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Beast Baron Cobolda (獣男爵 コボルダ Jūdanshaku Koboruda) is Grand Witch Grandiene's 3rd born.


Cobolt Bazooka

The Demon of Ground Calamity. He is the strongest of the Psyma siblings and his strategies always relied more in power than thought, giving him a complex when he compared himself with the dexterous warrior Dark King Zylpheeza or the cunning strategist Evil Spirit Princess Denus. Secretly coveting the rank of Dark King, he tried to take it over after Zylpheeza's death, but was overpowered by Dragon Dark King Salamandes.

He and his older brother Zylpheeza are close because they survived together when they were younger; ironically, near the finale he was deceived by his mother to fight the GoGoFive, when he was given the Cobolt Bazooka, and was killed by Zylpheeza who was being controlled by Grandiene.

Cobolda's Psyma Beasts




concept art

Cobolda's motif is the one of a Kobold, which is also the etymology of his name.


Kobolda is voiced by Kenji Nomura (野村健二, Nomura Kenji). His suit actor is Hirofumi Fukuzawa (福沢博文, Fukuzawa Hirofumi).

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