This article is about a/an fighting techniques in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

In Gekiranger, Juken is the general fighting style of much of the known characters, using the power of one's inner beast to fight. Juken was fractured into several styles after the GekiRin Rebellion, each with a different form of saying "technique":

  • Geki Waza (Fierce Technique): A Juken style used by the Gekirangers and other GekiJuken users
  • Ringi (Confronting Technique): A Juken style used by the Rinshi and other RinJuken users
  • Gengi (Mythic Technique): A Juken style used by the Phantom Beasts and other GenJuken users

There were other styles that are revelent to Juken, but is not exactly Juken.

  • Mechung Fu: a Juken-based robotic style used by the villains in the Gekiranger movie
  • Engine-Ken: a GekiJuken-based style, used by the core Go-Ongers during the Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger movie.

At the end of the series, the core Gekiranger mastered Ringi power as well, uniting GekiJuken and RinJuken back into Juken.

Geki Waza

Geki Waza are the various martial arts techniques that utilize Fierce Ki are known as "Geki Waza" [ゲキワザ (激技), Gekiwaza, Fierce Technique]. The Gekirangers use the various parts of their arsenal to channel the Fierce Ki into usable forms to perform Gekiwaza.

These Gekiwaza were described in promotional materials for the GekiChanger toy.

  • Fierce Ki Wave (激気振, Geki Shin): A standard Gekiwaza.
  • Fierce Ki Strike (激気打, Geki Da): A common Gekiwaza. Uses physical moves.
  • Fierce Ki Bullet (激気弾, Geki Dan): A common Gekiwaza. Uses special moves

Teamwork Geki Waza

  • Fierce-Fierce Cannon (激激砲, Geki Geki Hō): A team-based Geki Waza performed using the GekiBazooka. Initially, it required two minutes to charge, but they soon overcame this limit with intense training. It requires all three Gekirangers to wield, transferring their collective Fierce Ki into the GekiBazooka to fire. The first few times that the Gekirangers used it, Jan would yell "Pork cube stew!" (豚の角煮, Buta no Kaku Ni), which is the name of the dish that Natsume was preparing for him when he learned how to be patient, but this soon irritated Ran and Retsu, so he eventually stopped doing so. If there is insufficient Ki, the cat head will close back up automatically, as shown in a Beast Arts Academy demonstration.
    • Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon (スーパー激激砲, Sūpā Geki Geki Hō): This Geki Waza is identical to the Fierce Cannon, but with the Super Gekirangers wielding the GekiBazooka.
    • Special Fierce-Fierce Cannon (スペシャル激激砲, Supesharu Geki Geki Hō): This Geki Waza is identical to the Fierce Cannon, but with GekiViolet and GekiChopper replacing GekiRed and GekiYellow when GekiBazooka is in use.
  • Soul-Soul Bullet (魂魂弾, Kon Kon Dan): The three Gekirangers focus their Fierce Ki to cover their entire bodies to the point it enters a Fierce Ki Explosive State (激気爆発, Geki Bakuhatsu), charging at their opponents and exposing to them to their Ki at point-blank range.
  • Super Double Attack (スーパーダブル撃, Sūpā Daburu Geki): A Geki Waza which two of the Super Gekirangers attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
  • Super Triple Attack (スーパートリプル撃, Sūpā Toripuru Geki): A Geki Waza which all three Super Gekirangers attack simultaneously utilizing Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaws.
  • Three Plan Slash (三算斬 San San Zan): A three-way attack with two Super GekiClaws and the SaiBlade.
  • Super Brother Attack (スーパーブラザー撃 Sūpā Burazā Geki): Super GekiBlue and GekiViolet's attack.
  • Extreme Ki Adventure Guts Attack (過激気冒険根性撃 Kageki Bōken Konjō Geki): Super GekiYellow, BoukenYellow, and BoukenPink's attack.
  • Red Zone Tiger Attack (レッドゾーンタイガー撃 Reddo Zōn Taigā Geki): Super GekiRed and BoukenRed's attack.
  • Fierce Ki Union (激気合一 Geki Gōitsu): A combination of the Super Fierce-Fierce Cannon and the Stern-Stern Fist, combining the energies of the two Gekiwazas into a powerful attack. The Fierce Ki Union is later augmented by GekiChopper's Super Twist-Twist Bullet.
  • Five Combined Work (五合業 Go Gō Gō): A Gekiwaza which five Gekirangers rush to an opponent while making GekiYellow into a head and spouting each Ki.
  • Beast-Beast Full-Body Change (獣獣全身変 Jū Jū Zenshin Hen): A forbidden Gekiwaza that transforms a user of the Fierce Beast-Fist into an anthropomorphic animal form relating to his/her fighting style, becoming much stronger. This Gekiwaza was used long ago by the Fist Sages to defeat the Fist Demons, assuming their current forms as a result. Bae and Gou also used this move in their respective battles prior to the series. However, due to an imperfect aspect while performing the Gekiwaza, the two each ended up in a flawed form, though only Gou has been able to regain his original human form.
  • Fierce Ki Infusion (激気注入 Geki Chūnyū): The user of this Gekiwaza can temporarily transfer his or her Fierce Ki into a teammate so he/she can perform a much more powerful Gekiwaza. As a Super Gekiranger, this can be utilized as Extreme Ki Infusion (過激気注入 Kageki Chūnyū).
  • Sage-Sage Bind (聖聖縛 Sei Sei Baku): All seven Fist Sages tie up their opponent with cloth made of pure Fierce Ki, trapping them in place.
  • Fierce-Confrontation Engine Bullet (激臨炎神弾 Gekirin Enjin Dan): A user of Gekiwaza combines their energy with a user of Ringi and one of Engine-Fist to deliver a powerful blow to a common enemy.

Tiger-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user.

