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""Beamcaster here, on the air. ""
―Beamcaster's first words upon being created.[src]
""Time to rock and roll you outta here!""
―Beamcaster when he draws his sword and charges at the Rangers and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Beamcaster is the radio monster, created by Lord Zedd from Bulk's energy output meter and fishing pole that belonged to Skull's father. He could control people's minds with special "Zedd Waves" from his staff. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Zedd Waves".


Beamcaster was created by Zedd from Bulk's energy output meter and fishing pole that belonged to Skull's father. Beamcaster talked like a radio disc jockey. He possessed the ability to control minds of people with special hypnotic waves, called "Zedd Waves". Beamcaster also had special different shaped bombs that explode after he lights the fuse and tosses them. Beamcaster attacked Angel Grove and hypnotized all people in the city. All brainwashed people were saying "Hail Lord Zedd". Then he encountered Jason, Zack and Trini and hypnotized them too. When Billy and Kimberly arrived, they were surrounded by controlled citizens and hypnotized by Beamcaster too. Tommy managed to dodge Beamcaster's waves several times, but eventually he fell under the trace too.

But then Rocky, Adam and Aisha saved their friends. They used Billy's device and freed their friends. Then Power Rangers battled Beamcaster. At first they were hard to fight the monster, but then when the villain used and started to throw his bombs, Tommy just threw them back at him. Then rangers combined their Power Blaster and finished the monster. After he was destroyed, he reverted back to the original things of Bulk and Skull. Zedd Waves


Beamcaster was cunning, intelligent and unpredictable monster, who was highly intelligent and manipulative and nearly successfully used his plan to brainwash all people of Angel Grove and also he temporarily brainwashed Rangers, until the heroes were saved by their friends. But he is loyal to Zedd.

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