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Baroque Megas (バロックメガス Barokkumegasu, 45) is a Neo Mecha-Gigan of Neo Empire Gear, piloted by Farrah


A Neo Mecha-Gigan that possesses multiple masks that perform various attack means, including "Baroque Fire" (a flamethrower), a freezing wing attack, and the telekinetic "Baroque Beam". The masks can also deattach from the mecha and be used for straightforwards attacks with their mask abilities remaining in tact. It also possesses a sword for the right arm and a machine gun on the left hand. If needed it can invert the entire body into a mask.


Baroque Megas is utilized by Farrah in a battle against Bioman that is soon interrupted by Bio Hunter Silva, continuing his crusade against Bio Particles. During a battle, a simultaneous attack by Baroque Megas Baroque Beam and the Anti-Bio Particles of Silva's Bi Buster strike Jun and cause a strange teleportation effect, sending her away from the battleground to the Tokyo district of Shibuya. In order to use Jun to destroy Bio Robo, Farrah detaches the masks of the Neo Mecha Gigan and uses them to chase Jun around at night through Tokyo until she is defeated, upon which the Big Three member replaces her headband with one with a micro bomb set to destroy Bio Robo.

During the next Baroque Megas attack, the micro bomb begins to countdown to destruction, with its appearance shutting down Bio Robo as a precaution and making it open to the Neo Mecha Gigan's attacks. Once Jun discovers that her headband has the bomb, she fires it away from Bio Robo with an arrow and the team returns to combating the mecha, ultimately defeating it with the Bio Particle Cut.


  • Baroque Megas is the final Neo-Mecha Gigan piloted by Farrah; her final mecha fight will actually occur piloting Balzion.

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