  • Gun-Gun Bullet (砲砲弾 Hō Hō Dan): GekiRed's Gekiwaza that projects his Fierce Ki as GekiTiger to fiercely attack the opponent with its strength.
  • Dust Cloth Wringing (雑巾絞り Zōkin Shibori): "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Twisting Gyūya's horns like an actual dust cloth.
  • Tiger Dust Cloth Mopping (タイガー雑巾掛け Taigā Zōkin Gake): "Cleaning-Power" style attack. Using the opponent as an actual dust cloth.
  • Whirl-Whirl Fist (グルグル拳 Guru Guru Ken): "Bathhouse" style attack. Uses a koinobori to spin the opponent around. Jan invented this Gekiwaza himself.
  • Super Tiger Strike (スーパータイガー撃 Sūpā Taigā Geki): A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
  • Soul-Soul Palm (魂魂掌 Kon Kon Shō): After GekiYellow and GekiBlue transfer Fierce Ki through Fierce Ki Injection, GekiRed can throw a ball of Fierce Ki at the opponent.
  • Extreme Ki Hard Diamond (過激気研鑽 Kageki Kensan): After SaiDain's Beast Power Blooming, GekiRed is able to use the Super SaiBlade on his own to form a powerful blade, which he used to cut down Maku.
  • Super Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash (超鋭鋭過激気斬 Chō Ei Ei Kageki Zan): GekiRed shoots forward and delivers a powerful slash with the Super SaiBlade.

Cheetah-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Heart" of the user.

  • Blink-Blink Bullet (瞬瞬弾 Shun Shun Dan): GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that project her Fierce Ki as GekiCheetah to attack several opponents at high-speed.
  • Pierce-Pierce Strike (貫貫打 Kan Kan Da): Another Gekiwaza used by GekiYellow.
  • Strike-Strike Bullet (打打弾 Da Da Dan): GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that allows her to punch her opponent in rapid succession.
  • Long Baton Extend-Extend Strike (ロングバトン伸伸打 Rongu Baton Shin Shin Da): GekiYellow's Gekiwaza that uses the extensibility of the GekiTonfa Long Baton.
  • Mom-Mom Strike (母母打 Mō Mō Da): GekiYellow's Gekiwaza empowered by her mothering skills, landing several blows to the enemy's face. The attack results with the target's head exploding from the massive swelling caused by the attack.
  • Super Cheetah Strike (スーパーチーター撃 Sūpā Chītā Geki): A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
  • Fierce-Extreme Judge-Strike (激烈断打 Gekiran Danda): Secret Gekiwaza.

Jaguar-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Technique" of the user. Two variations of this style are Jaguar Drunken-Fist (ジャガー酔拳 Jagā Suiken) and Jaguar Sleeping-Fist (ジャガー眠り拳 Jagā Nemuriken), which are influenced by the Zui Quan fighting style.

  • Spin-Spin Bullet (転転弾 Ten Ten Dan): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that projects his Fierce Ki as GekiJaguar to somersault into opponents.
  • Dance-Dance Palm (舞舞掌 Mai Mai Shō): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes his GekiTonfa abilities.
  • Dance-Dance Strike (舞舞打 Mai Mai Da): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that utilizes the GekiTonfa.
  • Dance-Dance Jump (舞舞跳 Mai Mai Chō): GekiBlue's Gekiwaza that allowed him to fight on a vertical surface against Moriya using high speed and amazing techniques. The beauty of this technique moved even Mele's cold heart.
  • GekiTonfa Bloom-Bloom Bullet (ゲキトンファー華華弾 GekiTonfā Hana Hana Dan): GekiBlue's personal Gekiwaza that uses the GekiTonfa in a spinning motion, creating a flower-like pattern in the afterimage.
  • Super Jaguar Strike (スーパージャガー撃 Sūpā Jagā Geki): A Gekiwaza that utilizes Extreme Ki and the Super GekiClaw.
    • Super Jaguar Strike Special (スーパージャガー撃スペシャル Sūpā Jagā Geki Supesharu): Gekiwaza with which the Super Jaguar Attack developed.
  • Fantastic Extreme Ki Slash (ファンタスティック過激気斬 Fantasutikku Kageki Zan): While Jan leaves the team, GekiBlue uses the Super SaiBlade, performing his own Extreme Ki Hard Diamond attack.
  • Fierce-Extreme Judge-Palm (激烈断掌 Gekiretsu Danshō): Secret Gekiwaza.

Wolf-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza used by Gou are his personal Muay Thai techniques, titled his "Fukami-style" and powered by his Violet Fierce Ki.

  • Savage-Savage Elbow (蛮蛮肘 Ban Ban Chū): GekiViolet elbows the opponent's forehead.
    • Super Savage-Savage Elbow (超蛮蛮肘 Chō Ban Ban Chū): GekiViolet elbows the opponent's forehead from a jump.
  • Wolf-Wolf Kick (狼狼蹴 Rō Rō Shū): GekiViolet leaps into the air and kicks opponent upside their head.
  • Hard-Hard Attack (剛剛撃 Gō Gō Geki): GekiViolet summons a Muay Thai arena with the GongChanger which he uses to limit their movements as he jumps around attacking them from off the ropes.
  • Rigid-Rigid Fist (厳厳拳 Gon Gon Ken): GekiViolet channels Violet Fierce Ki through the GongChanger and either punches or shoots a blast of Violet Fierce Ki with power matching that of the GekiBazooka..[1]
  • Rise-Rise Fist (昇昇拳 Shō Shō Ken): GekiViolet channels Violet Fierce Ki through the GongChanger and uppercuts his opponent.
  • Wheel-Wheel Fist (輪輪拳 Rin Rin Ken): GekiViolet channels fierce Violet Fierce Ki through the GongChanger and uppercuts, creating a wheel of Violet Fierce Ki that smashes into the opponent.
  • Wolf-Wolf Bullet (狼狼弾 Rō Rō Dan): GekiWolf jumps at the enemy in a spinning attack, slashing with its bladed tail.

Rhinoceros-Fist Gekiwaza

An ancient Gekiwaza of Brusa Ee that Ken mastered with his Fierce Ki Hard Diamond technique.

