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Chemical Firefighter Brigade's Big Douser is a robot originally developed by Nagare Tatsumi of the Capital City Fire Department's Chemical Firefighter Brigade for use by Shou Tatsumi and the Helicopter Brigade.


Big Douser was developed by Nagare when he and Shou still were with the Capital City Fire Department to assist the Helicopter Brigade in its work. However when Pierre discovers the robot in the news, he decides to abduct it and use it to become a Psyma Beast having exhausted all of his monster cards. Connecting the wires that charge Big Douser within the main Minus Energy chamber and throwing in multiple strengthening cards, he empowers the robot with Minus Energy, but the sudden surge makes it initially grow to a giant size where the GoGoV are surprised to initially be fighting the machine. GoGoFive fight it with Victory Robo, but eventually the surge calms down and it is restored to normal size where the team takes it in to study.

Through Nagare and Mondo's investigation, they find that Big Douser has become so corrupted with Minus Energy that it no longer was usable and had to be destroyed; but due to it retaining its former personality, Shou still believed that it was good and could still be saved and ran off to protect it. However when it begins to recklessly attack civilians due to its corruption, Shou finally comes around to Nagare's point of view that the robot could no longer be used. When Big Douser threatens to destroy a gas tanker with its flame throwers, Nagare and Shou ultimately destroy the machine with their V-Lancers, yet give it an honorable send-off after its destruction understanding that its corruption was not of fault of its own and it had done its duty proudly prior to the Psyma interference.


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Prior to its corruption with Minus Energy, Big Douser's main weapon were a set of chemical extinguishers that were emitted from its hands and its upper torso. After being corrupted, the robot's chemical extinguishers are replaced with flamethrowers, making it cause fires instead of putting them out.

Behind the Scenes

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  • Although unused in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Big Douser story is based off of Cyborg Rangers.
    • The reason for being unadapted in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue was having to do with extensive use of flames which would be a dangerous hazard.

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