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"Bummer, This is Bogus man!"
―Final Words Before Death

The Barbaric Brothers are two siblings monsters in Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers.

Character History

Lord Zedd sent Erik and Merrick to pour purple liquid into the Angel Grove lake to poison the Alien Rangers. They were both destroyed by the Shogun Megazord.


The brothers talk like stereotypical "surfer dudes", often peppering their dialogue with corny phrases like "awesome" and "radical". They are serious fighters regardless, being able to overpower the Battle Borgs and very nearly destroy them.

Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • In a strange coincidence, the Barbaric Brothers' names were used for two consecutive Sixth Rangers.
  • Prior to their appearances, the saw arm of Erik Barbaric's enlarged form was used as a component for the third Plague Patrol member and Merrick Barbaric's body was partially-repainted and used for Inciserator.

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