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"Beamcaster here, on the air. I’ve got the hits for you and they’re comin’ atcha!"
―The Beamcaster’s first words upon being created.[src]

"That’s it Zedd heads. Sing it out. You’re beautiful."
―The Beamcaster after everyone in Angel Grove Park are hypnotize.[src]

"Cool. The Power Rangers are groovin’ to our tune. That’s it dudes and dudettes. Keep that steady beat poundin’."
―The Beamcaster after brainwashing Jason, Zack and Trini.[src]

"The next six callers get to hail Lord Zedd! You can’t stop me Power Rangers. Not while I still have my promotional supply of exploding devices!"
―The Beamcaster when confronted by all six Power Rangers.[src]

"Hey, I don’t- Whoa!"
―The Beamcaster upon having his bomb thrown back by Tommy.[src]

"Power Rangers, this is your swan song! Time to rock and roll you out of here!"
―The Beamcaster reacting to the Power Blaster and his final words before his demise.[src]

Beamcaster was a radio microphone themed monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "Zedd Waves".


It is the day of the Stone Canyon triathlon and Lord Zedd decides to take advantage of the mass gathering of people. As Bulk and Skull go fishing for the Power Rangers, Zedd teleports away Bulk's energy output meter and a fishing rod that belongs to Skull's father. With them, Zedd creates Beamcaster to brainwash the entirety of Angel Grove.

Beamcaster talks like a radio disc jockey and possesses the ability to control the minds of other people with special hypnotic waves dubbed "Zedd Waves". Beamcaster also has special different shaped bombs that explode after he lights the fuse and tosses them. Beamcaster’s first move is to stand atop a tall hill and brainwash the entirety of Angel Grove Park with his music. All brainwashed people say "Hail Lord Zedd" and march around like zombies whilst being referred to as his “Zeddheads.” This sets off the alarm at the Command Center but half of the Power Rangers are at the triathlon and helping their friends dry off for the cycling portion of the triathlon and are unavailable due to being irresponsible.

With half of the team unreachable for the team being, Zordon has to call upon Jason, Zack and Trini who are out diving. However, when they morph, Beamcaster surrounds them with his victims and easily hypnotizes them. Delighted, Zedd tries to press the advantage by sending down Z Putty Patrollers to destroy the remaining three Rangers but they easily wipe out the Putties with help from Rocky, Adam and Aisha. Sensing something is wrong, they travel to the Command Center and learn of their friend’s fates and start work on a Frequency Reverser to reverse it.

Meanwhile, as Bulk and Skull return from their fishing trip due to their lost equipment, they find Beamcaster who immediately brainwashes them. Shortly after that, as the athletes pass the halfway point of the triathlon, Beamcaster arrives and brainwashes most of Angel Grove in one fell swoop.

Right after this happens, the Power Rangers foolishly rush into battle without testing the device. They confront Beamcaster and reveal the Reverser’s purpose only to have to handstand away from a barrage of Zedd Waves. Unfortunately, when Billy and Kimberly dodged it, they dropped the Frequency Reverser and Jason’s zombie walk prevents him from grabbing it whilst other Zeddhead’s trample the device underfoot. Surrounded by their friends and fellow citizens, the two Rangers almost immediately fall victim to the Beamcaster’s brainwashing. However, whilst he does this, Tommy manages to escape the Zeddhead army and confront Beamcaster.

Beamcaster momentarily interrupts the episode for a “commercial” about an apple bomb before throwing it at Tommy. However, he dodges it so Beamcaster takes him down with a frog bomb and then a bamboo bomb before he brainwashes the White Ranger as he recovers. With all of his enemies defeated and brainwashed, Beamcaster teleports away as his job is now done. With no options left, Zordon is forced to call on Rocky, Adam and Aisha for help but the device fails to work once more. Fortunately, Adam corrects the issue (a wire being out of place and they focus the device’s beam through the Viewing Globe onto their friends which frees them. After they regroup, and get the Frequency Reverser to use against Beamcaster, the Power Rangers then go and confront Beamcaster on the other side of the park.

Billy tries to blast him down with the Frequency Reverser but Beamcaster deflects it back with his fishing rod though the Rangers roll away. He then pulls out a potato bomb but Tommy catches and tosses it back with Beamcaster fumbling and being blasted down. He tries to do the same thing again with a scroll bomb but different verse same as the first. The monster then pulls out a sword from his cloak and prepares to cut them down but this allows the Rangers to combine their Power Weapons and form the Power Blaster which takes the monster off of the air for good. All Beamcaster can do is flail and scream before falling on his face and exploding.

