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"Yes, round them up, Swabbies! Captain Mutiny needs some more slaves."
―Barbarax orders to Swabbies.[src]

Barbarax was a menacing enforcer and slave driver who serves as the right-hand man of Captain Mutiny. He wielded a large battle axe that was capable of emitting energy charges through the ground. He was destroyed, alongside his captain, by Trakeena when she obliterated Mutiny's fortress.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Barbarax was so strong that, when searching for Grunchor in the episode "Grunchor On The Loose", a single swing of his axe shook up the subway and made the ceiling crack despite him being above ground. He can also swing around this giant and presumably very heavy battle axe with relative ease.
  • Armor-Barbarax wears strong armor that was durable enough to be shot in the hand by Damon's Trans Blaster after that axe attack, which only made him drop his axe although he was ultimately unhurt.
  • Eye Lasers: Barbarax can fire blue energy lasers from his eyes.
  • Mouth Flame Laser: Barbarax can spew out red energy lasers with flames from his "mouth".
  • Teleportation: Barbarax can teleport at will.


  • Battle Axe-Barbarax wields a massive battle axe to aid him in combat that can release energy charges through the ground and cause earthquakes.

The Space Android (Barbarax)action figure made for the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy toyline by Bandai in Spring 1999.


  • Barbarax is voiced by Richard Epcar, a prominent talent in the voiceover industry known for his roles in various dubbed anime series. He has also voiced characters in several other Power Rangers series, and in other Saban produced shows including VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and Masked Rider.
  • He can be seen in Grunchor's mouth just before Leo blasted him with fire. His counterpart was killed when the Earth Demon Beast ate him and grew due to the Extreme Growth Extracts (the green potions every monster fromRadster to Fishface drank to grow).


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