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"There's a new Queen Beevil in town, and she's going to take you down!"
―Beevil to the both the Storm and Thunder Rangers.[src]

"Who's the queen bee now?"
―After being grown by The Scroll of Enpowerment.[src]

"No Fair!"
―Beevil's final words before her death.[src]

Beevil was a bee/helicopter-themed monster who is an old friend of Marah's, and the titular primary antagonist of the episode "All About Beevil".


When Marah accidentally blows up Lothor's Lairship, she tries to make it up by bringing an old friend of hers to the ship, a bee/helicopter-like creature named Beevil. Lothor was not too impressed with her until she told him all of the evil deeds she was wanted for. After creating the new Kelzak Furies, everyone, including Lothor were highly impressed with her powers. The evil ninja master then decided to replace Marah with Beevil (with Marah being much heartbroken). Beevil first enters a Power Plant and gets attacked by the Thunder Rangers, but manges to a complete beatdown on them with her sheer power.

She was about to finish them off until the Green Ranger came in, but she blasted him too. The Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers came to help but she quickly retreated. She then faces all five of the Ninja Storm Rangers (Dustin staying at Ninja Ops to prepare a device that Marah gave that could defeat Beevil). She summons an army of Kelzak Furies to battle the Rangers. The Kelzak Furies were too much for the Rangers and were about to finish them off until Marah came in and blasted all of the Kelzak Furies. She decided to battle Beevil herself. Marah was a formidable fighter but Beevil had the upper hand and was about to make the final strike until Dustin came in and gave Marah the device to take down Beevil. However, it was actually an energy boost for Beevil to help her take down the Rangers (Marah was never replaced by Beevil and had been working with Lothor this whole time). An enraged Dustin morphed into the Yellow Ranger and did battle with Beevil while the other Rangers battled the Kalzak Furies. They were all outmatched, but luckily Cam has created the Ninja Swords Gold Mode and with this new upgrade, the Ninja Storm Rangers were able to take out the Kalzak Furies. The Yellow Ranger and Beevil had a showdown and Beevil had the upper hand until the Yellow Ranger used his Ninja Sword Gold Mode's Dirt Blade to destroy her. Marah enlarged Beevil with the Scroll of Empowerment. Dustin (who was still enraged by all of the trust he had with Marah and had became good friends with, only to be lied at because of Beevil) summons and controls the Storm Megazord himself and uses the new Power Sphere #14: The Star Blazer, to destroy Beevil. Tvicon.png TV STORY-All About Beevil

In the two part finale of the series, Storm Before the Calm, Beevil was brought back to life from the Abyss of Evil, like the other fallen monsters. However, she was eventually sent back there.


Beevil is an arrogant and highly sinister alien monster that likes getting what she wants, but she is shown to be good friends with Marah and is highly loyal to Lothor.

Powers and Abilities


  • Upgrade Powder Breath: From her mouth, she can breathe out red powder that when it comes into contact with a being, will turn them red and increase their strength and durability, as shown when she upgraded the Kelzaks into Kelzak Furies.
  • Lightning Beams: Beevil can fire red lightning beams from her hand.
  • Lightning Breath: Beevill can also fire pink lightning beams from her mouth.
  • Energy Balls: Beevil can also fire yellow energy balls from her hand.


  • Strength: Despite her appearance, Beevil is surprisingly strong, powerful enough to break free out of the Navy Ranger's Navy Antler.
    • Super Strength: Due to receiving Marah's energy booster, Beevil gained far greater strength than before.
  • Durability: Beevil has thick skin that is strong enough to be unaffected by the Navy Ranger's Navy Antler.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant: In addition to her extraordinary raw strength, Beevil is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, being able to effortlessly take on her opponents.
  • Kelzak Furie Summoning: Beevil can summon an army of Kelzak Furies to aid her in battle.
  • Flight: Being a bee-type monster, Beevil can fly at high speed.


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  • Bee Blade: Beevil is armed with a double-bladed staff that aids her in combat.
  • Energy Booster: Given to her by Marah, Beevil can use an energy boosting device which can be placed on her forehead to increase her strength.
    • Lightning Blast: The energy boosting device can also fire purple lightning blasts.

Behind the Scenes



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  • Lothor continued to use the Kelzak Furies, even after Beevil is destroyed, suggesting a hint that Lothor had gained the ability himself.
  • Beevil is the first monster in Ninja Storm to not be from Lothor's army, but rather just a monster who is a friend of Marah's.
  • Beevil is the first monster to be fought by the Star Blazer.
  • Beevil is the third and (excluding the minor unnamed female monster that only appears in the final part of the two-part series finale episode "Storm Before the Calm"), final monster in Lothor's army to be a female, the first being Florabundacus and the second being Fragra.
  • In the penultimate episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm "Down and Dirty", Marah uses a Zord that looks very similar to Beevil, but it's a different suit that was colored pink.
  • In the episode "Wishing for a Hero", the first part of the two-part season finale of Power Rangers Dino Charge and also in the pilot episode of Power Rangers Dino Super Charge "When Evil Stirs", Beevil's head and chest armor were later combined with Broodwing's bat-winged cape and a generic body to make an unnamed prisoner on Sledge's Ship.
  • Beevil can be seen as a member of the audience of Galaxy Warriors in Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
  • Beevil's head has a slightly similar appearance to the Red Striker A.V.Icon-crosswiki.png from Big Bad BeetleborgsIcon-crosswiki.png.


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