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"Go! It's been a while, GaoYellow! (....) Don't you recognize me? I'm not the 50cc scooter that I used to be. Now I require a big bike license! I'm powered up to a 750cc Org!"
―Bike Org's first words[src]
"One-horn! Avenge me!"
―Bike Org's final words before his death[src]

The first Org GaoYellow fought, the Org was originally called Scooter Org, who was sealed after Gaku was unable to kill him in his first mission. A year later, Rouki found and released the Org, who had evolved into a stronger version. Seeing Bike Org as a kindred spirit, Rouki recruits him to his cause. While Bike Org attacks GaoYellow, Rouki handled the other Gaorangers. In the end, Bike Org was wounded by GaoYellow's Noble Slash before being killed by Hyakujuuken. Though Rouki revived him, Bike Org was destroyed by GaoMuscle.





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