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Believe It or Not is the first episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-third episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers of the Power Rangers series as a whole.


The Beast Morphers Rangers are skeptical when Steel says he’s found clues that proves Evox may have returned.


Months have passed since the destruction of Evox and his Cybervillains as well as the apparent death of Scrozzle. Devon and Blaze are sparring at the Rip Tide Gym, this time as friends instead of enemies. After the bout, they watch Mayor Daniels hosting a press conference, revealing that the Morph-X Tower Project is moving internationally, as one in Paris has opened. The rest of the Rangers are watching the conference as well, Zoey and Nate watching from the Grid Battleforce lab, and Ravi and Roxy watching it while on a date. However, the date is cut short as Ravi’s called away for Ranger training, but Roxy understands this.

As Ravi and Zoey train with theBeast-X Blasters, Ben and Betty try to train as well, but they either get knocked over by the punching bag, or trip up on the jump rope Devon was using. Nate comes in with a brand-new weapon, the Beast-X Ultra Blaster, which was designed to handle against any threat that comes after the Morph-X again. When Ravi tests out the new weapon, its rapid-fire mode goes out of control as it blasts the entire wall, which Nate blames a small stabilizer malfunction for. Afterwards, Steel comes running in with big news: Evox is back. He shows the Rangers some evidence that he gathered on a whiteboard, especially a report about a supposed Morph-X clean up from a leak which was proven false by the database. The others are not convinced by Steel’s claims, and try to remind him that he saw Evox destroyed himself. However, Steel is adamant that Evox is still around, and decides that the only way to prove it is to take the Rangers out on a training exercise out in the woods. After training, Devon reconnects with his father, who reassures his son that he did not tell anybody in Paris that he’s the Red Ranger. While Devon offers dinner, Mayor Daniels says he cannot as he’s busy with work.

The next day, the Rangers go out on their outside wood training, but during their break, Steel pulls out a photo that nobody recognizes. Steel claims that Scrozzle was in the picture he found online, but the Rangers get annoyed by his claims, especially when Devon finds a tree stump that matches the picture. Nate tells Steel not to make wild claims without proof, so the angry Beast Bot decides to head out himself to find it. Realizing that they hurt Steel’s feelings, the others follow him to apologize, but they lose him. Zoey finds footprints that might match Steel’s, but when they follow them, they’re shocked to see Scrozzle alive and well. Not only that, he has a squad of Tronics and a brand-new Drilltron 2.0 gathering Morph-X from the leak. That means Steel was right all along; Evox is still alive. Devon tells Commander Shaw their new intel, causing her to have the Zords ready on standby.

The Rangers confront Scrozzle’s group and morph, but he teleports away with the stolen Morph-X. As the Rangers fight against the Tronics, Nate finds that Drilltron 2.0 is just as strong as his predecessor. Drilltron 2.0 knocks the Rangers down with a shockwave and has the Tronics restrain them, but Steel comes to the rescue. He morphs, blasts away Drilltron 2.0 with his Striker Morpher's Striker Beast Blast, and shoots at the Tronics to free the others. Before Zoey could apologize to Steel, Shaw contacts the Rangers to inform them that a Gigadrone is about to land on top of them. The Rangers move out of the way before the Gigadrone (Drilldrone 2.0) lands on them, and Nate realizes that it’s drilling further underground for the remaining Morph-X. Suddenly, Drilltron 2.0 returns, and Zoey and Steel decide to take him on themselves.

Devon gets an idea on how to deal with Drilldrone 2.0 underground. As the Racer Zord in Battle Mode, Wheeler Zord Gorilla Mode, and Wrecker Zord are deployed, Nate lowers Devon down into the hole with the Wrecker Zord’s crane. However, two Gigatronics are launched to stop the descension, and Ravi fights against them in the Wheeler Zord to protect Nate who cannot defend himself or change into Battle Mode due to Devon still being on his hook. Eventually, Devon lands at the bottom of the crater to see a large amount of Morph-X, only to get sneak attacked by Drilldrone 2.0. The Gigadrone summons another pair of Gigatronics, and Devon braces for a 1-3 fight.

Meanwhile, Zoey and Steel fight Drilltron 2.0, and even though the Robotron is tough, they destroy him with a Beast-X Cannon Blast and Striker Saber Striker Beast Slash combo. Meanwhile, Devon struggles against the disadvantage, but he manages to pull Drilldrone 2.0 out of the crater thanks to Nate’s crane. On the surface, the Gigatronics stun the Wheeler Zord with thier blasters and jump over it to reach Nate. Before they can obliterate the Wrecker Zord, Zoey and Steel arrive in the Chopper Zord and Jet Zord, the former using her Jackrabbit Mode to help Ravi destroy the first two Gigatronics. The CHopper Zord Beast Kicks a Gigatronic whilst the Wheeler Zord uppercuts the other and the two collide in mid-air before the Rocket Storm finishes them off. Meanwhile, Devon destroys the other two Gigatronics with the Cheetah Strike, and Steel uses the Jet Zord Scarab Mode to grab Drilldrone 2.0 and send it to the city. Nate goes into Battle Mode, and after a short fight in which he utterly thrashes Drilldrone 2.0, he destroys Drilldrone 2.0 with a Bazooka Blast.

Back at Grid Battleforce, Devon tells Commander Shaw that a crew is taking care of the Morph-X spill, but Nate reveals that he couldn’t find Evox in the Cyber Dimension like before, meaning he relocated to a different spot. Regardless, Shaw knows that they must be prepared for another attack, and goes out to speak with Mayor Daniels. The Rangers apologize to Steel for doubting him, admitting that they were so used to the peace that a part of them didn’t want to believe it. Steel forgives hem, just if they help him find the Lochness Monster in Coral Harbor. The Rangers agree to a boat trip and play along with Steel this time.



Why is Steel using the Beast-X Morpher?

  • It seems Steel was using a Beast-X Morpher, instead of his Striker Morpher during his solo morph.
  • Nate changes the Wrecker Zord into Battle Mode by apparently just slamming his hand into the steering wheel. All formations require the pressing of a keypad to form.
  • Nate is surprised that he had pulled up Drilldrone 2.0 but previously said "I'm still hooked onto the Gigadrone" when the Gigatronics had gotten past Ravi.
  • Although Mayor Daniels appears in the episode, Kevin Copeland is not credited for his appearance.


  • This episode marked:
  • The title is taken from the popular American franchise Ripley's Believe It or Not!
  • Betty seems to have lost her elasticity from the previous episode. However, her ability to punch Ben off the punching bag and across the room may imply she still has some sort of special ability.
  • This episode is similar to the Mystic Force episode "Stranger Within." Both have Rangers trying to tell their teammates something that they initially refuse to believe (Chip that Vida has become a vampire and Steel that Evox and Scrozzle survived).
  • As of this episode, the opening titles dropped the "Saban's" portion of the show's logo.

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