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Bat Evo (コウモリシンカ Koumorishinka, 3) is the bat-themed Evolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire

Character History

An Evolution Beast created by General Kar as part of his own plan to ruin humanity by having it fly around creating a noxious gas; anyone who breathes in the gas is mutated to gain attributes of a Tail Soldier, making it thus ultra-sensitive to sunlight and forcing it to retreat underground. Due to the troubles of Hokuto Dan in creating his perfect engine, he was forced to take the blame for Bat Shinka's gas distribution. However, the Dynaman discover the gas being associated with the volcano that the Grand Gizmo rests in, allowing them to retun to get a sample to save the people already infected. When Bat Shinka tries to fly away, Dan pursues him in Dyna Mach to shoot him down. The team then quickly deal with him, weakening it with Super Dynamite, then destroying it with Dyna Robo after it undergoes Big Bang Process.


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Modus and Arsenal

Possesses multiple attacks including blinding flashes from the eyes, a sonic beam from the mouth, and wing missiles, as well as the ability of flight. Its most notable attribute is the usage of a chemical created from volcanic gas (collected from the volcanic resting place of the Grand Gizmo) that mutates humans with the genetics of Tail Soldiers, making them ultra-sensitive to sunlight and forcing them underground. It can also create an energy tornado from its wings.


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Behind the Scenes

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