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"Torpedo time! I love it!"
―Big Burpa's first words being enlarged.[src]

"I'm Zord-sick!"
―Big Burpa's final words before her demise.[src]

Big Burpa is a belching, biker dame bicycle themed monster, summoned by Divatox in the eighth episode, who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Bicycle Built for the Blues". She cast a spell on Justin's bike.


Big Burpa was an alien monster, summoned by Divatox in the eighth episode. She was a bicycle themed monster, armed with a samurai sword. She was specialized with bicycles. Divatox sent a fake bicycle to Justin. The bike, used as a fake birthday present, caused him to be unable to climb off of it, or control it, in speed, or movement. The odometer, which counted backwards, signaled that the bike was a detonator. Rangers couldn't catch Burpa because she was riding too fast on her bike. At about one mile left, Tommy and the other Rangers freed Justin, from the bike, just in time, and Justin joined in on the attack against Big Burpa. They fought her in the forest. She could blast lasers from her eyes and wielded a metal staff in battle. She was overpowered and enlarged by Divatox. She fought and was destroyed by Turbo Megazord's Spinout move. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Bicycle Built for the Blues


Big Burpa was a cunning, sneaky and belching monster, who was loyal to Divatox and won't stop at her plan to destroy the Rangers with her plan to kill Justin with a fake bike and detonator. She was always belching and prideful and enjoyed herself. She took pride and was self-loving.

Powers and Abilities


  • Eye Lasers: Big Burpa can fire lasers from her eyes.
  • Bicycle Spell: She could cast a spell on bicycles, making them unable to stop or even slow down, as she did with Justin.
  • Super Speed: Burpa possesses a super speed on her bicycle and she rides so fast that the Rangers couldn't catch her.


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  • Metal Staff: Burpa wields a metal staff in combat.
  • Bicycle: Burpa rides a bicycle in the battle.
  • Sword: Burpa is armed with samurai sword in battle.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Big Burpa's name is a pun on the arcade game Big Bertha.


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