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The BattleFleet Megazord is a Megazord developed by Andrew Hartford as the most powerful Megazord for the Overdrive Rangers.


It consists of the final five Zords for Overdrive which could also combine into a large vehicle resembling an aircraft carrier with the ability to travel across land. It is also equipped with many powerful cannons to deliver damage to targets. Its' finisher, the Battlefleet Rollers, used its' gigantic fists to deliver two high-powered spinning punches before pushing both together and deliver a finishing thrust. It was employed on several occasions by the Overdrive Rangers, including during their final battle with Flurious, during which it was ultimately destroyed.

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BattleFleet Battleship Formation


BattleFleet Zord 14

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoGo Commander

BattleFleet Zord 14 is a light-armored flying vehicle piloted by Mack Hartford that becomes the head of the Battlefleet Megazord.

BattleFleet Zord 15

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoGo Carrier

BattleFleet Zord 15 is a heavily-armored freighter vehicle piloted by Will Aston that becomes the body and legs of the BattleFleet Megazord.

BattleFleet Zord 16

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoGo Fighter

BattleFleet Zord 16 is a highly maneuverable fighter jet vehicle piloted by Dax Lo that becomes the shoulders of the BattleFleet Megazord. It has two sets of tri-barreled cannons, the main weapons of the BattleFleet Battleship Mode and the BattleFleet Megazord, as well as cannons on each wingtip.

BattleFleet Zord 17

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoGo Attacker

BattleFleet Zord 17 is an attacker/bomber vehicle piloted by Ronny Robinson that becomes the chest of the BattleFleet Megazord. It is equipped with two large tri-barrel laser cannons, smaller laser cannons, and rocket launchers; its speciality is dive-bombing.

BattleFleet Zord 18

Blue Glass Arrow.png See also: GoGo Roader

BattleFleet Zord 18 is a steamroller-like vehicle piloted by Rose Ortiz that becomes the arms of the BattleFleet Megazord. Its giant roller flattens out unsafe terrains.

Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready

Operation Overdrive Arsenal Ready was formed by the DriveMax Megazord riding the BattleFleet Ship. On these occasions, Tyzonn the Mercury Ranger pilots the Battlefleet, while the other Rangers are inside the DriveMax. The finisher for this mode involves summoning the Sentinel Sword before charging up the blade with green energy and performing a devastating energy slash. This destroyed Agrios with one hit (who survived every other finisher without a scratch) but Flurious in his ultimate form was able to block it mid-swing, by grabbing the sword and throwing it with his super-strength which resulted in the Megazord being destroyed.


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