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Bicycle Built for the Blues is the eighth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Justin is given a bike for his birthday by Divatox, which has a detonator in it while the other Rangers battle Big Burpa.


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  • Someone can be seen pushing Bulk while he's swinging from the ceiling.
  • The Rangers (except for Justin) are stood in different positions in the shot of Big Burpa being hit by the torpedoes. 
  • When the four Turbo Rangers see the footage of Big Burpa rampaging in the city, Justin's Sentai counterpart, Naoki Domon can be clearly seen in the crowd.
    • Also, the people in it were very clearly Japanese and the buildings were Japanese in design.


  • First appearance of Doug Stewart. The next episode he appears in is "The Gardener of Evil".
  • This episode marks the only appearance in the series (and the final overall) of a Turbozord in its car-sized mode.
    Red Lightning and Red Ranger
  • Ed Neil makes a cameo in this episode as the construction worker that Burpa kicked over.

Blue Racer's cameo.

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