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Beyond the Grid is the fifth story arc of the Boom! Studios comic book and the follow up/aftermath to the Shattered Grid story arc.


During Shattered Grid, after the destruction of the multiverse by Lord Drakkon through his god-like connection to the Morphin Grid and the Heart of the Master, the Power Rangers were trapped in the only reality, one of the evil Ranger’s own making. After his eventual defeat and reclaiming the Heart of the Master, the Rangers recreated the multiverse, but not before the Emissaries cautioned them that the residual structural damage Drakkon caused to space-time would result in variables that would cause minor changes to reality.

During the prior collapse of reality, Promethea was on a rescue mission to save the captured and de-powered Rangers held on Drakkon's Fortress. Once the World of the Coinless began tearing apart as space and time was wiped away, Andros tries to command the crew to teleport the Promethea base away from the encroaching nothingness coming towards them after rescuing the captors. The base manages to begin a teleport, but fades away into nothing as it does so. With no space or time to exist, once the multiverse was restarted, the Promethea re-materialized into existence and exited at a random vector from the teleport stream, badly damaged with sections of it on fire from the stress of the accelerated warp.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid Finale Issue 1 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 31


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