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Beauty Zonnette (美女ゾンネット Bijo Zonnetto) is a member of the Bowzock gang. She often uses her feminine wiles and manipulative skills, and Gynamo's crush on her, for her own selfish pleasures. Zonnette drives a pink convertible called the Zonnecar.


Zonnette instigated the events of the Carranger series by choosing Earth as the next planet to be destroyed by the Bowzock, wishing to see it explode like "a firework in space". This was shortly after the destruction of Planet Hazard, which had also been destroyed by the Bowzock. It was Zonnette's decision that ultimately lead a Hazardian survivor, Dapp, to find the five who would become the Carranger after sneaking onto their spacecraft.

She fell madly in love with Red Racer at first sight after seeing him in action on a mission to Earth, but she thought of Kyosuke (Red Racer's true form and identity) as an "ordinary, monkey-faced civilian", mostly due to how she believed that the Carrangers to whom they transformed were their actual forms. Weirdly, though, she did find some interest in other men without a mask, in particular Goro Hoshino (OhRed of the Ohranger). While at first hesitant around her, Kyosuke eventually begins to pine for Zonnette, and does whatever it takes to win her heart as himself instead of as Red Racer. He even faces down a Gorotsuki in civilian form, and defeats it with just a sword without even transforming, to prove he is more than a "monkey man" to her.

Though mostly on the side of the Bowzock, she is rather distrusting and forced against her will to work alongside those associated or brought in by Gynamo. Though she never really was on the side of Instructor Ritchihiker, she was forced out by him alongside Gynamo after he takes over the Bowzock (possibly for rejecting his courtship) and only returns after the Carrangers kill him. Later, she feels similar misgivings towards their "associate", Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus, to the point that she manipulates his Sky Gigune (which attacks the Carrangers by itself), just to deliver them a warning about him "aiming for their power". (not revealing he was after Hazardian Dapp)

Her true identity is that of Vanity Mirror Fanbelt (バニティーミラー・ファンベルト, Banitī Mirā Fanberuto), the elder of the princesses of Planet Fanbelt and big sister to Radietta. After finding out from Radietta that Exhaus is targeting Fanbelt as well for the Universal Highway Project, she decides to give up her Zonnette identity to return home and protect her planet from possible destruction. She does return to Earth ultimately after Gynamo and the other Bowzock are tossed aside by Exhaus, convincing them to ally with the Carrangers to take down the true menace. It is her assistance that finally allows Gynamo to do what he needs to take down the space tyrant, including letting the Carrangers use the Baribarian to strike Exhaus down to Earth, and ultimately use bad imo-youkan to shrink him to a manageable size.

By the end, she has returned to her home planet, still being informed of alien suitors from other planets who want to marry her. However, she turns them all down, since she still has Kyosuke in her heart.


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Concept art by Akira Nozaki

Powers and Abilities


Magic: As a princess from Fanbelt, she's able to use magic like her sister Radietta.


With her natural beauty, Zonnette is easily able to swoon any Bowzock especially Gynamo for her own selfish pleasure.

Costume Changes

Zonnette can change between her "Zonnette Outfit" and "Vanity Mirror Outfit" by invoking the names of three types of pasta (ravioli, kishimen, linguini).


Kyosuke/Red Racer: Despite being a Bowzock, Zonnette fell madly in love with Red Racer. Even afterbroke getting her hear broken, Zonnette was still in love with him, which lead to her helping the Carrangers on a couple occasions. She usually finds it hard to watch Kyosuke getting hurt and was even telling him to finish her off when EE Musubinofu used his helping hand technique to make her fight him.


Behind the Scenes


Zonnette is portrayed by former JAV Idol Rika Nanase (七瀬 理香 Nanase Rika).


Zonnette's costume was designed by Akira Nozaki.


Her name is derived from "bonnet".


  • Throughout the series, Zonnette fought the Carrangers twice, neither times on her own will.


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