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Bat Monger (コウモリモンガー Koumori Mongā, 40) is the bat-theme Monger of Machine Empire Black Magma

Character History

Bat Monger is created as an assassin to fight Sun Vulcan directly; during its initial confrontation, it easily defeats Vulcan Ball twice, but more notably uses its fangs to take a bite out of Hiba's Vul Strengthening Suit, hurting his arm and damaging his ability to fight. However while successful in harming a Sun Vulcan member, it likewise ends up destroying its own fangs, forcing Queen Hedrian to use a scheme of mutating humans into bat people so he could get a new set of fangs to use for combat. When Tetsuo, a bully boy, is mutated into a bat demon with the proper fangs, Bat Monger targets him with Black Magma so he could gain the fangs needed to regain his strongest ability. Once with the fangs, it takes on Sun Vulcan again, but this time the team is ready: using Vulcan Ball, the attack opens up and reveals an ultrasonic-seeking missile that ends up killing the Monger instead of the ball directly. After its Expansion Program activates, it is dealt with quickly with Sun Vulcan Robo.


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His main abilities include flight, read ultrasonic waves from his torso which allows for him to avoid attacks such as Vulcan Ball, high jumping, and teleportation. His main attack and strength are in his two fangs, which have the strength to rip open even the Vul Strengthening Suit and cause considerable damage. He also has a forked staff and bat-like bombs.

Behind the Scenes


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