  • Sharp-Sharp Blade (鋭鋭刀 Ei Ei Tō): Used with SaiBlade Cutter Mode, a powerful slash of the SaiBlade
    • Beast Origin Style Sharp-Sharp Blade (獣源流鋭鋭刀 Jūgenryū Ei Ei Tō): A stronger version of the attack.
    • Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash (鋭鋭過激気斬 Ei Ei Kageki Zan): Using the power of muni-muni (teamwork), Super GekiRed and GekiChopper combine the Super GekiClaw and SaiBlade into the Super SaiBlade. Super GekiRed then uses Extreme Ki Infusion on GekiChopper who is now able performs a powerful slash, creating the Extreme Ki Hard Diamond (過激気研鑽 Kageki Kensan) power.
    • Sharp-Sharp Extreme Ki Slash Christmas Special (鋭鋭過激気斬クリスマススペシャル Ei Ei Kageki Zan Kurisumasu Supesharu):
  • Twist-Twist Bullet (捻捻弾 Nen Nen Dan): GekiChopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a rapid barrage.
    • Super Twist-Twist Bullet (超捻捻弾 Chō Nen Nen Dan): GekiChopper fires a single powerful projectile from the SaiBlade Finger.
    • Twist-Twist Bullet: Inner-Unrest (捻捻弾・乱れ撃ち Nen Nen Dan: Midareuchi): GekiChopper uses the SaiBlade Finger mode to fire a multi-rapid barrage.
  • Many-Many Slash (千千斬 Sen Sen Zan): GekiChopper uses his Fierce Ki Hard Diamond with the SaiBlade Cutter to perform multiple slashes on an opponent.
  • Heaven and Earth Diaster Strike (天地転変打 Tenchi Tenben Da): The most powerful Gekiwaza, mastered by Brusa Ee, it's very power defies the laws of nature. Through Michelle Peng, Gou mastered the Gekiwaza with intent to use on Rio in vain.

Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza

  • Pierce-Pierce Palm (貫貫掌 Kan Kan Shō): Miki used this Fierce Beast Leopard-Fist Gekiwaza against the Rinshī in the first episode.

Elephant-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through meteor hammer techniques.

  • GekiHammer Bullet-Bullet Ball (ゲキハンマー弾弾丸 GekiHanmā Dan Dan Gan): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiHammer to hit the enemy hard from a long distance.
  • GekiHammer Meteor Bullet (ゲキハンマー流星弾 GekiHanmā Ryūsei Dan): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiHammer.

Bat-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through war fan techniques.

  • GekiFan Rise-Rise Bullet (ゲキファン昇昇弾 GekiFan Shō Shō Dan): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiFan.
  • GekiFan Rise-Rise Dance (ゲキファン昇昇舞 GekiFan Shō Shō Mai): Uses the Double GekiFan to perform a graceful movement in midair.
  • GekiFan Air-Air Slash (ゲキファン宙宙斬 GekiFan Chū Chū Zan): Charges the Double GekiFan with Fierce Ki in midair to slash the opponents.
  • Seal-Seal Sense (封封念 Fū Fū Nen): Used by Bat Li to deflect a possessed GekiShark.

Shark-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are performed through saber techniques.

  • GekiSaber Thin-Thin Slash (ゲキセイバー薄薄斬 GekiSeibā Haku Haku Zan): A Gekiwaza that uses the flimsy nature of the GekiSabers in their Twin Sword Mode to twist the opponent's head around.
  • GekiSaber Soar-Soar Slash (ゲキセイバー翔翔斬 GekiSeibā Shō Shō Zan): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiSabers in their Twin Sword Mode.
  • GekiSaber Current Blade (ゲキセイバー水流刃 GekiSeibā Suiryū Ha): A Gekiwaza that uses the GekiSabers in Twin Sword Combined Mode to cover the battlefield in water.
  • GekiSaber Wave-Wave Slash (ゲキセイバー波波斬 GekiSeibā Nami Nami Zan): A Gekiwaza that uses the Twin Sword Combined Mode and Fierce Ki to slash the opponent with the force of a tsunami. As Super GekiRed, this can be utilized as GekiSaber Super Wave-Wave Slash (ゲキセイバースーパー波波斬 GekiSeibā Sūpā Nami Nami Zan).

Gorilla-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Heart" of the user, mostly with punches and are mainly performed through GekiGorilla.

  • Gori-Gori Strike (ゴリゴリ打 Gori Gori Da): GekiGorilla uses his brute strength and rotates his arms around to strike the opponent with its fists.
  • Gori-Gori Wave (ゴリゴリ波 Gori Gori Ha): GekiGorilla pounds his chest and sends out shockwaves that form a pipe that GekiPenguin can ride on.
  • Sleep-Sleep Fist (眠眠拳 Min Min Ken): Gorie's Gekiwaza that allows him to put people to sleep with a finger-poke to the forehead, leaving the target in a hypnotic trance.

Penguin-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Technique" of the user and are mainly performed through emulating boardsports and through GekiPenguin.

  • Penguin Bullet (ペンギン弾 Pengin Dan): GekiPenguin uses her Jetboard to fly directly at the opponent, assisted by both the Gazelle Kick and Gorilla Wave Gekiwazas.

Gazelle-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza focus on the "Body" of the user and are mainly performed through GekiGazelle.

  • Hoof-Hoof Kick (蹄蹄脚 Tei Tei Kyaku): Bion Biao used this kick in his competition with Retsu. It uses lower body strength to send the opponent skyward with a kick.
  • Gazelle Kick (ガゼル脚 Gazeru Kyaku): GekiGazelle rears up and kicks GekiPenguin to allow for the Penguin Bullet Gekiwaza.

Fly-Fist Gekiwaza

These Gekiwaza are used by Bae and employ channeling Fierce Ki into his speaking and voice.

  • Speak-Speak Soul (言言霊 Koto Koto Dama): Bae uses his voice to force the target to perform a spiritual battle. Those who can also control Fierce Ki can see the projection of what the user sees.

