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Beast King Rampage is the seventh episode of Beast Morphers Season 2 and the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Beast Morphers as a whole. It features the return of Megan since "Sound and Fury" and the debut of the Beast-X King Zord, the Beast-X King Morpher, the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and the Beast-X King Blaster.


The Beast Morphers Rangers are given access to a powerful new zord, but Master Evox has designs to steal it for himself.


Following on from the plot concerning Controllatron and his control over Nate, master Evox now has access to a powerful new Zord the Rangers are building. In the Crystal Dimension, Scrozzle has finished creating a virus laced dart to master Evox’s specifications. Master Evox is pleased by this as his plans have been successes so far, and with Nate’s help through Controllatron, they now have a special malware virus to complete them. Master Evox plans to use the dart to infect the Ranger’s newest weapon, and gives it to the Robo-Generals so they could infect said weapon. Afterwards, master Evox changes back into his Mayor Daniels disguise, laughing manically as he does so before teleporting back to Earth.

At Grid Battleforce, General Burke tells the Rangers, Ben and Betty, and Commander Shaw that he and Mayor Daniels have been working on a secret project, and today’s the day they all get to see it in action. While Daniels is running late, Burke decides to show them a sneak peak, only for him to accidentally show them a video of Ben and Betty training poorly, much to their embarrassment. Commander Shaw demands to know what the project is, and Burke reveals that it’s a brand new Zord, the Beast-X King Zord which was made from lion DNA. Burke wants an entire army of Beast-X King Zords to help protect the Morph-X Tower network, but Shaw is angry that he built a Zord without notifying Grid Battleforce or the Rangers. Burke defends his actions, claiming that the Ranger’s are already too busy fighting against master Evox at Coral Harbor, and promises that the Beast-X King Zord will not affect their work. Soon, Mayor Daniels arrives with the lead designer of the Zord, Megan. However, none of them are happy to see Megan since they still remembered how she blackmailed Zoey for the assistant lab job, but Daniels defends her, explaining that Megan’s design and plans made her the right person for the job. Megan admits that what she did to them was wrong, and says that all she wants to do is help them.

Regardless of the bad blood, Megan begins the demonstration by turning the cameras onto Pine Ridge Woods, the hiding spot of the Beast-X King Zord. She then activates the Zord with a Morph-X Key and the Beast-X King Morpher, making it run around the field. However, the Robo-Generals see the new Zord, and Robo-Roxy tosses the dart into it. The Zord gets infected, and Megan finds that she cannot control it anymore. As the Beast-X King Zord goes on a rampage, the Rangers realize that it’s infected with a virus, forcing Megan to sheepishly admit that she did not install a firewall onto the Zord when confronted by Nate. Commander Shaw orders Devon to stop the Zord, and while a distraught Megan cannot believe why this is happening, Evox-Daniels grins sinisterly as his plans are going well.

Devon races to the Beast-X King Zord’s location with the Racer Zord, before going into Cheetah Mode to face the Lion Mode. When that doesn’t work, Devon switches to Battle Mode and climbs onto the Beast-X King Zord to control it, only to get thrown off. Meanwhile, Nate finds out about the dart through surveillance footage, and tells off Megan for failing to install a firewall. Nate tells Ravi and Steel to go out into the field, asks Zoey for assistance in the lab, and continues to give Megan the cold shoulder as he will fix her mistake. Before leaving, Megan tries to give Zoey the Beast-X Morpher and Beast-X King Zord Key, but is brushed off.