Unlike most of his contemporaries, Beamcaster is not enlarged. This was most likely because here, it was probably because mind control would be useless against the Thunder Megazord and thusly he would be a waste of Zedd’s magic. After he is destroyed, he reverts back to Bulk and Skull's property and the entirety of the “Zeddhead” army is saved.


Beamcaster had a habitual habit of narrating and talking like a mid-morning radio announcer and all of his lines had some pun or reference to DJ activity. Beamcaster was also a very calm monster, likely due to being based on a radio DJ who are always calm and smooth, and never raised his voice even when he was being blasted down by his own bombs. Above all else, Beamcaster was very loyal to Lord Zedd.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Beamcaster was able to teleport to any location at will by flashing with red energy and dematerializing.
  • Bomb Generation: Beamcaster was able to generate various shaped bombs from thin air.
  • Bomb Ignition: Beamcaster was instantly able to ignite a frog shaped bomb in a flash of fire.


  • Strength: Beamcaster was able to knock back the Frequency Reverser’s energy beam with one swing of his fishing rod.
  • Durability: Beamcaster survived multiple explosions from his own bombs without getting a scratch.
  • Sight: Beamcaster was able to see despite having no eyes.
  • Speech: Beamcaster was able to speak despite completely lacking a mouth.
  • Reflexes: Beamcaster was able to catch his scroll and potato bombs as they were being thrown at him.


  • Slow Speed: Beamcaster was extremely slow and failed to attack the Power Rangers before they could form the Power Blaster which was his undoing.


  • Fishing Rod: Beamcaster's signature weapon which doubled as a conducting baton with which he would direct the brainwashed citizens.
    • Mind Control Notes: Beamcaster could fire a clear wave of red and blue musical notes that could turn even the Power Rangers into mindless minions.
    • Deflection: Beamcaster’s fishing rod was able to knock back the Frequency Reverser’s energy beam with one swing.
  • Frog Bomb: Beamcaster could produce and throw a large frog shaped bomb at his enemies.
  • Potato Bomb: Beamcaster used this potato shaped bomb but Tommy threw it back.
  • Dynamite: Beamcaster used this scroll shaped dynamite on the Power Rangers but Tommy threw it back.
  • Sword: After the scroll bomb was thrown back, Beamcaster pulled a sword out from his cloak. However, he was unable to use it before his destruction.

Behind the Scenes


  • Beamcaster was voiced by Dave Mallow who gave him basically the exact same voice he used as the announcer for the “Today/Previously On Power Rangers” segments.


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  • Beamcaster was the final monster to be successfully destroyed by the Power Blaster since it was only used once more against Cannontop but he survived it without a scratch.
    • Beamcaster was also the final monster until the Hydro Contaminator from Power Rangers Zeo two years later to be defeated at human size without growing. Every monster in Season 3 was either only defeated as giants or were not destroyed at all.
  • In the original Japanese episode, Beamcaster was out fishing for children to help the Gorma Triumvirate open the literal gates of hell to become unstoppable. The fight footage used here came from when the Triumvirate fled and the Dairangers tried to get back the weapons he stole.
    • This plot was also why he was randomly fishing in the middle of a field when the de-brainwashed Power Rangers confronted him.
      • However, the fact that he can be seen wielding a large spear like weapon in the image at the top of the page makes just about as much sense for Power Rangers as it did in Dairanger.
  • Despite very clearly having the Beamcaster suit, the U.S. crew did almost nothing with it except for having him pose and throw his music around. All actual ‘’fight’’ footage was from Dairanger. This was most likely to tone down the violence which parents were taking um-bridge with at the time.
    • Unlike Terror Blossom, it is equally likely that him  standing around and throwing an arm in US footage was due to extensive suit damage given that the Fast-Talking Wanderer spent a lot of time being thrown around by his bomb blasts.
  • Beamcaster’s destruction shot was different here than it was in Dairanger. In Power Rangers, he just collapsed to his knees and imploded but he fell on his face and exploded in Dairanger.
  • Beamcaster did not have a Zord fight in Dairanger because he did not have a Growth Bomb (as the monsters had to use these themselves in Dairanger without external help too).
  • Beamcaster was responsible for the first example of blatantly Japanese imagery in the Power Rangers franchise. Said imagery was the fact that he wore a giant kasa (the large straw hat on his head).
    • This was left in during even US created scenes to match up with Dairanger and removing it would create a blatant error of him suddenly gaining it when they cut to Dairanger footage of him in the quarry.


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