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Beware the Third Wish is the 31st episode of Power Rangers Turbo. It is the first of the two-part story arc which features the wishing coins from the Wicked Wisher that turned the Blue Senturion evil.


Divatox summons the Wicked Wisher, who gives her three wishing coins. The first one is used by Elgar to give himself hair, the second one is used to make the Blue Senturion evil, and the third one (which is Justin's lucky coin given to him by his father) falls to Earth and is found by Bulk & Skull. The Power Rangers battle Blue Senturion, but can't manage to defeat him without hurting him.


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  • In "The Millennium Message", it was stated the Blue Senturion could not be programmed to be evil. The wishing coin seems to be the one and only loophole.
  • The reason the Blue Senturion becomes evil is that in Carranger, Signalman (Blue Senturion's counterpart) was corrupted by Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus (Goldgoyle's counterpart)


  • Wicked Wisher somehow snuck up on Justin to steal the coin without being seen by either the Rangers or Justin.
  • The Blue Senturion reappears in this episode after several episodes not to feature him and without an explanation about his absence.
  • During his 2nd viisit to the fountain, the Wisher attempted to wish for a lizard with a coin that he had not been enchanted yet.
  • Aftr the Wisher uppercutted T.J. down, what appears to be the 2nd Demon Racer 's car can be seen behind him. After the battle with YY Bonza, his car had been taken into storage at the Pegasus Garrage (the Carranger's base and right in front of where this battle took place).
  • After the evil Senturion blasted down T.J., there was a shot where the viewers can see that he is in the forest although this fight took place in the city. The error occurs because this shot was taken out of sequence from the forest battle in order to replace a shot of a Japanese merchant although it is unclear why they didn't just cut the shot and leave it there.
  • When the Senturion fired a blast from his Synergizer; Baton Mode at the Rangers, the Rangers clearly backflipped down.


  • Invincible
  • You Are the Power Team (instrumental)

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