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"It’s Morphin Time! Activate Beast Power! Ha! Unleash the Beast!"
―Morphing call[src]

The Beast-X Morpher is a combination type Morpher used by the core trio of Grid Battleforce Rangers to give them the ability to transform. It utilizes the Morph-X key which allows the morpher to tap into energy directly from the Morphin Grid to activate a transformation. The Morpher is also capable of performing a Cable Strike to entangle enemies.


Morphing sequence

To summon the morpher, the Rangers tap their communicators, causing the Morphers to materialize onto their wrist. They then present their Morph-X Keys, which create a glowing green key-shaft while the Beast-X Morphers' screens light up in their respective colors. The Rangers shout "Activate Beast Power!" before inserting the key into the Morpher, causing the visor on the Morpher to unfold. The light from the Morphers then intensify, and tornadoes of energy, each in the Rangers' respective color, descend and swirl around the Rangers, creating images of their respective animal's heads roaring. The tornadoes dissipate to reveal their morphed forms, with their helmets missing the visors. The visors detach from the Morphers and begin orbiting the Rangers before transforming into the suit visors and finally flying onto the helmets, completing the transformation.


Power Rangers Official - Power Rangers Beast Morphers Morph Sequence





The Beast-X Morphers manifests from the Wristcoms on the Rangers' wrists with flashes of their owners' colors (red for Devon, blue for Ravi, and yellow for Zoey).


  • As with most morpher props, the Beast-X Morpher prop is actually the Japanese toy release. Thus, it is impossible to put a key in place of the trigger button. This is most apparent in the morph sequence, where the "nose" of the key instead hits the Morpher's trigger button while the actual key piece instead goes "into" the button.[1]
  • In the toy version of Beast-X Morpher, a morph can be initiated even without inserting a Morph-X Key. In such a case, the Morpher plays a melody entirely different from the morphing sounds for the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers.


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