GekiBeast Gekiwaza

  • Double-Double Clone Fist (倍倍分身拳 Bai Bai Bunshin Ken): This Gekiwaza allows its user, if he/she possess perfect Heart, Technique, and Body (心技体 Shin-Gi-Tai), to project his or her Fierce Ki in a gigantic form. In the Gekirangers' case, they use their collective attributes to evoke the Gekiwaza, used as another Gekiwaza Beast-Fist Gattai (獣拳合体 Jūken Gattai) to form GekiTohja.
  • Come-Come Beast (来来獣 Rai Rai Jū): Another team Gekiwaza that summons the Legendary GekiBeasts once GekiTohja is formed, depending on which Gekiranger is the center of Fierce Ki while performing the move. The Gekiwaza can be performed while in Super form to summon the Super GekiBeasts, as well by GekiViolet to summon GekiWolf and any other GekiBeast.
    • Great Brave-Brave Beasts (大豪豪獣 Dai Gō Gō Jū): A stronger version that allows the Super Gekirangers to summon all nine of their GekiBeasts at once.
  • Fierce-Fierce Beast Cannon (激激ビースト砲 Geki Geki Bīsuto Hō): The three Gekirangers' GekiBeasts, the Legendary GekiBeasts, and the Super GekiBeasts release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.
    • Fierce-Fierce All Beast Cannon (激激全ビースト砲 Geki Geki Zen Bīsuto Hō): All of the GekiBeasts, including SaiDain, release powerful blasts of energy from their mouths at the opponent.
  • Gokai Great Fierce-Fierce Beasts (ゴーカイ大激激拳, Gōkai Dai Geki Geki Jū): GokaiOh launches GekiTiger, GekiJaguar, GekiCheetah, GekiWolf, and SaiDain from its hatches to attack Cosmic Kenpō Master Pachacamac XIII.

GekiTohja Gekiwaza

  • Great Firm-Firm Fist (大頑頑拳 Dai Gan Gan Ken): GekiTohja's upper body spins 360 degrees delivering numerous consecutive hits to the enemy.
  • Great Firm-Firm Leg (大頑頑脚 Dai Gan Gan Kyaku): GekiTohja's lower body spins rapidly delivering a double corkscrew kick from above.
  • Great Spin-Spin Leg (大分分脚 Dai Bun Bun Kyaku): GekiTohja's lower body spins around rapidly while one leg is extended as if it was figure skating.
  • Beast-Fist Armament Triangle Attack (獣拳武装トライアングル攻撃 Jūken Busō Toraianguru Kōgeki): GekiTohja utilizes rapid changes among its Beast-Fist armaments and uses all three signature attacks in tandem.
  • Great Firm-Firm Ball (大頑頑丸 Dai Gan Gan Gan): GekiElephanTohja spins its upper body rapidly, striking the opponent with the EleHammer repeatedly. This Gekiwaza, according to Bae, is said to be powerful enough to smash the Moon.
  • Great Spin-Spin Fan (大分分扇 Dai Bun Bun Sen): GekiBatTohja spins its upper body rapidly, creating a whirlwind that immobilizes the oppoent before landing the death blow with two slashes from the war fan-like wings.
  • Fan-Fan Sever Slash (扇扇断斬 Sen Sen Dan Zan): GekiBatTohja slashes the opponent with its wing fans in mid-air.
  • Great Firm-Firm Slash (大頑頑斬 Dai Gan Gan Zan): GekiSharkTohja spins quickly while it glides towards the target, the spinning blades slashing through the enemy. Bae calls this a "Screw Attack" (スクリューアタック Sukuryū Atakku).
GekiTohja Wolf
  • Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚 Dai Rō Rō Kyaku): GekiTohja Wolf utilizes a kick attack, sending the boomerang blade on its foot at the enemy.
GekiBatTohja Wolf
  • Great Brother Legs (大兄弟脚 Dai Kyōdai Kyaku): A drill-spin kick attack with both legs.
  • Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash (激激臨臨斬 Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan): GekiRinTohja uses a spin-slash attack with the Fierce-Confrontation Sword (激臨剣 GekiRin Ken).
  • Lion's Roar (獅子吼 Shishi Kō): A blast of Confrontation Ki from RinLion's mouth.
  • Tongue Spear Sudden Pierce (槍舌突針 Sō Zetsu Dosshin): An attack using RinChameleon's tongue.
GekiRinTohja Wolf
  • Fierce Confrontation Wolf-Wolf Slash (激臨狼狼斬 Geki Rin Rō Rō Zan): GekiRinTohja Wolf uses a combination of Fierce-Fierce Confrontation-Confrontation Slash (激激臨臨斬 Geki Geki Rin Rin Zan) and Great Wolf-Wolf Leg (大狼狼脚 Dai Rō Rō Kyaku).
  • Break Big Firm-Firm Attack (砕大頑頑撃 Sai Dai Gan Gan Geki): SaiDaiGekiTohja's components create a whirlwind to send the enemy skywards. Then GekiJaguar, GekiCheetah and GekiWolf attack the enemy, and SaiDain finishes it with his horn.
  • Break Big Fierce Confrontation Slash (砕大激臨斬 Sai Dai Geki Rin Zan): SaiDain lifts up the enemy skywards with its horn. GekiCheetah, GekiJaguar, and GekiWolf follow afterwards and attack the enemy, and on the way down, GekiRinTohja executes its spin-slash attack with the Fierce-Confrontation Sword.

GekiFire Gekiwaza

  • Firm-Firm Knuckle Dropping (頑頑ナックル落とし Gan Gan Nakkuru Otoshi): GekiFire rotates its arms vertically, slamming the opponent with its fists.
  • Slash-Slash Saber Cutting (斬斬セイバー斬り Zan Zan Seibā Giri): GekiSharkFire rotates its arms veritcally, slashing the opponent with the GekiShark armaments.
  • Bullet-Bullet Hammer Leveling (弾弾ハンマー崩し Dan Dan Hanmā Kuzushi): GekiElephantFire spins the EleHammer in front of itself to gather momentum, and then strikes the opponent with the meteor hammer.
  • Spin-Spin Fan Fist (分分ファン拳 Bun Bun Fan Kobushi): GekiBatFire flies at the opponent, and punches repeatedly in midair.
  • Fire Break Big Assault (ファイヤー砕大突撃 Faiyā Sai Dai Totsugeki): GekiWolf, GekiPenguin, and GekiGazelle ram themselves at the opponents before the SaiDain lifts the opponent up with its horn for GekiGorilla to slam the opponent with its hammer-punches.

