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Bell Chime Bōma (スズナリボーマ Suzunari Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Princess Boma Jarmin

Character History

Bell Chime Boma was sealed within a statue at the end of the war with the humans, with her entire tribe sealing her on the small bells latched to ropes that bound her. Jarmin releases her under the promise that if she helped to defeat the Turboranger, her people would be released from captivity. Transforming into a girl named Rin, she takes part in the scheme of appearing to be chased by Jarmin as if she was a traitor to be saved by the Turboranger. Yohei immediately believes that she is good, but Rin secretly proves her true allegiance when she attacks Seelon at Dr. Dazai's base behind everyone's back. Regardless of the attack, Yohei continues to support her and tries to help her understand that she has supporters.

Human Form

But when Jarmin finds out that Bell Chime Boma is getting close to the Turboranger in an beneficial way, she takes her back and punishes her, whipping her while destroying some of the bells holding her tribe in order to force her to go through with the actual plan. Ultimately, she does assist the Boma, brainwashing Yohei and making him fight his team until they destroy the bell that controls him and knock Blue Turbo from the attack. Seeing her as a failure, Jarmin angrily destroys the remains of Bell Chime Boma's tribe, destroys her, then revives her by force to fight the Turboranger as a giant. The team use Turbo Robo, defeating her with the Kousokuken. Ultimately, only one bell chime remains, which Yohei keeps believing that she will be reborn truly good someday.


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Her main ability is the usage of a special small bell chime she rings in order to take control of the mind of whomever she targets, using it to control Blue Turbo at one point. In combat, she also uses a double-bladed staff.

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