As Devon continues to struggle, Nate tells Ravi and Steel to point a satellite at the Beast-X King Zord so they could reprogram the Zord. Megan once again offers her assistance to Nate and Zoey, even apologizing to the latter for blackmailing her due to her ambitious, and begs her to believe that she changed. She built the Beast-X King Zord to show them she has changed for the better, but Zoey ignores Megan, even when the latter warns her that Nate’s idea will not work. Ravi and Steel arrive at the battlefield and begin setting up the satellite dish. Once finished, Devon jumps onto the Beast-X King Zord again, this time restraining it. Steel points the satellite at the Zord and Nate uploads the new data onto it in the hopes of controlling it, but instead, the Beast-X King Zord transforms into its own Megazord Battle Mode. As the fight resumes between the two Megazords, Nate tries to think of another solution, but doesn't have any more ideas. That causes Zoey to realize that as much as they’re upset with Megan, they need her help as she designed the Zord. Nate reluctantly agrees and brings Megan into the lab, where she explains that their previous attempt activated the Zord’s automatic defense systems. The only way to possible reprogram the Zord now is to shoot something at it like Evox did with the dart. That causes Nate to realize that he’s been working on a brand-new weapon that might solve their problem, and shows Megan a prototype of an Ultra Bow. Megan offers to download the lion DNA into the Bow, and Nate begins building a new arrow to reprogram the Zord.

As the fight between the Racer Zord and the Beast-X King Zord continues, Devon reveals that he’s running out of Morph-X energy, just as Nate and Megan finish the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. As the Rangers leave to help Devon, Nate thanks Megan for her help. The Rangers drive back to the fields to help Devon, only for the Robo-Generals and a squad of Tronics to teleport in and stop them. As Nate goes off to take the shot, the others take on the Tronics and the Robo-Generals. Devon lands a high punch against the Beast-X King Zord, making the Zord freeze up long enough for Nate to shoot the arrow at it. It works as the Beast-X King Zord returns to Lion Mode, meaning it’s back in the Ranger’s control. While everybody is happy, Evox-Daniels just scowls in anger that his plan is ruined and leaves the room.

Commander Shaw tells Devon to take the Beast-X King Zord back to its hanger, with said Zord letting the Racer Zord ride on top if it. However, Robo-Roxy tells Robo-Blaze to deal with Devon, with the latter teleporting out as the former morphs. The other Rangers morph in response, and the fight resumes. Meanwhile, Robo-Blaze arrives in the rebuilt Blaze Megazord, concerning Cruise as the Racer Zord is very low on Morph-X due to the battle against the Beast-X King Zord. Fortunately, the Beast-X King Zord reveals a Vehicle Mode to help with getting the duo out of an explosion, and they fire back at Robo-Blaze. Though the last attack drained their remaining Morph-X levels, Devon decides to finish the fight inside the Beast-X King Zord, activating its Battle Mode. Devon uses the Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode to decimate Robo-Blaze’s Megazord, before destroying it and the Robo-General with a Beast-X Scepter Slash. Meanwhile, the Rangers knock down Robo-Roxy as Nate destroys her with a Beast-X King Ultra Bolt.

Back at Grid Battleforce, the Rangers get a hold of the virus dart as Megan gives them both the Beast-X King Zord and the Beast-X King Morpher, as both objects will help them summon the Beast-X King Zord. Burke apologizes to Grid Battleforce for not trusting them with the project, but everybody forgives him and Megan for their actions. Commander Shaw offers Megan another chance at Grid Battleforce, having been impress with her Zord, and the latter is happy about getting a second chance. Ben and Betty return with the video finally working right, and see the mess. They decide to dispose of the infected dart, but Ben accidentally hits Steel with it, causing his legs to separate from his upper torso, and run off by themselves. Everyone chases after Steel's legs.



  • Before the morph scene, Nate did not get the Beast-X King Ultra Bow and disappeared. While after the morph scene, it seems Nate is taking the Beast-X King Ultra Bow.


  • This is the first episode since Evox: Upgraded to not have a Robotron.
  • This is also the first appearance of Megan since Sound and Fury with her now being an independent inventor working on behalf of Mayor Daniels instead of an employee of Grid Battleforce.
  • This episode shows that Blaze's Megazord is the only Gigadrone to not be created from a Robotron and yet not be called an Unidentified Gigadrone.
  • This is the first episode where the main trio does not utilize Beast-X Mode since their debut in Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’.
  • The concept of a Zord being created by the villain only for it to end up in the possession of the Rangers was used before back in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 3) episode Changing of the Zords.
  • The Rangers' efforts to tame the Beast-X King Zord after it's infected by the dart may have been inspired by the story of Androcles and the lion, about a Roman slave who befriends a lion after removing a thorn from its paw.

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