This article is about a/an morpher in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

"Deploy Beast-X King Zord!"
―Activation call

The Beast-X King Activator, is a morpher that summons the Beast-X King Zord and activates the Beast-X King Ultra Bow. It is a retool of the Beast-X Morpher.


The Beast-X King Activator was designed by Ex-Grid Battleforce employee Megan to summon the Beast-X King Zord, the Beast-X King Activator was given to the Rangers and Megan was given a second chance at Grid Battleforce.  


Power Rangers Beast Morphers Episode 7 Preview "Beast King Rampage" Official First Look



Toy version of the Beast-X King Morpher

  • The toy looks markedly different from the in-show prop, and is marketed as the Beast X King Morpher

Toy-Exclusive Action Figure of Beast-X King Red Ranger

  • This is the first Morpher to not be used to morph into a Ranger nor an alternate form for said Ranger.[1]


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