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"Nothing like a little toxic waste to get your circulation going. Heh. Going nowhere that is."
―Merrick the Barbaric Brother's first words when depositing waste in Angel Grove Lake.[src]

"So, like, should we stick around you know or go get a burrito?"
―Erik the Barbaric Brother's first words when confronting the former former Power Rangers whilst the Alien Rangers were getting poisoned.[src]

"(Merrick):Whoa, mondo! Excellent Zedd.
(Erik): Like awesome."
―The Barbaric Brothers upon being enlarged by Rita and Lord Zedd.[src]

" (Merrick):Oh yeah? Check this out. Woah dude, no way.
(Erik): Way dude. Cha."
―The Barbaric Brothers when confronted by the Battle Borgs and summoning their armor.[src]

"(Both): Bummer! This is Bogus man!"
―The Barbaric Brothers' final words before their death.[src]

The Barbaric Brothers were two monstrous siblings who served as the main antagonists of the episode "The Alien Trap."


Lord Zedd sends Erik and Merrick to pour a poisonous purple liquid into Angel Grove lake to poison the Alien Rangers. The plan from then on is either that they will be destroyed which leaves the Earth defenseless or they will have to return to Aquitar and Zedd can take over whilst they were gone. Although never stated, the reason that they send monsters instead of the Tengas is probably to ensure that they can defend themselves should the Alien Rangers morph. Merrick is first seen depositing the waste into the lake and Erik debuts when he and his brother confront the former Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Even though their mission is complete, they stick around to ensure the Alien Rangers die but the Alien Rangers eventually survive free thanks to Billy bringing them pure water from the city. Once they escape, the brothers leave to attack Angel Grove in retaliation so the Rangers morph to fight the duo but they are then enlarged so they summon the Battle Borgs. The duo summon strange alien armor and take on the Battle Borgs, overpowering and disabling four of them and Erik grabbing the Red Battle Borg. Merrick tries to drill it into oblivion but Aurico breaks it free with the Battle Borg Spin. They then summon the Shogunzords to form the Shogun Megazord so Merrick and Eric duo charge at it bravely but are killed by the Fire Saber. Upon being struck, both hug one another before falling on their sides and exploding.


The Barbaric Brothers talked like stereotypical "surfer dudes", often peppering their dialogue with corny phrases like "awesome" and "radical". They were serious fighters regardless, being able to overpower the Battle Borgs and very nearly destroy them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: When giant, two swings from each of the Barbaric Brothers weapons could take out two Battle Borgs at a time and damage them enough to leave them unable to rescue Aurico's Zord and physically restrain said Zord easily.
  • Teleportation: The Barbaric Brothers could teleport to any location at will although they never did this on-screen.
  • Armor Summoning: When giant, Erik and Merrick were able to summon grey armor plating equipped with new weapons to use against the Battle Borgs.


  • Weapon Combat: The Barbaric Brothers were able to overpower the Alien Rangers and Battle Borgs with thier swords and armor weaponry.


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  • Swords: Prior to gaining their armor upgrades, the Barbaric Brothers wielded two large grey swords to hack and slash their enemies with.
  • Saw Arm: When they upgraded themselves with their armor, Erik had a massive saw blade for a right arm that he could use to slash his enemies.
  • Drill Arm: When upgraded with their armor, Merrick had a large drill tip instead of a left hand which he could use to drill into his enemies. This could apparently have destroyed the Red Battle Borg had it not avoided the attack with the Battle Borg Spin.

Behind the Scenes


  • The Barbaric Brothers were both voiced by Michael Sorich who also voiced Squatt, another comic relief villain who also appear in the same episode as the brothers.
    • However, their voices were almost identical which made it very hard to tell who was speaking since their mouths do not move.


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  • In Kakuranger, Merrick stabbed Merrick in the chest with his drill after Aurico broke free which was changed due to being very violent. However, the scar that resulted from the blow can be seen briefly after they are hit by the Fire Saber.
  • Prior to their appearances, the saw arm of Erik the Barbaric's enlarged form was used as a component for the third Plague Patrol member and Merrick the Barbaric's body was partially-repainted and used for Inciserator.


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