SaiDaiOh Gekiwaza

  • Break Big Burst Connect (砕大爆連 Sai Dai Bakuren): SaiDaiOh sticks his sword in the ground, leaving a trail of explosions.
  • Big Ice Floe Mountain (大氷塊山 Dai Hyōkai Zan): SaiDaiOh spins his sword very fast, creating a freezing storm.
  • Great-Great Break Big Slash (大大砕大斬 Dai Dai Sai Dai Giri): The Break Big Sword's blade extends at the enemy, creating a "Great" ( Dai) mark on the opponent.


Ringi (リンギ(臨技) Ringi, Confrontation Techniques) are the Rin Jūken Akugata's counterpart to Geki waza, the techniques of Geki Jūken Beast Arts, with various fighting styles to match. There are two Ringi that every Rinrinshī and Beast-Man has at their disposal.

Common Ringi

  • Beast-Man Wicked Body Change (獣人邪身変 Jūjin Jashin Hen): Transforms a user of the Rin Jūken into his/her Beast-Man (獣人 Jūjin) form. This Ringi is temporary power-up in the case of the Rinrinshī.
  • Wicked Body Overpowering Heavenly Change (邪身豪天変 Jashin Gōten Hen): Makes Beast-Man grow to great size.
  • Rinki Torrent Overpowering Heavenly Change (臨気奔流豪天変 Rinki Honryū Gōten Hen): The Kenma can use this Ringi to recreate the Rinki Soldiers and turn them into giant warriors.
  • Dōkokugan (慟哭丸 Wailing Ball): The Three Kenmas' Secret Ringi, sealing the target into a ball of rock and lasting only as long as the users live. The Kenma use the Ringi to seal away the Kensei. The Gekirangers, infused with the Kenmas' Rinki, perform the Ringi for its' original purpose: to seal Long away.
  • Confrontation Release (臨開放 Rinkaihō): Exposes user's Rinki in its entirety.

Lion-Fist Ringi

These Ringi are performed by Rio:

  • Rinki Triumphant Armor (臨気凱装 Rinki Gaisō): Rio's transformation Ringi that allows him to assume Black Lion form.
  • Brave-Roar Wave (剛勇吼波 Gōyū Kōha): Rio generates his Rinki in the form of RinLion that runs at the opponent, mauling them.
  • Brave Strike (剛勇衝打 Gōyū Shōda): Similar to the Brave Roaring Waves, Rio charges at a person with an aura of Rinki around him as he slugs his fist though the opponent's body.
  • Violent Kick Fist (烈蹴拳 Resshūken): A Physical attack that does not require much Rinki, but is deadly.
  • Thunder Hard Bullet (雷剛弾 Raigō Dan): Rio produces an explosive orb of Rinki to fling at his opponent.
  • Lion's Roar Wave (獅子咆哮波 Shishi Hōkōha): A stronger version of the Brave-Roar Wave.
  • Brave-Roar Bullet (剛勇吼弾 Gōyū Kōdan): Similar to the Thunder Hard Bullet, but with enough power to rival the Super Geki Bazooka.
  • Full-Confront Initiation (全臨伝授 Zenrin Denju): A transference of Rinki. Rio uses this to infuse Jan, Ran, and Retsu with the remaining Rinki from Kata, Rageku, and Maku.
  • Great Charge Roar (大魁咆 Daikaihō): Rio's strongest attack, a last resort move where he expels all his Rinki at once, destroying his enemy while killing himself in the process.

Chameleon-Fist Ringi

These Ringi are performed by Mele:

  • Infinite Violent Waves (無限烈波 Mugen Reppa): A rarely-used move that uses acupuncture with the tongue to allows one, another or the user him/herself, to enhance one's fighting power at the cost of burning up ones own cells. Because of this, use of this Ringi is a rarely performed as it drastically shortens the target's lifespan, with death assured should the target overexert him or herself.
    • Super Infinite Violent Waves (超無限烈破 Chōmugen Reppa): A stronger version Rio used to increase his power with Mele's remaining Rinki, augmenting it.
  • Snaring Strike Fist (絡撃拳 Rakugekiken): Counterattack Ringi that fires a mass of energy from the fist. Mele is wielding her sai when she performed this on Braco.
  • Tongue-Slip Profusion (舌禍繚乱 Zekka Ryōran): Offensive Ringi that launches the tongue in a rapid-fast movement to impale an enemy.
  • Null-Extinguish Wave (無効消波 Mukō Shōha): Secret Ringi. Similar to the Tongue-Slip Profusion, but disrupts Ki-flow, rendering the opponent powerless.
  • Lovely Penetration (可憐突破 Karen Toppa): Secret Ringi. Once at the peak of her jump, Mele charges forward, spinning her body right through her opponent. Mele executed this Ringi with her sais in hand.

Hawk-Fist Ringi

These Ringi are performed by Kata:

  • Darkness Cannon (暗黒砲 Ankokuhō): A special Ringi allows the user to place the opponent inside his/her mind to the most horrific moment of that person's life, taking in the depair of it to overpower the person.
  • Hawk-Nail Total Change (鷹爪一変 Yōsō Ippen): A similar move to the Darkness Cannon that uses the person's own hatred against him, sometimes driving that person insane.
  • Black Cannon (漆黒砲 Shikkokuhō): A Ringi that allows the user to probe the target's mind for knowledge.
  • Hatred Bullet (憎悪弾 Zōo Dan): Fires beam from his Gale Sword.
  • Illusionary Death Prison (幻死牢 Genshirō): Genjutsu Secret Ringi that allows Kata to send his opponents to an illusionary dimension, using his image to force them to fight each other and hide himself.

