"Name your business, young knight. Or perish where ye stand."

Beldorf In Video Game Form

Beldorf is a wizard in the computer game "Wizard Wood."


Ethan James had been trying to crack the code from Beldorf with no success. Because of Demagnetron, Ethan was sucked into the game and came face to face with Beldorf. Beldorf was immediately suspicious of Ethan, especially when he called him a dude. Beldorf tried to figure out where Ethan had came from and came to the conclusion that he had come to take the code from him. Beldorf challenged Ethan to a battle, and then changed his mind. Beldorf returned to his own home and refused to speak with Ethan. Ethan pleaded with Beldorf that he simply wanted to know how to get home, but Beldorf simply pointed to his "No Gamers Allowed" sign. Beldorf watched from his window as Ethan was attacked by Triptoids, but again did nothing to help. Beldorf was transported to reality and taken to Dino Ruins. Beldorf did not much care for Dr. Oliver's Tolecture to Ethan. Beldorf retain his magic powers in reality and removed Tommy Oliver's mouth. Only after Ethan's prompting, did he return Dr. Oliver's mouth. Later, Beldorf would be returned to the game Wizard Wood.Game On


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