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"This is a sterile environment!"

Benjamin "Ben" Burke works as a Security Guard at Grid Battleforce and is the younger brother of Betty Burke.

Character History

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While as comedically incompetent as his sister, Ben is the more reclusive of the two, his older sister often forcing him to do things he'd rather avoid.


Behind the Scenes


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  • He and Betty are very much like TSA security, who also conduct body scans at airports.
  • Ben and Betty are very similar to Bulk and Skull from Mighty Morphin, Marah and Kapri from Ninja Storm, Cassidy and Devin from Dino Thunder, and Victor and Monty from Ninja Steel in their use for comic relief. They are also the first comic relief characters to know the Rangers identities from the start of the series.
    • Unlike previous comic relief characters however, he and Betty are allowed to accompany the Rangers and lend a hand when needed. They are also the first since Cassidy and Devin to discover the team's identities.
      • Unlike them, they already knew from the start.
  • Occasionally, they'll inadvertently create problems for others, such as when they accidentally remove Nikki Rev's blonde wig, revealing her to her fans, who begin chasing her.


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