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Bazaruso-LJ of the Scan (スキャンのバザルソLJ Sukyan no Bazaruso Eru Jē) is a cuttlefish-theme member of the Machine Onslaught Empire Matrintis.

Character History

Bazaruso-LJ was created by Robogog as part of a plot to find the best athletes and physical specimins as part of a plot to use them to create an unstoppable mecha-human army. The Goseiger first encounter him at a swim meet where they try to face him but he does not pay any attention seeing that his mission involved the capture of humans, not Gosei Angels. However when Agri realizes that one of its potential recruitment means is for a track meet for sponsors of the Japanese Olympic track team, he decides to start training himself in order to match or defeat his friend and make sure that he became captured and find all of the Matroid's victims before they become converted. Ultimately, Agri does match the time of the rival and both become captured, leading to him to assault Bazaruso-LJ as Super Gosei Black and leading the other Goseiger and Gosei Knight to him, where they finished it off with Miracle Gosei Knight Dynamic.

After being grown with BB Nails, the team uses both Gosei Great and Gosei Ultimate prior to merging into Ultimate Gosei Great and finishing it off with the Ultimate Great Strike.


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Modus and Arsenal

Bazaruso-LJ possesses two swords for combat as well as can create energy spheres which it can throw at opponents. Its most notable attribute, though, is an accurate scanner which can scan physical traits to discover information about those whom it is going to abduct; this scanner can likewise determine between humans and Gosei Angels.

Behind The Scene


Bazaruso-LJ of the Scan is voiced by Toshitsugu Takashina (高階 俊嗣 Takashina Toshitsugu)


  • Movie Reference: Bazaruso-LJ is named after Universal Soldier (ユニバーサル・ソルジャー Yunibāsaru Sorujā)
    • His scheme involving the capture and conversion of perfect physical specimens is similar to the plot of this movie, involving humans who are augmented into becoming servants of elite counterterroist group.
    • He is one of five Matroids not adapted for Power Rangers Megaforce due to Nickeleodeon's 22 ep. limit.

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