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"As you wish, Lady Shiborena."
―Bee Nezire's first words
"Bee Nezire!"
―Bee Nezire's first words being enlarged

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Character History

A stealth Nezire Beast Shibolena sends into space to cause lightning to strike down on every major city in the world. This Nezire Beast could also shoot beams from his eyes and launch a barrage of Space Bees from his "hive blade" on his hand. As Mega Red and the others investigate the Van Allen belt, Kouchirou and Chisato uncover Shibolena's plan to use the mind-controlled staff at the Space Observation Center and other space centers to create an Attack Dispersion Net which HachiNezire would use to take out every city at one time. He is then blasted back to Earth with the Final Shoot and defeated with the Digital Combination. After being bitten by Bibidebi, HachiNezire battles Galaxy Mega and is destroyed by the Booster Rifle.


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Modus and Arsenal

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  • Bee Nezire was voiced by Takuma Suzuki; this is his only role in Sentai


Behind the Scenes

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