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Bidamalar is Vader Monster "33" of the Vader Clan; he is also known as Shunsuke Furukawa in his human guise, the adopted son of a human mother on Earth.

Character History


Shunsuke Furukawa, Bidamalar's human form

11 years prior to the Vaders arriving on Earth, the Vader Monster egg containing Bidamalar came to the planet, where it hatched into a baby with a marble by its side. The baby was found by a lonely young woman who took the orphan in and made it her son, naming him Shunsuke Furukawa and raising him like her own son, including realizing his interest and love of marbles.

Some time after the Vader Clan began their invasion of the planet, Bidamalar's true nature began to manifest and it started to rampage through the city, using its marbles for attacks. This emergence likewise affected Shunsuke, turning him into a bully as a human who stole money from other children. When Midorikawa discovered the possible connection between Shunsuke and Bidamalar, he investigated and discovered his mother, who still loved and cared about him and wanted him to return to being her son once again. When Bidamalar started another rampage with his marble, his mother decided to take matters into her own hands, making DenziGreen take him to her with the marble that he arrived on Earth with in hopes of finally getting through to him and returning to being her son.

When Bidamalar is confronted by his adopted mother, she shows him the marble he arrived on Earth with and finally seemed to break through to him, making him realize the love within him and swelling up as she nearly won him over. However realizing the love that still existed, Mirror destroys the special marble and yells that "all marbles are for him to control", breaking the trance and making him run wild once again. Realizing that her son couldn't be saved, Shunsuke/Bidamalar's mother asks the Denziman to destroy him; they strike him down with Denzi Lightning Fall, then defeat him with DaiDenzin after he grows giant.


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He has the ability to control any and all marbles, from using them as bombs or caltraps on the ground to changing into a giant marble to attack people with. He likewise has a staff with marbles on both ends. He can also turn into a marble or a human, teleport, spawn psychic explosions, and change his size.

Behind the Scenes


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  • Naming: "Bidama" - "Marble"


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