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"Inhale it. Inhaling it will make you lose your senses. Profess the limits of your power and go on a rampage.""
―Baron Sakura's first words when corrupting some tourists.[src]

"Crimson Cherry Blossom Gust!""
―Baron Sakura when blasting Dairen'oh with his signature attack and his final words before his destruction.[src]

Baron Sakura (サクラ子爵 Sakura Shishaku) is a cherry blossom-themed Gorma Minion serving under Gara.

Character History

Baron Sakura's cherry-tree blossoms are violence-inducing. Sakura seemed to have been sent to distract the Dairangers so that she could fight He seemed to enjoy the cat-fight between his mistress and Kujaku. He can attack by firing a storm of flower petals. Killed by Dairen'oh.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

Baron Sakura is among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.



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Behind the Scenes

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