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This article is about a/an voice actress in the Power Rangers franchise.

Barbara Goodson (August 16, 1949-) is a prolific voice actress for the Power Rangers franchise, having played the voice of Rita Repulsa in the original Mighty Morphin series, Zeo, In Space and both Power Rangers feature films.

In addition to her voice role as Rita, she also voiced such characters as Orbus, Somnibot and Prince Sprocket in Zeo, Ice Angel in Lost Galaxy, Notacon in Time Force and Mandilok in Wild Force.

She has also worked with Power Rangers actors in non-Power Rangers works: She provided additional uncredited voices for the 2001 English dub of the 1988 anime classic film Akira, which featured Johnny Yong Bosch as the voice of Kaneda (Goodson also played the voices of Takashi/No. 25 and Kaori in the original 1988 English dubbed version of Akira). Goodson also voices the Laharl in the Disgaea series (in which Bosch played Almaz in the third game), which features a Super Sentai parody known as the Prism Rangers. She was the earliest English-language voice actress for Son Goku (then called Zero) in the original Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball. She also provided the voice of Dr. Ashley Kafka in Marvel Comics Spider-Man: The Animated Series.


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