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Big Sisters is the seventh episode of the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This episode marks the first appearance of the Rad Bug.

This is widely considered one of the worst episodes of season 1 due to the child acting, editing, toy implimentation, regular acting, and low entertainment value.


In her ongoing efforts to destroy the Rangers, Rita Repulsa seeks to gain the legendary power eggs. The only way to gain access to them is through the touch of an innocent child. Fortunately for her and unfortunately for the Rangers, Kimberly and Trini have volunteered to be big sisters to the mischievous Maria. Rita sends her monster Chunky Chicken to capture the girl. Now the power rangers must find a way to rescue Maria before it is too late.


Kimberly and Trini are volunteering as big sisters for a girl named Maria. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa plans to use the legendary Power Eggs to gain enough power to defeat the Power Rangers, but only the touch of an innocent child like Maria can open the chest containing the Power Eggs.

Finster creates a monster called the Chunky Chicken and sends the Putty Patrollers to kidnap Maria. Kimberly and Trini rush to find the other rangers, Jason, Zack, and Billy, who then use the Rad Bug to go to the Command Center (since teleportation and communication is down).

After learning of Rita's plot, the Rangers use the Rad Bug to attack Goldar and Chunky Chicken, taking the Power Eggs back and throwing them into the sea during the ensuing battle. Rita takes Maria hostage and promises to let her go when the Rangers give her the eggs. Although complaint, she still cuts the rope that Maria is dangling from, but luckily, Maria is caught by the Megazord and taken away to safety by remote-controlled Rad Bug. The Rangers then proceed to destroy the Chunky Chicken, and peace is restored to Angel Grove.



  • First episode where Rita comes to Earth, and the first time she uses her flying pennyfarthing.
  • First episode to use the prefix "we need Dinozord power." Every episode prior to this used a different call and the last episode didn't feature any of the Zords.
    • Every season after this one would feature the phrase "we need *Zordset* power" ending with In Space's "we need Astro Megazord power" now.
  • This is the first episode where the Megazord has an open hand. Prior to this, the Megazord only used fists.
  • Only appearance and mention of Morphing Masters.
  • This episode maintained the original plot line of its Zyuranger counterpart, right down to casting a child who looked like the child in the Sentai footage.
  • The reason that the Chunky Chicken keeps gaining and losing his hat is because they were two different versions of the same monster spliced together into one episode to extend the fight footage (with only the first monster's Zord fight being used here and the second's destruction).
  • The ending scene of this episode (in which Kimberly accidentally dumps chili over Bulk) was originally from the second filmed version of "Day of the Dumpster".


  • After Clunky Chicken cuts the rope, a quick close up shot of Maria falling is not Maria, but is Emiko in similar clothing.
  • The Chunky Chicken hardly resembles a chicken aside from being fat. What kind of chcicken has a blue head afterall?
  • The Rad Bug is supposed to be remote-controlled by the Megazord, but when Maria climbs off the Megazord's hand and into the car, a person is clearly driving it.
  • The Green Ranger's symbol is seen instead of red.
  • We're never shown how powerful the Power Eggs are, why Rita wants them, or why we should care if they're captured. As a result, they are the literal definition of maguffins.  Maguffin-an object or creature the protagonists/heroes/main characters care greatly about but the audience does not. This is a common sign of bad writing due to Maguffins usually being created by failing to convey why they are so important.
    • The reason is because they just ordinary dinosaur eggs in Zyuranger.
  • When the Chunky Chicken was created by Finster, a hard rock version of Old Macdonald Had a Farm began playing in the background. It's meant to sound threatenng but instead comes across as comical.
  • The only reason the teleportation problem sideplot exists is to sell boys in the form of the RADBug.
    • They don't even give us a reason why they're having issues.
  • This episode contains one of the worst edits in the entire franchise. In the shot where you can see Maria in the Viewing Globe, the villains are all wrong.
    • We just saw Rita trying to get the Power Eggs in the shot immediately before this.
    • Maria is clearly Japanese.
    • Chunky Chicken is there despite just having been fighting Trini and Kimberly.
    • Goldar, Squatt, and Baboo are all there despite just having been fighting the boys.

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