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"Beast-X Visor Linked! Activate Beast-X Mode!"
―Morphing call[src]
Beast-X Mode First Battle - Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 5

Beast-X Mode First Battle - Power Rangers Beast Morphers Season 2 Episode 5

The Beast-X Visor (also called the Beast-X Mode Visor by Nate) is what allows the three core Beast Morphers Rangers to transform into their Beast-X Modes. Once the Beast Morphers Rangers access their Beast-X Modes, they are armed with armor and a new helmet visor. The Beast Morphers Rangers can also execute their own finishing move.


After Digitron absorbed Cruise into him, the Rangers realized that he could do this to any technology including their Beast-X Sabers, Beast-X Cannons, and even Cheetah Claws so fighting him with them would be counter-productive. To protect themselves, their remaining Beast Bots, and have a way to defeat him, Nate invented the Beast-X Visors although they still needed work to finish. Although they were beaten by Digitron in a later confrontation, the Visors were quickly finished and Devon used his Visor and Morph-X Key to free Cruise from Digitron. They then activated Beast-X Mode fully, overpowered him with their enhanced abilities, and killed him with the Beast-X Cheetah Charge. Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

When Nate summoned some Tronics to aid him and Controlatron in battle, the Rangers summoned their Beast-X Visors and activated Beast-X Mode and destroyed the thugs although Nate and Controlatron managed to escape. Later on, after Devon destroyed Controlatron's puppet and freed Nate, he activated Beast-X Mode. Controlatron tried to kill him with energy slashes from his leg but they were deflected and he was slain by a Beast-X Cheetah Charge after Nate stunned the Robotron with a Striker Beast Blast from his Striker Morpher. The Blame Game

After an episode of absence, the Beast-X Mode was activated by Ravi to destroy Tiaratron who he laid to rest with a Gorilla Slam to her torso. Secret Struggle


The Ranger must be morphed and their Beast Bot must be present (or at the very least, its data must be in the Rangers' Morpher. First, the Ranger attaches their visor onto their Beast-X Morpher before they press both of the transformation buttons on their Morpher and visor at the same time. The Ranger would then enter a pixelated dimension which materialises the armor and fuses onto them to complete the transformation.

Enhanced Abilities

Each of the Rangers Beast Powers are enhanced in their Beast-X Mode forms.

  • Devon- Teleportation: Devon's super speed is enhanced to allow teleportation which lets him dodge being bisected by a Tronic.
    • Super Strength-Devon also has amazing strength in Beast-X Mode, being able to rip Cruise out of Digitron just by touching where his stomach would be and deflecting Controlatron's energy slashes by just swinging his arms.
  • Ravi- Inorganic Duplication: Ravi's super strength is enhanced to allow him to pull material from the earth, most notably a massive boulder, and then throwing it with little effort. His strength was also incredibly improved, lugging around and swinging an iron girder like it was nothing.
  • Zoey- Gliding: Zoey's acrobatics are enhanced to allow her to glide and float quick enough to dodge Digitron's extending arms.

Finishing Moves

  • Devon- Beast-X Cheetah Charge: Devon's most powerful attack and finishing move where he projects a vortex of golden energy before him, surrounds himself with data schematics and charges into the vortex which changes him into a cheetah of pure red energy (similar to the Racer Zord Cheetah Mode) which would then plough through the Robotron with lethal force.
  • Ravi- Gorilla Slam (boulder bash): Ravi would kneel close to the ground and exert himself, quickly pulling a boulder out of seemingly nowhere before hurling it at the enemy hard enough to knock them over. Alternatively, he generates a large .
    • Gorilla Slam (punch): An alternative version of this move involves charging up one of his arms to generate a massive energy gauntlet resembling one of Smash's forearms and then delivering a massive enrgised punch to the Robotron's torso, killing them immediately. He did this to Tiaratron and is something akin to a personal finisher.
  • Zoey- Jackrabbit Spin Strike: Zoey would leap/glide into the air and then begin spinning which would allow her to gain energy and momentum before landing a devastating kick in the Robotron.



  • The morph call "Activate Beast-X Mode!" is heard in the toy version of the Beast-X King Morpher.


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