This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.

Barron Von Gorstein is a villain in the book "The Barron's Betrayal". Mack had been reading this adventure book, when he fell asleep. The story carried over into Mack's dream. Barron Von Gorstein tied Mack up and then took off in a small plane. Once in the air, Barron Von Gorstein quickly put on a parachute. Mack suddenly jerked awake and Barron Von Gorstein turned around and faced him. Barron Von Gorstein: Welcome aboard Air Barron Von Gorstein. I'm afraid I have some very bad news, there will be no in-flight movie! I have your precious relic! And the fuel in this plane is about to go kaput! On, and I have some even worser news! The pilot, me, is leaving! Auf wiedersehen! Barron Von Gorstein then leaped out of the plane. Barron Von Gorstein activated his parachute and gently floated down. The gentle motion did not last long as suddenly Mack had grabbed him from behind. Mack wrestled free the relic from Barron Von Gorstein's hand. Mack: I think this belongs to me! Barron Von Gorstein: Not for long! Barron Von Gorstein shook Mack off. Mack had no parachute and as Mack fell quickly to the ground, Barron Von Gorstein was confident he would pick up the relic after he had landed. At that point, Mack woke up from his dream.

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