Jelly-Fist Ringi

These Ringi are performed by Rageku:

  • Net Seal Seizing (羅封掌握 Rabū Shōaku): A Rinki-sealing poison that works by forcibly drawing Rinki from the user's body, transforming the Rinki into a reactive poison. Tends to be fatal if the victim has large amounts of Rinki.
  • Time-Split Slash (時裂斬 Jiretsuzan): This Ringi allows the user to show other persons events in the past.
  • Time-Split Wave (時裂波 Jireppa): Secret Ringi that sends the opponent back in past times.

Bear-Fist Ringi

These Ringi are performed by Maku:

  • Dorinki Supreme-Peak Thrust (怒臨気雄峰突 Dorinki Ohōtsuku): A claw attack with a shockwave after effect.
  • God Igniting (神着火 Kamuchakka): The Dorinki is shot out from the bear-face breast armor.
  • Confrontation Fury Cloud (臨怒雲 Rindoun): Secret Ringi that allows him to create a cloud of Dorinki to ride on.

Rinki Soldiers' Ringi

Though not referred by name, they are used by the Butoka and Wagataku pairs. They combine their signature attacks to perform the Rinki Joint Soldier Wave (臨気合兵波 Rinki Gōheiha) and Dorinki Joint Soldier Wave (怒臨気合兵波 Dorinki Gōheiha).

  • Butokas' Beetle-Fist Style: Rinki Horn Wave (臨気角波 Rinki Tsunoha) and a stronger version: Dorinki Horn Wave (怒臨気角波 Dorinki Tsunoha)
  • Wagatakus' Stag-Fist Style: Rinki Hoe Wave (臨気鍬波 Rinki Kuwaha) and a stronger version: Dorinki Hoe Wave (怒臨気鍬波 Dorinki Kuwaha)

