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Bee Evo (ハチシンカ Hachishinka, 25) is the bee-theme Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

Bee Evo was used in a plot by Prince Megiddo to create people who become minions of the monster after being stung while laughing out of control to their deaths; ultimately using said stinger to create more minions exponentially. Dan happens upon this plot when a boy's father becomes stung and has to be hospitalized due to his uncontrollable laughter fit, forcing DynaRed to take action. Bee Evo moved forwards by creating an even stronger poison that would make one instantly die of laughter when stung and prepared to have this stinger attack the son after he becomes captured by them; but Dan ends up saving his life preventing him from being struck down. Bee Evo ultimately becomes struck by the DynaRods before being weakened with Super Dynamite, then dealt with by DynaRobo after undergoing Big Bang Progress.


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Modus and Arsenal

Bee Evo's strongest ability is its "Bee Poison Sting" from the right arm stinger, which it uses to make people laugh out of control while making a stinger grow on their heads; this stinger likewise has the same ability as Bee Evo and can be used to make more laughing minions. It can also fly, emit explosive flashes from the eyes, spew needles from the mouth armed with acid, an explosive boomerang, change its size, teleport, and fire electric bolts from its eyes.


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Concept art


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Behind the Scenes

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