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Battleship CrocoDaiOh (戦艦クロコダイオー Senkan Kurokodaiō) is the mecha of Twokaizer in Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger.


CrocoDaiOh lights in space

CrocoDaiOh inside

A large golden starship with half of the fuselage and much of the wings silver, the CrocoDaiOh serves as the base and home of the World Pirates hailing from Kaizokutopia. Capable of housing crew members indefinitely if needed, the primary method of boarding and exiting is via a hatch on the bottom of the vessel, and by then occupants and visitors have to hang onto a rope to get through it safely. The ship also appears to have a natural source of oxygen, as Kaito Goshikida was able to breath inside it normally even while the craft was in the stratosphere of planet Earth, which naturally has less breathable oxygen levels.

Aside from a giant starship mode, CrocoDaioh is capable of splitting into CrawlingOh, a large combat motorcycle, and CrossKaiOh, a large hovercraft that both TwokaiRicky and TwokaiCutanner can mount respectively after enlarging themselves. The two vehicles are so fast that they can circle the entire Earth in a few seconds. They can also combine into a battle platform that both of the Goldtsuiker twins can operate known as the CrocoDai Bazooka, which can fire a large multi-color laser from the vessel's jaws. Until HaKaijuOh was unleashed on the battlefield, this formation went unused.

Both of CrocoDaiOh's components can combine into TwokaiOh, a large robot piloted by Twokaiser. It has two separate forms with their own weapons, depending on which of the Twokai twins forms the head. Both the ship itself and TwokaiOh are controlled by Twokaizer's Geardalinger, using the device's steering wheel-like handle as an actual steering wheel. Unlike the Zenkaigers, this system allows the World Pirates to only use one Giant Robo at a time, whereas the Zenkaigers' ZenkaiOh system grants the team two to use simultaneously. To switch forms, TwokaiOh spins its upper body as the components exchange places.

CrocoDaiOh is what the World Pirates use to travel to parallel universes. An interdimensional gate is created when CrocoDaiOh fires a blue pillar of energy from its jaws, through which the Battleship can fly throughTvicon.png TV STORY-No. 20-kai! Swordsman and World Pirate, A Brother's Promise..

During the search for Kaito's parents in other parallel worlds, the Zenkaigers were assisted by the World Pirates in CrocoDaiOh. Due to this, the ship's crew opted to split during these missions; Flint would take Kaito and one of the Kikainoid Zenkaigers through the parallel world in CroCoDaioh, while the other world Pirates stayed behind with the other Zenkaigers in case of an attack.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 8-20, Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 21, 23-24, 26-32, 35, 37-44


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CrossKaiOh (クロスカイオー Kurosukaiō) is a large hovercraft piloted by TwokaiCutanner when enlarged. The craft is capable of high speed flight and can fire the CrossKaiOh Beam (クロスカイオービーム Kurosukaiō Bīmu) lasers from the crocodile jaws. Forms the fuselage of Battleship CrocoDaioh and the upper torso, one arm, and one shoulder of TwokaiOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 11, 16


CrawlingOh (クローリングオー Kurōringuō) is a large motorcycle driven by TwokaiRicky when enlarged. The vehicle can achieve high speeds and can fire the CrawlingOh Vulcan (クローリングオーバルカン Kurōringuō Barukan) energy shots from the Super Ricky Gun. Forms the wings of Battleship CrocoDaioh and the hips & legs of TwokaiOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 11, 16

Kaizoku Gattai TwokaiOh

Kaizoku Gattai TwokaiOh Cutanner

Kaizoku Gattai TwokaiOh Cutanner (海賊合体ツーカイオーカッタナー Kaizoku Gattai Tsūkaiō Kattanā)[1] is the melee combat form of TwokaiOh. In this form, the nosecone of CrossKaiOh forms the right shoulderpad of the robo's right arm, while the left arm features TwokaiRicky as a part of the forearm, ending with the Cutanner Tou (カッタナー刀 Kattanā Tō) as a large bladed hand. CrocoDaiOh's wings form the legs, and TwokaiCutanner himself forms the combination's head.

In this form, TwokaiOh's reflexes are at their peak levels, allowing the Mecha to perform rapid slashes with the Cutanner Tou. The blade is very durable, and can also be used to block incoming attacks.

