Episodes 1-4, 6-15, 18, 20-24, 26-33; SM Episodes 20 & LBEV; BM S2 Episode 13; O&A; CF Episodes 1-2, 6-8, 10


Blue Ninja Ranger

"Ninja Ranger power now!"
―Transformation call[src]

Blue Ninja Ranger: This mode was a special power accessed by the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger. After having received the Power of Ninja from Ninjor, Billy is able to transform into the Blue Ninja Ranger. This form enables the user to use a multitude of ninja techniques. It seems however, weaker than the standard Ranger form, as it is only used against Tenga Warriors, with the team always morphing to their standard Ranger forms whenever a Monster appears.

Powers and Abilities[]


to be added

  • Underground Movement: Billy can surprise the enemy by attacking from underground.


to be added


to be added


Appearances: MMPR S3 Episodes 6, 8-10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28


Blue Ranger with Metallic Armor

"Metallic Armor, Power Up!!"
―Transformation call[src]

Metallic Armor: The Metallic Armor is special armor created for battling the new-and-improved Tenga Warriors. The power comes directly from the Morphing Grid and the armor cannot be used outside the Earth's atmosphere. When the Blue Ranger dons metallic armor, the white in his suit is replaced with a light silver coat and the Blue becomes metallic.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Enhanced speed:
  • Enhanced strength:
  • Resistance to injury:
  • Resistance to magical spells:

to be added


  • Speed Martial Arts: He can execute high speed martial arts moves with added metal-like impact


to be added


to be added

Appearances: MMPR S3 Episodes 29-33

MMPR-Blue Dragon Shield

Blue Ranger with Dragon Shield

This form is currently exclusive to the 2010 toyline.

Appearances: N/A


Pink Ranger Costume

In the episode Switching Places, Billy & Kimberly switch bodies.

Powers and Abilities[]


to be added


to be added


to be added


to be added



Appearances: MMPR Episode 16







Evil Space Aliens[]

Machine Empire[]
Mesogog's Army[]
Sledge's Crew[]
Evox Virus Army[]
Squid Ink Inc.[]


to be added


Behind The Scenes[]


  • Billy Cranston is portrayed by David Yost in both the unaired pilot and the series. His final appearance as Billy was in the second part of the two part episode "King for a Day". The identity of the actor who played elderly Billy in the two part episode "Rangers of Two Worlds" was the late William Frederick Knight, and the identity of the voice actor who delivered his goodbye message in the part II of that episode is unknown since only Yost was credited despite his absence. Billy also appears in the video game Power Rangers: Super Legends alongside some of his Ranger teammates and was voiced by Brian Donovan.
  • As the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger, his suit actors were David Wald, Hien Nguyen, and Danny Wayne Stallcup. (And Shoji Hachisuka (蜂須賀 昭二 Hachisuka Shoji) in Super Sentai footage from Zyuranger).
  • When Billy and Kimberly switched bodies in "Switching Places", Billy was portrayed by Amy Jo Johnson.
  • Billy's departure remains the most controversial exit in the show's history. Yost last played Billy in the episode "King for a Day" before leaving under suspicious circumstances with William Frederick Knight playing him in "Rangers of Two Worlds" and an uncredited voice actor doing his voice during his goodbye message. According to Saban themselves, Yost left due to disputes over their contract and pay similarly to the events surrounding "The Power Transfer." However, the more commonly accepted explanation is that Yost left as a result of homophobic remarks allegedly made by the behind-the-scenes crew (Yost being openly gay), with the explanation from Saban being thought of as sugar coating.


Alter ego Designation Dimension
Billy Cranston (Tom Silardi) Bio-Rhythm Blue Bio-Man (1986)
Billy (David Yost) Blue Ranger Lost Episode (1992)
Billy Cranston (David Yost) Blue Ranger (I) TV series
Billy (David Yost) Blue Ranger (II) TV series
Billy Blake Blue Ranger Hamilton Comics
Billy (David Yost) Blue Ranger MMPR: The Movie (1995)
Billllly Blue Meower Ranger

Mighty Morphin Meower Rangers (2017)

William "Billy" Cranston (RJ Cyler) Blue Ranger (II) Power Rangers Movie (2017)


to be added


to be added

Legendary Ranger Devices[]

TriceraRanger Ranger Key

The Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Key.

The Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Key is Billy's personal Ranger Key. This key along with the majority of the Core Ranger Keys are seen lining the Command Center's interior walls. This key is mainly used by Noah Carver (Super Megaforce Blue) who uses it to fight as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger.

MMPR Blue Charger

MMPR Blue Dino Charger

As part of SDCC 2015, Bandai released an exclusive Dino Charge Mighty Morphin' Charger set with each Dino Charger depicting four pictures. In Mighty Morphin' Blue's case, it featured his Ranger form, the MMPR title, the Triceratops Dinozord, and the Power Lance.


