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""I don't care what kind of shield they have. I, the mighty Kekkaibo, will make quick work out of it!""
―Barrier Ninja Kekkaibo's first words upon arriving on Earth with some Genin Magerappa[src]
""You worms will pay!""
―Kekkaibo after being unceremoniously dropped by Yousuke and confronted by the Hurricangers after they landed and his final words before his death.[src]

Barrier Ninja Kekkaibo (結界忍者ケッカイ坊 Kekkainin Kekkaibou, 1, Movie): A Mantis Chunin, his talent of destroying barriers allowed him to remove the force-fields around Hayate and Ikazuchi Academies so the Jakanja forces can destroy the students of both schools. He can also pull his opponents into an illusionary world and create an illusion of his head that fires bolts.

Character History


He was the Hurricanegers' first opponent, killed by the Dry Gadget.

Shushuuto the Movie

Revived in the Movie and was killed again, this time by the Triple Gadget.


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Behind the Scenes


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