Its finisher is the Cutanner Tou: Raging Fire Big Slash (カッタナー刀・烈火大斬 Kattanā Tō Rekka Daizan), where TwokaiOh Cutanner charges up the Cutaner Tou with fire, forming an energy manifestation of the Rekka Daizantou. The mecha then deals several flaming slashes that forms the Shiba Clan emblem followed by a larger flame slash, destroying the Great World in the process.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 12, 14-15, 18-20, 24, 26, 30, 39-40

Kaizoku Gattai TwokaiOh Ricky

Kaizoku Gattai TwokaiOh Ricky (海賊合体ツーカイオーリッキー Kaizoku Gattai Tsūkaiō Rikkī)[1] is the ranged combat form of TwokaiOh. In this form, the nosecone of CrossKaiOh forms the entire left arm, while the right arm features TwokaiCutanner as a part of the forearm, ending with the Super Ricky Gun (超リッキーガン Chō Rikkī Gan) as a large blaster hand. CrocoDaiOh's wings form the legs, and TwokaiRicky himself forms the combination's head.

Much like TwokaiOh Cutanner, this formation features enhanced reflexes, with the Super Ricky Gun doubling as a battering ram and a large ranged weapon. As with Twokaizer's Ohran Form, TwokaiOh Ricky specializes in hand-to-hand combat, both arms being used to smash the enemy.

This combination features four finishers (all with the Thrilling (痛快に Tsūkai ni) prefix):

  • The first is the Chouriki Vulcan (超力バルカン Chōriki Barukan), where TwokaiOh Ricky charges the Super Ricky Gun and generates avatars of a phoenix, sphinx, bull, Dogu statue, and Moai statue. The robo then fires repeated energy shots at the Great World before a giant pyramid avatar delivers the crushing blow.
  • The second is the Chouriki Crush (超力クラッシュ Chōriki Kurasshu), where TwokaiOh Ricky charges and opens the jaws of CrocoDaiOh’s nosecone to generate a vacuum that engulfs the Great World into the gaping maw, followed by the enemy exploding before the jaws close.
  • The third is the Chouriki Kung-Fu (超力カンフー Chōriki Kanfū), where TwokaiOh Ricky delivers a series of flying kicks that destroys the Great World.
  • The fourth is the Chouriki Burst (超力バースト Chōriki Bāsuto), where TwokaiOh Ricky charges the Super Ricky Gun and generates a five-side energy pyramid that opens into a star. The Robo then fires a blue energy beam through the gaping center that destroys the Great World.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 13-14, 16-17, 26, 39, 43

Additional Formations

Super TwokaiOh

Main article: Cho Zenkai Gattaiju ZenKaijuOh

Super TwokaiOh (スーパーツーカイオー Sūpā Tsūkaiō)[2] is TwokaiOh's alternate combination of Super Twokaizer SD, Battleship CrocoDaiOh, and TwokaiRicky. In this form, TwokaiOh excels in two-handed sword combat with TwokaiCuttaner's Cutanner Tou (カッタナー刀 Kattanā Tō) and the Zenkai Tenlance, which the mecha can execute a drilling thrust into a target that explodes into flames upon impact.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episode 23

CrocoDai Bazooka

CrocoDai Bazooka (クロコダイバズーカ Kurokodaibazūka) is the Bazooka form of CrocoDaiOh, controlled by TwokaiCutanner, TwokaiRicky, and ZenKaijuOh.

Appearances: Zenkaiger Episodes 40

Behind the Scenes


TwoKaiOh is portrayed by Hirotsugu Mori (森 博嗣 Mori Hirotsugu).


  • TwoKaiOh Cuttaner’s chest has the kanji for fire, and the symbol of Shinken Red and the Shiba clan. The right shoulder claw is reminiscent of DaiKaiOh.
  • TwoKaiOh Rikki’s chest has the symbols of the core Ohrangers, while the prominent star themes and the Super Rikki Gun hand are reminiscent of Red Puncher.
  • The finishers have many references to the season TwoKaiOh is based on:
    • The finisher for TwoKaiOh Cuttaner, Rekka Daizan, manifests an image of the Rekka Daizanto, and forms the Shiba clan symbol before slashing the enemy.
    • The main finisher for TwoKaiOh Rikki, Chouriki Vulcan, fires avatars of the Ohranger's symbols, and ends with the avatar of King Pyramidder smashing on top of the enemy.


CrocoDaiOh's name is wordplay on "crocodile", the animal it is partially themed after, and "dai", the Japanese word for great.


  • TwoKaiOh's design includes various attributes similar to X Emperor, such as the golden sliver tricolor template and two alternate formations.
  • CrocoDaiOh is the only mecha in Zenkaiger not to have its design be based on a past team's mecha.



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