  • Billy is the only original Power Ranger to remain for the entire MMPR series.
  • Billy is the only original Power Ranger to be present in the first series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and last series Cosmic Fury.
  • In Cosmic Fury, Billy becomes the first Blue Ranger to serve as the team's mentor. He is also the second Mighty Morphin Ranger to be a mentor. The first was his old teammate Tommy Oliver.
    • Billy piloted the Cosmic Wolf Zord in this role as well, which is a callback to his use of the wolf motif in Season 3.
  • Billy is the first Ranger to be promoted as a leader while being the Blue Ranger.
  • Billy received a tribute in the credits of Rangers of Two Worlds, Part II.
  • Billy is the only Ranger to keep a single power for three seasons without giving it away or switching colors, and the only original Ranger to not be replaced, as he stepped down from his position at the start of Zeo.
  • Billy is the only Ranger to retire from being a Ranger, but not immediately leave the show.
  • Because of the absence of Yost, stock footage of Billy was used for his departure and his character was voiced by someone else. He was also the last of the original Power Ranger team to leave the show. Also of note is that backstage, David Yost left the show on bad terms, causing the writers to change the Turbo movie's plot so that the Rangers created the Turbo powers themselves with Alpha 5's assistance rather than by Billy himself.
  • David Yost's departure from Power Rangers occurred as a result of drama behind the scenes. Yost, at the time struggling with his homosexuality, was frequently harassed and insulted by the show staff. Unable to reconcile, Yost left the show and was written off without involvement in filming the episodes that would remove Billy for good.
Billy and Kimberly punks

Billy as a punk in Power Ranger Punks

  • Billy frequently dressed in clothing that was oversized or otherwise baggy or frumpy, in an effort to cover David Yost's well-defined physique due to him being a gymnast (as he was supposed to be a nerd, and thus not entirely athletic). This effort was gradually dropped by the second season of MMPR.
  • During the 2010 reboot of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, a toy version of Billy was seen with the Dragon Shield, though Billy never wore Tommy's Dragon Shield in the show.
  • It is said that actor Bryan Cranston was the inspiration for Billy's last name.[1] However, the name was already used in the Bioman pilot.
  • When asked what he'd do for the Phantom Ranger's identity if he had the chance, Lynn said he'd make him Bill and explain that his "man made" Phantom powers were limited (as a way of explaining his limited appearances); Billy would have created Ecliptor as a failed Robot Ranger experiment "and in order to correct that mistake he created the Phantom Ranger powers". [2]
  • In the Bio-Man pilot, his name was shared with the counterpart to Blue3, and rather than super-intelligent, he was a "heartthrob with a body of steel".
  • Billy is a playable character in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.
  • Despite rumors that Billy was originally meant to be the Gold Ranger, David Yost has since confirmed that there were no plans for this.[3]
  • Billy's birthday was given as April 1, making him an Aries.
  • Billy's birthplace was given as Chicago, Illinois.
  • Billy said he tried to use his mind over muscle in his normal state, and even when fighting Putties, he would try to outsmart them to make them injure or defeat themselves; if he had to get physical, he would do it only as a last resort.
  • Over the course of the series, Billy has advanced through the ranks as a martial artist under the tutelage of his fellow Rangers – he was a brand-new white belt taking his first karate class in "Day of the Dumpster" immediately prior to becoming the Blue Ranger; was promoted to yellow belt in "Dark Warrior"; by "Wizard for a Day", he was a red belt, and by "Mondo's Last Stand", he had become a 1st degree black belt.


Power Rangers Key Scanner[]

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger Scanner App Assets

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Key Scanner

Billy as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger appears in the app videogame Power Rangers Key Scanner, among various other Ranger teams.

Power Rangers Dash[]

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Dash

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Dash

Billy along with the other Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are among all the Ranger teams which appear in the Korean-developed mobile game Power Rangers Dash.

Power Rangers Legacy Wars[]

In the game Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Billy Cranston is playable as the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger. He as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger is a Common (Leader), Common (Assist) character. Represents the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, along with Jason, Zack, Trini, Kimberly and Tommy.

Puzzle and Dragons[]

As part of the collaboration by Hasbro in a limited game event, Billy as Blue Ranger, was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons.


  • 7 Turns ( 7 Turns at Lv.1 ),This card can be used as assist.

Leader Skill

  • Water attribute cards HP x2, ATK x2, RCV x2.
  • ATK x6 when simultaneously clearing 6 connected Water orbs.

Other Games[]

Power Rangers Collectible Card Game[]

Collectible Card Game Blue Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Collectible Card Game.

Billy as Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger appears in the American trading card game Power Rangers Collectible Card Game, among various other Rangers.

Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid[]

Billy appears as a playable character in the board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid.

Power Rangers Deck-Building Game[]

Billy appears as a playable character in the Power Rangers Deck-Building Game.

See Also[]



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