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""Look out! It's a tag team!""
Boxertron introducing Gammadrone and Betadrone.[src]

Betadrone is a Gigadrone Beta Model created from the data of Boxertron and one of his four counterparts in Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2.

Character History

Betadrone was introduced after the destruction of Alphadrone alongside Gammadrone and took on the Racer Zord. Betadrone went first, with Gammadrone acting as a tag partner, with it pounding the Racer Zord. However, the Racer Zord punched it's barbell out of it's hands and kicked the Gigadrone away. It then tagged in Gammadrone and left the ring, it's partner taking Devon by surprise after initially dancing. Once Gammadrone kicked the Racer Zord back into the ropes, Betadrone grabbed the Zord by its arm. Gammadrone then performed a massive kick but the Racer Zord broke free and the kick instead destroyed Betadrone.


Betadrone has no discernible personality as it cannot speak and was completely silent like the majority of Gigadrones but was clearly very competitive.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength: Betadrone can wield the extremely heavy looking barbell and single swings of it knocked back the Racer Zord as well, as being able to restrain it.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: Like a real boxer, Betadrone proved to be very skilled and the Racer Zord was no match.


  • Barbell: Betadrone uses a large brown version of Dumbbelltron's barbell weapon in battle.


  • Betadrone wields Dumbbelltron's weapon and may be considered a possible counterpart to him, but in Go-Busters, Dumbbelloid was from a different episode and had a similar-looking but separate Megazord counterpart.
  • Whether intentional or not, the four boxing Gigadrones represent a different element of boxing or sports performed at the Olympics. Betadrone represents weight lifting.
  • Betadrone looks similar to a Beta Model Gigadrone.

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