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Kuma Mozoo (クマモズー Kuma Mozū, 49) is a bear-theme Super Synthetic Beast of the Dark Science Empire Deathdark; it is the final Mozoo of Deathdark and the last of the trio empowered by a Hightron generator.

Character History

This is the final Mozoo to be created by Desdark, locating the newly-formed Future Science Lab and wreaking havoc, but Desgiller's will to defeat Goggle Five by himself bars his way and Goggle Five eventually defeated him. He is the first and only Mozoo to be not brought to life to pilot his Kong, Desgiller instead threatens Desmark to ride his Kong, and second not to drive one Hitode (16).


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He was equipped with a boomerang that could cause explosions upon contact, he had a cannon in his mouth, he could emit red energy rings from his torso to restrain enemies, and he could use superhuman strength.

Behind the Scenes

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  • Bear Mozoo is one of two Mozoo destroyed by the Goggle V team finisher (the other is Starfish Mozoo); however it did have a potential of reviving with the power of Bear Kong's "Refresh Power", but it is taken instead by General Deathgiller, thus this Mozoo is the only one who remains dead even with the potential of Kong revival after taking the Goggle Golden Spear.


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