Other Styles' Ringi

  • Makirika's Mantis-Fist Style: Hill Splitting Fist (丘断拳 Gakudanken) and Mantis Flashing Cut (マンティス閃光斬 Mantisu Senkōzan).
  • Gyūya's Buffalo-Fist Style: Buffalo Colliding Horns Tackle (バッファロー衝角打 Baffarō Shōkakuda) and Buffalo Wild Bovine Kick (バッファロー猛牛脚 Baffarō Mōgyū Kyaku).
  • Kademu's Centipede-Fist Style: Hundred Chops (百斬手 Hyakuzanshu), Thousand Billion Palms (億万掌 Okumanshō), and Harmful Toxin Fist (害毒拳 Gaidokuken).
    • Great Castle Whip (長城鞭 Chōjōben): Kademu's secret Ringi. It allows him to attack his opponent using his centipede-shaped head as a whip.
  • Moriya's Gecko-Fist Style: Delicate-Hair Legs (微毛脚 Bimō Kyaku) and Erratic Shuriken (乱れ手裏剣 Midare Shuriken).
    • Rapid-Growth Arm (速生腕 Sokuseiwan): Moriya's secret Ringi mimics the gecko's automic talent by shedding off his own arm to escape a hold and growing a new one while the discarded arm's surprise attack serves as a distraction.
  • Sorisa's Scorpion-Fist Style: Scorpion Dance (蠍舞踏 Sasori Butō), Vermilion Whip Kick (朱鞭脚 Shuben Kyaku), and its variations: Flying Vermilion Whip Kick (飛翔朱鞭脚 Hishō Shuben Kyaku), Crimson Lotus Vermilion Whip Kick (紅蓮朱鞭脚 Guren Shuben Kyaku), and Open Vermillion Whip Kick (朱鞭開脚 Shuben Kaikyaku).
    • Pile-up Prison Transformation (重獄変 Jūgoku Hen): Sorisa's secret Ringi covers her opponent with great numbers of scorpions that also sting simultaneously to poison and kill the enemy.
  • Maga's Toad-Fist Style: Mudball Bombs (泥玉弾 Deigyokudan) which allows the user to throw his warts as though they were grenades.
    • Oily Body-Armor (体油包 Taiyūpao): Maga's secret Ringi that allows him to produce a gelatinous liquid from his body that congeals into a powerful shield that is impervious to almost all attacks. It is eventually penetrated by the Geki Bazooka, resulting in Maga's demise.
  • Braco's Snake-Fist Style: Mysterious Snake Cut (妖蛇斬 Yōjazan) and Serpent Cannon (大蛇砲 Daijahō).
    • True Poison (真毒 Madoku): Braco is the Venom-Fist user that possessed the True Poison, the most powerful secret Ringi. It is referred to as the "Ultimate Poison" or the "Poison of the Dead." The True Poison allows its user to change his/her fingernails into serpent fangs that possess a venom so powerful and pure that as it can take the life of a living being, it can give life to those who are long dead, even Rinrinshīs. Rio sought the Ringi because of its power to give actual life. Braco possessed 6 fangs and he used the first on himself after being killed by Mere, then two on Kademu and Moriya. Mere managed to obtain the last three before killing Braco in order for Rio to revive the Three Kenma once he found the location of their bodies.
  • Muzankose's Pangolin-Fist Style: The Pangolin-Fist style involves curling up into a ball and trampling the enemy, as well as relying on his natural armor to resist attacks. The main Ringi is Attacking Steel Ball (征鋼丸 Seikōgan), and its variations: Attacking Steel Ball, Erratic Violence Technique (征鋼丸暴乱技 Seikōgan Bōrangi) and Ultimate Attacking Steel Ball (超絶征鋼丸 Chōzetsu Seikōgan).
  • Nagiu's Eel-Fist Style: Greasy-Stream Wave (粘流波 Nenryūha), and Greasy-Stream Bullet (粘流弾 Nenryūdan) allow Nagiu to secrete huge volumes of Rinki-charged slime, thus causing attacks to slide harmlessly off him, or even send his foes slipping away. Eel Climbing (鰻昇り Unagi Nobori) and Eel Strangulation (鰻締め Unagi Jime) allow Nagiu to strangle and constrict his opponent.
  • Flying-Ken (飛翔拳 Hishōken): Wicked Spinning Encounter (邪悪輪遇 Jaakuringū) and Destroying Red-Top Kick (破死兜丹頂脚 Hashibuto Tanchō Kyaku) were team attacks used by the Flying-Fists. In Wicked Spinning Encounter, Rasuka and Rūtsu hurl their dart-like feathers at the victims, while in Destroying Red-Top Kick, they perform a simultaneous high-flying kick at the victim, in the same spot.
    • Rasuka's Crow-Fist Style: Filth Storm (塵嵐 Gomi Arashi) where Rasuka grabs his victim, then flies high up before hurling the victim down to the ground (often into a pile of garbage).
    • Rūtsu's Crane-Fist style: Crest Kick (丹頂脚 Tanchō Kyaku) and Pulse Reversal (鼓動戻し Kodō Modoshi) which is a special Ringi that allows Rūtsu to extract the "Pulse" (鼓動 Kodō, effectively age and experience) from his victims, making them younger with no memories of their older experience and less capable of fighting back.
  • Dokariya's Hermit Crab-Fist Style: Spiral Shell Spin (巻貝転 Makigaiten) and its variation Spiraling Great Shell Spin (巻巻大貝転 Maki Maki Dai Kaiten), Rinki Bullet (臨気弾 Rinki Dan) and Base-Form Robbing Strike (本体取奪打ち Hontai Shudatsu Uchi), the latter of which allows Dokariya to possess another person with just a single kiss, entering the victim's body though the mouth and controlling his/her actions from within. Jan, however, is able to force him out.
  • Eruka's Toad-Fist Style: Mudball Bombs (泥玉弾 Deigyokudan) and Super Oily Body-Armor (超体油包 Chō Taiyūpao), both of which are identical to Maga's Ringi. Eruka's Super Oily Body-Armor is defeated by Geki ElephanTohja's Great Firm Ball.
    • Super Jump (超跳躍 Chō Chōyaku): Eruka's secret Ringi which allows him to leap several hundreds of meters into the air.
  • Tabū's Pig-Fist Style: Flame Breeze (火炎風 Kaenbū)(Fire breath), Darkness Scent Smell (暗黒香嗅 Ankoku Kakagu)(Allows him to track down anything with his chest/nose), and Sausage Stuffing Bomb (腸詰爆弾 Chōzume Bakudan).
  • Mārashiya's Porcupine-Fist Style: Whirlwind Needles (旋風針 Senpū Shin)(Quills Fire from forehead), Gorgeous-Sword Storm (豪華剣嵐 Gōkaken Ran), and Needle-Sword Mountain (針剣山 Hariken Zan), a form of acupuncture that can change a person's personality with normally no cure in sight.
  • Hihi's Baboon-Fist Style: Repeating Super-Bite (再咬超 Sai Kō Chō)
  • Pouōte's Archerfish-Fist Style: Water Stream Supremacy (水流覇 Suiryū Ha) and the stronger Dorinki Water Stream Supremacy (怒臨気水流覇 Dorinki Suiryū Ha) which fires a blast of Rinki-charged water from the nozzle gauntlets, much like the archerfish does to catch its prey.
  • Niwa's Crocodile-Fist Style: Ten Thousand Stones Descend (万降石 Bankōseki), Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り Desudō Ori), and Mudbank Torso Snapping: Authority (泥州胴折り・通 Desudō Ori Tsū).
  • Chouda's Ostrich-Fist Style: Brain Heaven Running (脳天駆 Nōtenku), Dark Dragon Wave: Heavenly Overflow (黒竜波・天空溢 Kokuryūha Tenkūitsu), and Reckless Driving Foot (暴走足 Bōsōsoku)
    • Absorbing Reception Force (受吸力 Jukyūryoku): A special Ringi that allows Chouda to have himself attacked on purpose and build a defense for it, making him stronger. The Ringi's effects can be passed on to future incarnations.
    • Shift Rinki (転臨気 Ten Rinki): A resurrection Ringi that allows Chouda to place all of his Rinki into an egg before he is destroyed. The egg later hatches into a new stronger version of Chouda.
  • Tsuneki's Fox-Fist Style: Advent Arrow-like Death (光臨矢乃如死 Kōrin Yano Gotoshi) and Nine-Tailed Clone Change (九尾分身変 Kyūbi Bunshin Hen)
    • Fox Dimension Big Bomb (狐空大爆弾 Kokū Dai Bakudan): A barrier that would explode and destroy the city once enough Rinki is gathered from within it. Furthermore, the being in barrier increases the user's power ninefold and only defeat of the user can negate the Ringi.
  • Mukoua's Anglerfish-Fist Style: Thousand Dangerous Lanterns (万禍灯 Hikuman Wattō) and Sudden Long Leap (突長跳 Totchō Chō)
  • Bākā's Hippopotamus-Fist Style: Crotch Location Reeling (股所繰 Koshoguri), Half-Bākā (半夏迦 Hanbākā), Dumb-Pound Penalty (鈍打刑 Dondake), and Head Nausal-Tart-Wave (頭鼻酢波 Zubizuba)
  • Meka's Tortoise-Fist Style: Turtle-Bite Fire (亀噛火 Kamekameka) and Shell Suffering Circle (甲羅苦円 Kōrakuen)

Mechkung Fu

  • Ant Lion-Fist Style
    • Sand Castle (砂楼閣, Sarōkaku)
  • Sea Anemone-Fist Style
    • Petal Missile (花弁ミサイル, Kaben Misairu)
    • Super Absorbing Ki (超吸気, Chō Kyūki)
  • Mechannon Style
    • Mechan Drop (銘観落とし, Mekan Otoshi)
    • Mechan Violent Wind Slash (銘観烈風斬, Mekan Reppū Zan)


Gengi (ゲンギ(幻技) Gengi, Mythical Techniques) are the Gen Jūken's counterparts to Ringi.

