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"Deploy Beast-X King Zord!"
―Summoning call.[src]

The Beast-X King Zord is a lion ATV-themed Zord in Power Rangers Beast Morphers and is the most powerful (individual) Zord that the Rangers have access to.


The Beast-X King Zord, in its vehicle mode, resembles a three-wheeler motorcycle with a spear head sticking out of the front. Its Beast Mode is a lion. All of its forms sport a dark blue coloration with gold accents. 

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 7-9, 13, 14, 16-18, 21, 22


The Beast-X King Zord was a project created by Evox as Mayor Daniels, and General Burke without the knowledge of Grid Battleforce. Officially it was to be mass produced to protect the Global Morph X Tower System while the Rangers dealt with the Cybervillains. In actuality, Evox wanted to control the new Zord to destroy the Rangers. Megan, a former employee of Grid Battleforce was made the lead engineer. Before the Beast-X King Zord made its official debut, Evox ordered the creation of Controlatron, who took control of Nate in order to get a malware program which would take control over it. Although he and Controladrone were destroyed, the scheme was successful since he was able to give it to Scrozzle before his death. Tvicon.pngThe Blame Game

During the demonstration of the Lion Mode, Blaze and Roxy took control over it with a malware infused dart. While Devon fended off the machine with the Racer Zord Cheetah Mode, Nate began looking for a solution. The Zord proved too much for even the Racer Zord in Battle Mode, proving way too powerful for it because Nate refused to even listen to Megan, still angry over their last encounter. The Racer Zord eventually managed to hold the Beast-X King Zord in place long enough for Nate to upload an anti-virus into it but this instead changed it into its more powerful Battle Mode. The new "Megazord" easily overwhelmed the Racer Zord and Nate was helpless. However, Zoey convinced Nate to let Megan help. by uploading a new program into the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. The King Zord soon returned to normal by the program being shot into it by a Beast-X Ultra Bow Bolt which changed it back to its Lion Mode but Blaze showed up in his rebuilt Megazord, ready for a rematch. As the Racer Zord was low on power, Devon switched over to the King Zord and destroyed Blaze once again with the Zord's Battle Mode. As an apology, Megan gave the Rangers the Beast-X King Zord's activator and key. Tvicon.pngBeast King Rampage

When Devon was trapped inside of Boxertron and fighting Deltadrone and Gammadrone. Nate realised that they may be able to break through the seemingly indestructible dome by installing the Ultrazord program into the Beast-X King Zord. They retreated but quickly returned with their Zord fleet before they combined into the brand new Beast-X King Ultrazord. Mere moments before Gammadrone could finish off the Racer Zord, the Ultrazord stabbed its lance into the dome and forced both the Robotron, his Gigadrones, and the Racer Zord out. The Ultrazord used two extremely powerful attacks to destroy the Gigadrones and easily shrugged off Boxertron's signature jump kick. Nate gave Devon the opportunity to take out the Robotron which he did by clothes-lining the monster before the Ultrazord took him out. Tvicon.pngBoxed In (Beast Morphers)

Whilst the other Rangers battle Tiaratron, Devon in his Racer Zord went after Tiaradrone with added firepower provided by the Beast-X King Zord vehicle mode. The Gigadrone deployed a bunch of Drones but they were all destroyed. Devon then used the King Combo strike to quickly finish off the Gigadrone. Tvicon.pngSecret Struggle

A short while later, Commander Shaw decided to take all Morph-X out of the Morph-X Towers and return it to the Morphin Grid in light of Evox being Mayor Daniels. Realising that Morph-X Tower Five may be the last chance to get any Morph-X, since the attack by Blaze, Roxy, and Bulldozertron failed, Scrozzle sent down Bulldozerdrone. With Devon needing to take a call from Doctor K, and Nate needing to upload the Megazord program into the Beast-X King Zord, Steel took control of the Beast-X King Zord and they combined it with the Wheeler and Chopper Zords to form the Beast-X King Megazord which made short work of the Gigadrone. Tvicon.pngThe Evox Snare

