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Prisoner #1257, Beautician Domiiro (エステティシャン・ドミーロ Esutetishan Domīro, 27, 38): A beautician who'd do anything for money, whether it was legal or not. He was released to help Lila in her leisure at a resort for 10 million. By poisoning the sea, he gathered red poisoned seaweed for a seaweed wrap facial, hoping that Lila would pay 3 times what she promised. Taking his pollution deeds personally, Sion attacked Domiiro until the others arrived to pursue him as the Tak Robota restored the sea. Though defeated by TimeGreen, he enlarged, only to be brought in by Shadow Alpha.

Domiiro is one of multiple Londerz Prisoners dreamed by Sion to have been revived to make Activist of Spirit Glokun's movie depicting the end of the Timerangers.Case File 38: Good Night


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  • His name is a pun on Esthe de Milord, a chain of Aestethic salons in Japan.

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