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"Battle Fever Daishutsugeki" (バトルフィーバー大出撃) is the mecha theme for Battle Fever J.


  • Artists: Ichirou Mizuki (水木 一郎 Mizuki Ichirō), Koorogi '73 (こおろぎ'73 Kōrogi Nanajūsan) & Columbia Yurikago-Kai (コロムビアゆりかご会)
  • Lyrics: Kougo Hotomi (保富 康午 Hotomi Kōgo)
  • Composition & Arrangement: Michiaki Watanabe (渡辺 宙明 Watanabe Michiaki)

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Sugata arawase
Biggu Beizā (mmm)
Minna matteru
Biggu Beizā (mmm)
(mmm) Bokura no kaitei idō kichi
Susume subayaku
Batoru Shāku (mmm)
Sugoi yatsu da ze
Batoru Shāku (mmm)
(mmm) Bokura no bannō sentōkan
Soshite ima soshite ima
Sora ni tobidase Batoru Fībā
Boku-ra no yume no dai robotto

"Shutsugeki! Batoru Fībā"

Seigi no tame ni ai no tame ni
Tatakau Chikyū no gonin no hīrō
Inochi no tame ni yume no tame ni
Yorisō sekai no gonin no hīrō
Sore wa (sore wa kimi)
Sore wa (sore wa boku)
Minna nakama hitotsu ni natte
Ā takumashiku
Ā tachiagaru
Shutsugeki shutsugeki Batoru Fībā

  • Ā takumashiku

 Ā tachiagaru
 Shutsugeki shutsugeki Batoru Fībā

  • (repeat till fade-out)

Come forth,
Big Baser
Everyone’s waiting,
Big Baser,
Our mobile submarine base
Advance quickly,
Battle Shark,
Our powerful combat ship
And now, and now
Battle Fever launches into the sky
With the giant robot of our dreams

“Charge in! Battle Fever!”

For justice and for love
Five heroes of Earth are fighting
Life and dreams tightly
Embraced by five heroes of Earth

And as for you
And as for me
Every ally unites as one
Ahh, so strong
Ahh, rise up
Charge, charge, Battle Fever

Ahh, so strong
Ahh, rise up
Charge, charge, Battle Fever


  • In the opening scene of episode 23, a variation of this song can be heard singing not about Battle Fever but in regards to the Space Invaders video game, which were so popular in Japan during this period that there were many arcades that were devoted to Space Invaders and games similar to it.
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