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"As the Queen of my hive, I must look my best for my subjects."
―Bezzara's first words.[src]

"You Rangers will never destroy me! I am the queen bee!"
―Beezara after being enlarged.[src]

"The insects will conquer the world!"
―Beezara's final words before her destruction.[src]

Beezara is an Amazonian insect who is an elite on her own right and the fifth Insectoid to challenge the Mega Rangers. Beezara is wasp-themed, despite her name being bee-themed. Like Scaraba, she possesses a title of her own amongst the Insectoids: Royal Queen Warrior.


Beezara was summoned by Malkor to join Warstar. She is a member of royalty, much like Vrak. Much like the Amazons of Greek mythology, she comes to Earth to make the male population her servants and make the female population clash with each other. She does this by using a special royal jelly venom she creates from her hand and tendrils. She succeeds in making Emma and Gia hate each other while making Troy, Noah, and Jake her servants against their will. After her spell was broken by the bond of friendship tying the female Rangers, Emma and Gia defeated her with their Ultimate Dino Blast Attack. She then becomes giant, thanks to the Zombats, only to be destroyed again by the Sky Gosei Great Megazord.Tvicon.png TV STORY-United We Stand


She bears respect to Malkor only and is very vile towards males and females alike. She is ruthless, but very cunning and acts very much like a Queen. Her belief in her skills takes her focus away, which allowed Emma and Gia to defeat her upon combining their strength.

Powers and Abilities


Beezara teleports

  • Jelly Bee Venom Spray: Beezara can fire blue colored jelly from her hands so that when it hits her enemies, it will make them completely numb and unable to move. The human will be put under a spell depending on their gender. If they're human males, their body will fall under Beezara's spell to be her servants and what she says, they will do. If they're human females, they will fight each other. The spell will be removed if she is destroyed.
  • Teleportation: Beezara can teleport at will.
  • Mouth Energy Sludge Balls: Beezara can fire sludge balls made of blue energy from her mouth.
  • Strength: Being the ruler of an unidentified alien bee hive, Beezara is one of the more powerful Insectoid monsters.
  • Energy Kick: Beezara can charge up her legs with blue energy and kick her enemies at full force. It is powerful enough to knock back the Yellow and Pink Rangers at full speed towards the goal.
  • Energy Shield: Beezara can conjure a blue colored energy shield to trap her enemies in.


  • Arm Blade Proficiency: Beezara is a proficient fighter with her arm blades.


  • Bonds of Friendship: Beezara's spell on females can be broken if the friendship tying them is more powerful.


  • Claws: Beezara possesses clawed hands for combat.
  • Arm Blades: Beezara also has arm-mounted blades on both of her arms that aids her in combat.
    • Energy Whips: From her arm blades, she can unleash blue colored energy whips to strike her enemies or wrap them.
    • Whip Creation: Also from her arm blades, Beezara can launch regular whips to wrap her enemies with.
    • Vine Whips: Also from her arm blades, Beezara can fire green energy whips to the ground that will turn into vines to wrap around her enemies.
    • Venom Jelly Blast: Beezara can also fire sea blue colored venom jelly from her arm blades as well.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Beezara is the first monster of Power Rangers Megaforce to be a female, and the only monster of the Warstar Aliens to be a female.
  • Beezara is the first monster to battle against the Sky Gosei Great Megazord.
  • Beezara (feet).png
    Beezara is shown to have removable boots.
  • When Beezara is introduced, Creepox displays a small rivalry with her. This may be the fact their Sentai counterparts are named after the Alien and Predator movies respectively and both species have clashed in the Alien vs Predator movies.
  • In Megaforce, her breast color was changed to blue, while in its Sentai counterpart, Tensou Sentai Goseiger, they were red. It's due to the fact that her breasts originally looked like bare breasts in Goseiger which would have been considered very inappropriate to American children programs.


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