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Venjix Drones

A Barbaric Dohma.

Barbaric Dohma (蛮ドーマ Bandōma): Cave cricket-like jet fighters invented by Hiramechimedes which can assume a frog-like walking mode. Though normally used by the Ugatz, the Pollution Ministers piloted their own Barbaric Dohmas before escaping to Earth. Its name is from the Japanese word for "cave cricket" (カマドウマ(竈馬) Kamadōma).


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Barbaric Dohma SP

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Barbaric Dohma SP (Special) (蛮ドーマSP Bandōma Supesharu, 15-22) Bandōma Supesharu, 15-22)​: Cave cricket and Mantis-like jet fighters that serve as Hiramechimedes' personal transport, each able to hold up to four Barbaric Dohma on itself to resemble a classic World War I airplane. The Pollution Ministers later used their own Barbaric Dohma SP to transport their Recycle Savage Machine Beast Army to carry out their plan to tear down the dimensional barrier.
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