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"I summon the Beast Knight God King Brachion!"

Beast Knight God King Brachion (獣騎神キングブラキオン Jū Kishin Kingu Burakion) is the only Guardian Beast without a master. Like Dragon Ceasar, King Brachion was originally part of Ultimate Daizyuzin but was separated into three separate aspects during their battle with Dai Satan 170 million years ago. When King Brachion is called upon, he comes from a fog shrouded marsh deep in the forest. He first appeared in episode 29 to test Geki and Burai if they were worthy of the Thunder Slingers under his guard. After that, he came to the Zyurangers' aid whenever Ultimate Daizyujin was needed.

When his two Tail Cannons are slid forward, King Brachion becomes Super Beast Tank King Tanker (超獣戦車キングタンカー Chō Jū Sensha Kingu Tankā), enabling him to provide support fire to the Zyurangers or serve as a chariot/mount for Daizyuzin to ride into battle. King Brachion can also shoot fireballs from his mouth. Later in the series, King Brachion is given the task of incubating the last two Dinosaur Eggs until they hatch, which made him a target by Witch Bandora in the finale. When combining with Zyutei Daizyuzin, his chest plate becomes a breastplate and his forelegs become gauntlets for Ultimate Daizyuzin while Dragon Caesar's chest and tail attach and become his respectively.

Kyūkyoku Gattai Ultimate Daizyuzin

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"Ultimate Combination! Ultimate Daizyuzin!"
―Transformation command.[src]

Ultimate Daizyuzin (究極大獣神 Kyūkyoku Daijūjin, Ultimate Great Beast God) is the collossal Ultimate Combination (究極合体 Kyūkyoku Gattai) of Zyutei Daizyuzin and King Brachion. Although it was the last to be introduced, it is the original form of Daizyuzin, and the mightiest of all Guardian Beast combinations.

Ultimate Daizyuzin's finishing move is Grand Banisher (グランバニッシャー Guran Banisshā), a massive barrage of firepower strong enough to defeat Dai-Satan in the finale.

Appearances: Zyuranger episodes 31, 34, 37, 42, 43, 48, 50, Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png



Daizyuzin riding King Brachion

  • In the series, neither King Tanker nor the Tail Cannons are referred to by name.
  • King Brachion has the same roar as House Jigen in Choujin Sentai Jetman.
  • This is the only Brachiosaurus-themed mecha who does not have a corresponding Ranger.
  • King Brachion is the first Brachiosaurus-themed mecha in Super Sentai.


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