After the Rangers warded off Blaze, although they were critically injured in the process, Devon summoned the Beast-X King Zord to aid the Dino Charge Megazord, Thundersaurus Megazord and original Megazord in the battle against the Chimera Zord. It combined with the Tri-Stego Ptera Formation to form the Dino Charge Megazord in its Beast-X King Formation. The new formation then combined its powers with the other Megazords to destroy the Chimera Zord once and for all. Tvicon.pngGrid Connection

Whilst the Jet Zord was fighting Clawdrone, Devon deployed in his Racer Zord mounted on the Beast-X King Zord in vehicle mode. The Gigadrone tried to obliterate it with an energy blast from its eye but the Zords were undamaged and a Proton Blast severely shook it up which allowed the Jet Zord and Wrecker Zord were able to destroy it with the Jet Zord Collider Crash. Tvicon.pngGolden Opportunity

After an episode's absence since the previous episode didn't have a Zord fight, the Beast-X King Zord was summoned to aid the Racer Zord in battle against Antennadrone 2.0. It initially transformed into vehicle mode which the Racer Zord rode atop before changing into Battle Mode and the two fought the Gigadrone. However, the Gigadrone was still too strong so they formed the Beast-X King Megazord which destroyed Antennadrone 2.0 with help from the Racer Zord and its Cheetah Hyper Strike. Tvicon.pngThe Silva Switch

After Roxy grew into a giant Gigadrone like form, the entire Zord fleet was deployed including the Beast-X King Zord. They formed the Beast-X King Ultrazord which was forced to activate its shields after taking a pounding from her. She flew into the air and fired energy projectiles at the formation but it absorbed the energy to create an energy tornado which knocked her from the sky before taking her out with the Beast-X King Ultra Strike. With the Robot Maker destroyed by her earlier power infusion, this was the end of Roxy once and for all. Tvicon.pngFossil Frenzy

Whilst the Striker and Beast-X Megazords were fighting Evox's personal Gigadrone, Omegadrone, they were all trapped in a hangar but thee Gigadrone was giving the Zords a pounding and most of thier systems were destroyed when it fired its cannons at point blank range. With their systems critical, they summoned the Beast-X King Zord which arrived in Battle Mode and they all managed to push it back into the wall. Devon wanted to destroy it with his Cheetah Beast Blaster but it overloaded and exploded before he could do so, completely destroying every single Zord at the Rangers' arsenal. Tvicon.pngCrunch Time

By the next day, the Zords (bar perhaps the Racer Zord) had been repaired and had to stop Venjix in his gigantic Gigadrone like form. The Beast-X King Ultrazord was utterly helpless against him, nearly getting torn apart twice, so Nate took the power out of the Wrecker and Jet Zords to give them complete access to the Zord's supply of Morph-X. They then switched to the Beast-X King Megazord and stabbed Venjix in the chest, using their human DNA charged Morph-X to break through into his core and kill him.

Following the destruction of Evox, the Beast-X King Zord and all the Rangers' surviving Zords are presumably still active and operational but on standby. Tvicon.pngEvox Unleashed


Vehicle Mode

The Beast-X King Zord has a Bike Mode that is more durable on land. The Beast-X King Zord's bike mode can also have its spear attached into its vehicle mode's mouth to resemble a dual blaster or it can be wielded by the Racer Zord in spear mode or dual blaster mode while piloted by the Red Ranger himself. Its primary attack is the Proton Blast, a powerful double orange blast from its blaster strong enough to destroy Tiaradrone's Tiara Probes and severely stun Clawdrone.

The finisher for this is the King Combo Strike where Devon summons his Cheetah Beast Blaster and the resulting energy makes the spear-gun fire a devastating red double energy blast from the blaster's barrels, instantly obliterating the Gigadrone on contact.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 7, 8, 14-16

Lion Mode

The Beast-X King Zord is able to transform into a lion mode for more land mobility. It has a variety of attacks at its disposal such as the ability to launch fire balls and charge up its claws with blue energy and perform a large energy slash. Arguably its most powerful attack in this form is where it spins its "mane" to charge it up with red energy and shoots a large stream of fire from its mouth. Like with the vehicle mode, it can also allow the Racer Zord to ride onto its back and use the spear in spear mode or dual blaster mode.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 7-9, 13, 16-18, 21, 22 

Battle Mode

"Beast-X King Zord, Battle Mode!"
―Transformation announcement.[src]

The Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode is an alternative form of the Beast-X King Zord. It is formed by typing 'KZB' on the keyboard. In this mode, it is able to use a double-ended lance and a shield during battle. The Beast-X King Zord Battle Mode's attacks include the Beast-X King Flame Strike (a stream of fire from its shield's mouth) and its finisher is called the Scepter Slash, which involves energizing its lance with blue lightning and delivering a devastating double slash into the Gigadrone.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 7, 16-18

Additional Formations

Beast-X King Megazord

"Beast-X King Megazord, combine!"
―Combination announcement.[src]

The Beast-X King Megazord is an alternative form of the Beast-X Megazord, but instead of using the Racer Zord it would use the Beast-X King Zord to become the main component of this Megazord formation with the Chopper Zord and Wheeler Zord latching onto it. It is formed by typing 'KMZ' into the keypad. In this mode, the Beast-X King Megazord can use the Beast-X Blade and the rotors from the Chopper Zord during battle.

Its finisher is the Beast-X King Hyper Beam where the Megazord charges up the lion head on its chest to fire a devastating blue energy beam from it capable of destroying Gigadrones in mere seconds.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 9, 16, 20 

Beast-X King Ultrazord

"Beast-X King Ultrazord, combine!"
―Combination announcement.[src]

The Beast-X King Ultrazord is an alternative form based off of the Beast-X Ultrazord, where the Chopper, Wheeler, Jet, and Wrecker Zords combine with the Beast-X King Zord instead of the Racer Zord and the most powerful Megazord at the Rangers' disposal.

It is formed by typing 'KUZ' into the keypad. In this mode, the Beast-X King Ultrazord can use the giant lance that was used by the Beast-X Ultrazord during battle.

The Beast-X King Ultrazord’s attacks include the Rapid Blast (a series of laser shots fired from the Ultrazord's blaster strong enough to destroy Deltadrone) and the Ultra Slash (where it energizes its arm blades with golden energy and performs a massive dual blade slash strong enough to take out Gammadrone). As seen when fighting Roxy, the Beast-X King Ultrazord can absorb energy into itself to unleash a devastating tornado of red energy strong enough to knock Roxy straight out of the sky.

Its finisher is the Beast-X King Ultra Strike, where the Ultrazord charges up its lance with green Morph-X energy and slashes at the target multiple times.

Appearances: BM S2 Episodes 17, 20, 21



  • The Beast-X Ultrazord is the only Megazord in Beast Morphers to destroy a Robotron (Boxertron) whereas the others only fought Gigadrones.
    • This was because Boxertron was a giant by default since he was created from an entire building instead of something small like a tire or a jet engine.
  • The Beast-X King Ultrazord's finisher is very reminiscent of the RPM Ultrazord's unnamed finishing attack since both involve summoning holograms of Megazords to strike the enemy before landing the final hit.
    • However, there are some major differences such as the Beast-X King Ultrazord only summoning versions of itself whereas the RPM Ultrazord summoned ones of it's components and the fact that the hologram attack was only used once by the RPM Ultrazord (the other two times that it was used, it simply rammed through the enemy).
  • The Beast-X King Zord's hiding place is very similar to the Rumble Tusk Zord since both Zords hide within a mountain in the countryside which must break in half to unleash the hidden Zord.
  • Unlike most Ultrazords from previous Power Ranger seasons, the Beast-X King Ultrazord doesn't have the Red Ranger's Zord as a part of the formation.
    • It is in fact the only Ultrazord to not have the Red Ranger's Zord as part of it.
  • The Beast-X King Zord is similar to the TigerZord from Power Rangers Samurai as both are feline-themed Zords that originally were controlled by a villain but later reverted back to normal by a Ranger using a new device (the Capture Disk from Samurai and the Beast-X King Ultra Bow from Beast Morphers).
  • This is also the first Zord to be created by a main villain in Power Rangers since the Venjix Virus with the Doomsday Machine, albeit Dr. K reprogrammed it to be a Zord for the Ranger Operators.
  • The Beast-X King Zord is the first Zord to serve as an alternative to the Red Ranger's main Zord that did not originate in the Sentai's summer movie (the Spino Zord), nor has an associated Ranger (the Dragonzord).


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