Best of the Power Rangers: Songs from the TV Series is an album released by Buena Vista Records in 2003 for the Power Rangers TV series. It contains, amongst older (and rare at times) material recorded for Power Rangers Zeo and Power Rangers Turbo by Ron Wasserman, many new remixes and cover song variations of theme songs, and new songs recorded for the release by different artists.

Track listing

  1. Go, Go Power Rangers (Remix)
  2. Power Rangers Wild Force Theme (cover)
  3. Best Of The Best Of The Best
  4. Power Rangers Turbo, Go! (almost completely different song)
  5. I Will Rescue You
  6. Hope For The World (previously released)
  7. Power Rangers Zeo Theme (original theme)
  8. Go Gold Ranger (previously released)
  9. Here Comes The Power Again (almost completely different song)
  10. Enemies Beware (previously released)
  11. Invincible (previously released)
  12. New Rangers To The Rescue
  13. Calling For A Hero (previously released)
  14. Give Me A Sign
  15. Big Bang (previously released)
  16. Unite! (previously released)
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