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―Baron String's final words before his death.[src]

Baron String (紐男爵 Himo Danshaku, 1, 2, Movie) is a string themed Gorma Minion and serves as the first monster fought by the Dairangers.

Character History

The first Gorma, took on the form of a boy who loved singing while playing with his yo-yo. He ingested people through the mouths at the end of his tentacles. The Master of the Himoshinken (Fist of the String) fighting style, though he is a bit rusty as he hadn't used it for years, he was the first to be killed by Mythical Chi Warrior RyuseiOh. He was brought back in the movie by Duke of Cards to battle the Dairangers and was absorbed by Duke of Cards to become the Great King Ojaru.


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Modus and Arsenal

The master of "Himoshinken" (Fist of String), he uses it to throw out string like tendrils to constrict and attack opponents. Many of those captured by his string are eaten within a maw in one of his strings.




  • The voice actor for Baron String was the late Reizou Nomoto. His human form was portrayed by Gou Fujida.

Behind the Scenes

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