Common Gengi

  • Mystic Body Overpowering Heavenly Change (幻身豪天変 Genshin Gōten Hen): Enlargement Gengi.
  • Mystic Release (幻開放 Genkaihō): Exposes master's Gengi in its entirety.

Gryphon-Fist Gengi

These Gengi are performed by Rio:

  • Genki Triumphant Armor (幻気凱装 Genki Gaisō): Rio's transformation Gengi that allows him to assume Genjū King form, bypassing his Black Lion form.
  • Divine Smite Assault (破天攻 Hatenkō): A one-hit attack.(prounonced datengo)

Dragon-Fist Gengi

These Gengi are performed by Long, manifesting his Ki in non-violent ways (outside of his Gengi, Long also manifested his Ki naturally in lightning attacks):

  • Cursed Smoke Emission (呪煙吐 Juendo): Allows Long to create a golden cloud of Genki, using it to subjugate the target to his will. The Gengi was first used on Gou, forcing him to resume his werewolf form.
  • Turn Phantom-Storage (転臨幻納 Tenrin Gennō): A coordinator's move, converting the target's qi into Genki during the Blood-Oath Ceremony.
  • All Soul Concentration (全魂集結 Zenkon Shūketsu): Long used this Gengi to revive Dan's soul and give it form as Suugu.

Phoenix-Fist Gengi

These Gengi are performed by Mele:

  • Genki Filling (幻気充填 Genki Jūten): Mele uses it to transform into her Mythical General form, bypassing her Beastman form.
  • Flame General Fearful Desire (火将危願 Hishō Kigan): Mele's Gengi that projects her Genki as a phoenix to consume her opponents in its flames.

Basilisk-Fist Gengi

These Gengi are performed by Sanyo:

  • Big-Heavy Slowdown (大重鈍化 Daijūdonka): Opponents' gravity is increased to crush them.
  • Small-Light Violent Change (小軽鋭化 Shōkeieika): Opponents' gravity is reduced enough to be blown away.
  • Anti-Gravity Armor (反重力鎧 Han Jūryoku Gai): Uses gravity to deflect Ki-based attacks.
  • Graviton (蔵備頓 Gurabiton): Alters the surrounding gravity of the area to crush his opponents.

Chimera-Fist Gengi

Suugu's Gengi allows him to use both Geki Waza and Ringi:

  • Geki jū Tiger-Fist Style: Gun-Gun Bullet (砲砲弾 Hō Hō Dan)
  • Rinjū Scorpion-Fist Style: Crimson Lotus Vermilion Whip Kick (紅蓮朱鞭脚 Guren Shuben Kyaku)
  • Rinjū Toad-Fist Style: Oily Body-Armor (体油包 Taiyūpao)
  • Rinjū Crocodile-Fist Style: Mudbank Torso Snapping (泥州胴折り Desudō Ori)

Other Styles' Gengi

  • Gouyu's Ceto-Fist Style: Thunder-Boom Wave (拷雷震 Gōraishin)
  • Shiyuu's Minotaur-Fist Style: Turn Reversal (転身反 Tenshinhan) allows Shiyuu to use a person's reflection to create a clone of himself that can assume the form of his target. The reflection-clones' existence depend on the target remaining trapped in the mirror world.
  • Haku's Unicorn-Fist Style: Mythical Invitation-Wave (夢幻招来波 Mugen Shōraiha) allows Haku to take control of children with the horn on his shoulder armor, Great Sharp-Horn Spin (大鋭角断 Dai Eikakudan), and Mystic Force Strong-Excelling Wave (幻力豪豪波 Genriki Gōgōha)
  • Hiso's Pixie-Fist Style: True Sword Soaring Dance (真剣翔舞 Shinken Shōbu) and Thrust Sword Absorb (突剣呑 Tsukken Don)
  • Dorou's Capricorn-Fist Style: Instant Write-Call (即書呼 Sokukakiko, Used to make calculations), Training Horse Spin (練馬繰 Nerimakuri, Disarming attack), Training Horse Spin: Pain (練馬繰・痛 Nerimakuri Tsū), and Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰 Zenshin Nerimakuri, Combo)
  • Sojo's Addanc-Fist Style: Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (備離美利 Biribiri) (lightning attack), Implement Style Risk Halt (具流虞留 Guruguru, spin attack), Strikeless Descend Illusion (打無堕夢 Damudamu, Illision), Full-Body Training Horse Spin (全身練馬繰 Zenshin Nerimakuri, Combo), and Implement Style Risk Halt Ready Separate Beauty Advantage (具流虞留備離美利 Guruguru Biribiri, Lightning/spin attack).
  • Shuen's Hanuman-Fist Style: Wild-Hair Clone Change (毛猛分身変 Mōmō Bunshin Hen) allows the user to use strands of hair to create a limitless number of clones while Great Ape Game (大猿回 Daienkai) gives the user great speed to avoid attacks. By using a staff, Shuen can perform both Indian Spin (天軸転 Tenjikuten) and Explosive Flame Saiyūki (爆炎彩遊鬼 Bakuen Saiyūki).
  • Kou's Cerberus-Fist Style: Rapid Foolish Flow (迅愚流 Jinguru)


During the events of Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger, after losing their Engine Souls, the Go-ongers learn a new fighting style: Engine Fist (炎神拳, Enjinken).

  • Sosuke's Speedor-Fist Style: Geki Speedor Saber Straight (ゲキスピードルサーベルストレート Geki Supīdoru Sāberu Sutorēto) and Drrr-Drrr Bullet (ドルドル弾 Doru Doru Dan)
  • Renn's Bus-On-Fist Style: On-On Bullet (オンオン弾 On'on Dan)
  • Saki's Ryouma's Bear RV-Fist Style: V-V Bullet (ブイブイ弾 Bui Bui Dan)
  • Hanto's Birca-Fist Style: Bir-Bir Bullet (バルバル弾 Baru Baru Dan)
  • Gunpei's Gunpherd-Fist Style: Ganga Ganga Bullet (ガンガガンガ弾 Ganga Ganga Dan)


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